Wednesday, March 30

10E2545: Whole Larder Love | A Year of Practiculture

Rohan Anderson of the food-and-farm commentary site Whole Larder Love has released his second book; A Year of Practiculture, available now in the USA as of yday.  If you read 10e fanatically you will have seen Rohan several times before, especially to do with his last book Grow Gather Hunt Cook. 
A Year of Practiculture: Recipes for Living, Growing, Hunting & Cooking with the Seasons 
by Rohan Anderson, published by powerHouse Books. USA and Australia covers

Practiculture is a doorstop of a book. Working through the 4 seasons; planting, improving, hunting, storing and cooking all the way. 75% cookbook, 25% Good Life-musings on the food system, humans, nature and more. A lot of dry humor in there. And some sneaky rude jokes. Brutal self examination and honesty turns up too...

Accessible recipes and inspiring chat. More meat featured here than the first book it seems. AmIright? In a genius move you can enjoy this any time of year as you can start reading at your current season and work your way around. Basics covered like 'making sourdough bread' or 'pickling peppers', as well as more niche recommendations like venison.  Even I can try most of these...

I love his description as peasant or family cooking, and 'always a student'.  BTW kudos for introducing kids to much of this cooking. Again, just out yesterday. Try to find yourself a copy. Congrats Rohan!

Tuesday, March 29

10E2544: Caps for Sale | Bark 'n Blaze

Did you know (as Pops would say)... Trebark® was the first hunting-specific camo introduced in the US. Created by Jim Crumley in the late 70s. Specifically for East Coast deer and turkey hunting, for when you are either up in a treestand or backed against a tree. The blog post basically writes itself.

Like the #10 bus, you wait years for quality blank caps then 2 come along at the same time...  Hell knows you don't need another cap, but I found these deadstock 80s o-fficial Trebark® twill camo caps, w/ a good peak. USA made by the famed K-Products. Pulled the trigger.  Now printed with the 10e rope logo in what we are calling avenge me orange.

Again, they have been in a box for almost 30 years so had to tease out a few wrinkles, but the print job came out sweet thanks to Pen&Screen in Oregon. No lookbook, no collaborations and no choice of colorways.   Update - Sold Out  Further Update April 22: second print run now available. Email me directly if interested. $26 gets it shipped

Wear it and feel free to tell anyone that asks that this is the name of your 'machine repair shop back in VT'. That's what most people think anyway...  Pushing the limit of farmhand chic for sure. Not for everyone. Chacun à son goût.

Friday, March 25

10E2543: Vintage Steele

 Vintage Steele is a small motorcycle shop in Brattleboro, Vermont that repairs and services bikes (great) but also does some incredibly accessible rebuilds for the money (even better!). Scrambler-ish even. Love these.

This Yamaha here can be yours for only $4K. Custom seat and paint and all new wiring (after they break the whole thing down and powder coat it) - they often source older speedos and other pieces off eBay to keep the costs super low.  

Shop owner is Josh Steele. Born to ride with a name like that...  Supported by shopmates Chris John (that is one person..) and Al Davis. The shop itself is off Interstate91, about half a mile from Exit 1 on the main drag.

Even if you don't need a bike this very moment, you can proudly wear their killer tee with your black denims. $25. Love a good open faced helmet...

Thursday, March 17

10E2542: Huckberry $250 Giveaway and 10engines Shop

Huckberry the adventure/sport/style e-tailer has teamed up to offer 10engines readers $250 in credit at their store. Shop brands such a Topo Designs, Ursa Major, Taylor Stitch, Apolis, Thorogood, Danner, Edgevale, K-Way, Filson, GoRuck,  Pointer, Randolph Engineering... in other words a ton.

Sign up before next week here (or click the image above) and you will automatically receive $5 of Huckberry credit for taking the time, as well as be entered to win the $250.

If you are ALREADY a current Huckbery member - simply email with "10engines reader" in the subject and you will be entered to win.

If you get lost you can check out the 10ExHuckberry shop where I picked out some classics, basics, and faithfuls. Good luck!

Thursday, March 10

Thursday, March 3

10E2540: 3 Days of the Condor - file under 'uniform'

A great advertisement for reading...

“He wore one outfit through the whole picture!” says Sydney Pollack (director), when asked about Robert Redford’s wardrobe in Condor. It may look like a simple getup, but Pollack’s brother, Bernie, a wardrober, says they created the ensemble with care to define Redford’s character, a deskbound CIA researcher in unaccustomed peril. “We wanted an intellectual East Coast thing,” Bernie says. “Some sort of jacket, a chambray shirt with a wool tie—not a silk tie but a wool tie, which gave him a bit of a rougher, kind of college-professor look.” -via GQ

Just a great movie... plot: a reader for the CIA misses getting whacked, as out picking up the office lunch. Goes on the run. Uses all the tools he has learned to outwit the hired guns
"I am not a spy. I just read books! We read everything that's published in the world. And we feed the plots - dirty tricks, codes - into a computer, and the computer checks against actual CIA plans and operations. I look for leaks, I look for new ideas... We read adventures and novels and journals."

Versatile outfit too; herringbone sports jacket, sawtooth chambray shirt, wool tie, hiking boots, jeans and peacoat. Faye Dunaway, a Landcruiser, an IH Scout, 1st Gen Ford Bronco, a Brady bag (guessing) and a Doxa Sharkhunter round out the accessories..