Friday, March 25

10E2543: Vintage Steele

 Vintage Steele is a small motorcycle shop in Brattleboro, Vermont that repairs and services bikes (great) but also does some incredibly accessible rebuilds for the money (even better!). Scrambler-ish even. Love these.

This Yamaha here can be yours for only $4K. Custom seat and paint and all new wiring (after they break the whole thing down and powder coat it) - they often source older speedos and other pieces off eBay to keep the costs super low.  

Shop owner is Josh Steele. Born to ride with a name like that...  Supported by shopmates Chris John (that is one person..) and Al Davis. The shop itself is off Interstate91, about half a mile from Exit 1 on the main drag.

Even if you don't need a bike this very moment, you can proudly wear their killer tee with your black denims. $25. Love a good open faced helmet...