Wednesday, March 30

10E2545: Whole Larder Love | A Year of Practiculture

Rohan Anderson of the food-and-farm commentary site Whole Larder Love has released his second book; A Year of Practiculture, available now in the USA as of yday.  If you read 10e fanatically you will have seen Rohan several times before, especially to do with his last book Grow Gather Hunt Cook. 
A Year of Practiculture: Recipes for Living, Growing, Hunting & Cooking with the Seasons 
by Rohan Anderson, published by powerHouse Books. USA and Australia covers

Practiculture is a doorstop of a book. Working through the 4 seasons; planting, improving, hunting, storing and cooking all the way. 75% cookbook, 25% Good Life-musings on the food system, humans, nature and more. A lot of dry humor in there. And some sneaky rude jokes. Brutal self examination and honesty turns up too...

Accessible recipes and inspiring chat. More meat featured here than the first book it seems. AmIright? In a genius move you can enjoy this any time of year as you can start reading at your current season and work your way around. Basics covered like 'making sourdough bread' or 'pickling peppers', as well as more niche recommendations like venison.  Even I can try most of these...

I love his description as peasant or family cooking, and 'always a student'.  BTW kudos for introducing kids to much of this cooking. Again, just out yesterday. Try to find yourself a copy. Congrats Rohan!