Tuesday, July 31

10E2013: Tom Waits - Permission To Come Aboard?

This just arrived in the inbox. No idea what it is about (other than a new Tom Waits album/tour/cruise?? coming down the pike) but pretty much sold...

10E2012: Herbal Potato Salad

Made this to take to a family meal last Saturday, from RealSimple. Tripled it as below but still very little oil needed, the herbs do the heavy lifting.

  • 5  pounds new potatoes, quartered
  • 1 and 1/2 cup chopped herbs (parsley and tarragon - very distinctive)
  • 6  scallions, thinly sliced
  • 6  tablespoons olive oil
  • 3  tablespoons whole-grain (key) mustard
  • 3  tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • salt and milled black pepper

  • Saturday, July 28

    10E2011: That annual lobster lunch look

    Water being boiled, corn shucked and tops popped no doubt. Headed to family lobster lunch - can't wait. You spend time eating "the body" of the lobster right? Don't throw that away - give it to me! Shouts of "Do you want my body?" go up to general amusement...

    Friday, July 27

    10E2010: Thoughts on style via John Irvine's Hotel New Hampshire

    This is from a page later on in John Irvine's novel Hotel New Hampshire. Rung a bell when I read it years ago and still pops into my head sometimes. I have definitely picked up a slightly shambolic hi/lo dress sense from my aged Pops [hey! -ed.], and it may also be true that for some there is an inverted snobbery about the whole thing (like the Boston cracked shoe idea) but it just happens to be that he/I don't spend much money on clothes... As my drill sergeant would say in high school "Eyes up lads. There is no money down there I already looked!"  

    Def' helps to have a good thrift shop nearby. My Brooks suit from that place, and bucks below (old Bass jobs). Actually Pops found the shoes and I in turn gaffled them from him... Re: The hotel Sacher in Vienna (as in the book above) - the old owner of the Three Clock Inn in southern VT worked there as a young man and told me there was at one time a bomb blast nearby, just like in the novel - just remembered that...

    Thursday, July 26

    10E2009q: Quotable | Barfly

    Lot of classics in here... yes yes "to all my friends..." Or how about "I don't hate people. I just feel better when they're not around." But, whenever I eat a great ham sandwich I think of this one...

    Henry: That's ham! Ham with mustard and relish.

    Plus someone put the whole movie on Vimeo...

    10E2008: Bennington Pottery - a damn fine coffee mug

    The double glazed effect reminiscent of spatterware of these Bennington Pottery mugs (and more) yell "country chic" at a pretty high volume... A full place setting is a little much for me but their mugs are great. Very smooth mouthfeel. Plus "trigger" mug (below)! Great name.

    "Traditionals" are Bennington's time-honored spatterware glazes. They consist of two glazes, a tone-on-tone spattering that is most recognized as "The Bennington Look". Our Traditionals pottery glazes are called Blue Agate ("ag get"), Green Agate (formerly called Black on Green), and Morning Glory Blue Agate. -via Bennington Pottery

    10E2007r: Splash

    Full on reblog... a few years back now [a lifetime in blog years -ed]) AContinuousLean posted Could This Be The Preppiest Movie Ever, citing the modern classic Trading Places. Cracking. Stealth pick though for the everyman preppy; Splash. Hear me out...

    Morning suit on the beach in Cape Cod (sidenote; landcruiserJeep Honcho? and hey... check the moron twin's maroon rugby), golden fleece at the raquetball club, OCBD's with windbreaker/cord jacket/letterman, then for dinner it is blue blazer and grey flannels. Not bad Mr. Alan Bauer.

    The "lobster" scene here is definitely on my mind whenever soft shell lobsters are around - the idea that they are not at least 99% as good as hardshells I think is BS by the middle men... Early/molted lobsters seem to be more briney than any others IMHO - having climbed down in the hull of a lobsterboat on Nantucket to pull out 2lbers. You can rip them with your teeth - like Madison in the scene below.  #sidebenefit

    Said before but this was the first VHS movie we owned (second was Trading Places I think) back when a 'remote' for your vcr was a 6foot cable. I think I can repeat both movies verbatum...

    Tuesday, July 24

    10E2006: Narragansett 1975 Can Release

    Narragansett beer and the movie Jaws will forever be linked by the Quint character. #crushitlikequint. A retro styled can has now been released - no retro tab technology... Anyway, look out for this one.

    One of the Friends of the Library bought this Jaws-related item from our booksale last weekend. You get it right?

    Monday, July 23

    10E2005: Burton AK Team video

    To quote Transworld "these dudes are professionals. You’ll hardly notice the snow was total shit for the entire 10 days they were filming…" Have not always been the biggest fan of Burton's video output for some reason, (though like what their inhouse techs can do - link). Anyhow, it was cool and misty this AM so in the mood for this clip, and esp' like all the B&W grainy cutaway stuff.  Watch here.

    Riders: Terje Haakonsen, Kimmy Fasani, Jussi Oksanen, Jeremy Jones, Stephan Maurer
    Photographer: Adam Moran
    Filmers: Tim Manning, Corey Koniniec, Aaron Leyland
    Location: Whistler backcountry, BC, Canada

    Friday, July 20

    10E2004: Friends of the Library at ArtBeat tomorrow

    File under "local news". July 20 (tonight) & 21 (Saturday) The Somerville Arts Council presents ARTBEAT 2012; one of the area's largest and most innovative arts festivals complete with two stages of music, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors, food, and migration-themed activities.

     I will be there in my role as board member of The Friends of the Somerville Public Library so please do stop by and say hi (we'll be behind Holland Street T in the shade... perfect). We will be selling books and signing up volunteers; to assist with the ongoing book sales, staff events, and join us in outreach activities. We also raise funds through membership drives and I am excited to offer a new benefit - this (frankly bad-ass) 24oz-canvas coal/book/market/tote bag that will be available to those that support at the $100 level. Made in Charlestown, MA. Hand stamped in Somerville, by light of the moon...

    Wednesday, July 18

    10E2003: Duck Camo Bow Tie from Ball and Buck

    Full disclosure, one of the hard workers behind the scenes here is my neighbor - so pinch of salt if you want... New release above; an 8oz twill, signature camo, bow tie created by Ball and Buck. Sewn in New England. $68. I often give these guys crap about price points but that is not bad.

    I had a lady make something v similar once (link) and I wear the hell out of it. Def fun to have around.

    BTW they are having a shindig to release this and other bow ties (chambrays, ginghams) and pocket squares of same, next Thursday. You can RSVP here.

    10E2002: Summer Style Icon - Morris Buttermaker

    Square cut sports-shirts as far as the eye can see. He is practically the only adult wearing a collar. Khakis and tennies.

    The kids non-PC language and the stubby beers at the end put this movie firmly in the mid 1970s. Can you play air hockey without thinking of Tatum O'Neal in the Bad News Bears? I can't. Mrs. 10e has a pretty great arm - think she identifies with this movie a little. Even rocked a blond Dorothy Hamill cut in those days... Buttermaker has the summer look down (without resorting to shorts) but might not be the best role model...

    10E2001: Chalmers and 'Sending Milk' on WCAX

    My buddy Skye Chalmers took his photo-essay Sending Milk (about dairy farming within the Cabot Cooperative) onto Vermont television this morning. You can hear a bit more from him about his hopes for the book (get curious!) and the crux of the project (pay respect to the farmers themselves). I am over the moon for the guy and am trying to get him to Boston for a lecture and slideshow; details and date forthcoming. Like how he is showing more leg than the presenter .... #shortshorts

    Monday, July 16

    10E2000: Nautical Bow Tie from Beau Ties of Vermont

    New release from a 10e fave vendor, Beau Ties of Vermont; The Commodore. $72. Can get it as a necktie if you prefer. Could wear while reading a little Melville or maybe C. S. Forester - but suitable anytime. Bowties have this odd duality in that they have a slightly comical pictoral history (80s nerd...) but they can also be agressive, almost daring the observer to comment.

    BTW thanks to my handy new numbering scheme, I see this is the 2000th post on 10e. *fireworks*

    Friday, July 13

    10E1999f: Fridays Are Tie Days - Murray's Toggery

    Can't completely remember but think this summery cotton tie was a score from the Hospital Thrift Store on India Street, which is a wide open secret but still good to grab a flannel shirt if you underpacked on a chilly weekend, or a beach read - or if you are lucky actually get something good. Club that thing so it doesn't get in your way and get back to chopping fish, or cutting limes.

    Thursday, July 12

    10E1998: LV112 the lightship 'Nantucket'

    The lightships named Nantucket that stood guard over the New York / Europe shipping lane for over 100 years have gone through several incarnations, with LV112 being the last surviving ship in a general orginal state - now moored in East Boston. Further reading. The last ship, Nantucket II is the one you often see moored in Boston Harbor (Rowes Wharf), but it has been rescued and fully refurbed as a pleasure boat now. Would be a hoot.

    Anyhow, nice potted history below about life on a lightship, including tricks like using a wet table cloth so plates don't slide around. Or when headed back to MV after a month or more at sea the men would call ahead to the Leeside Tavern (now Leeside Bar & Grill) and tell the bartender to get some cash so they could cash their checks, and then attempt to drink all the beer in Woods Hole... 

    10E1997v: The Midway Diner

    The Midway in Rutland, VT (next to Bowl-A-Rama) waa rebuilt about 20 years ago from a classic silver dining car into a larger but somehow even more retro affair. Like a "diner of the future" circa 1950. You almost expect there to be an automat in the entrance way. The whole thing is mint green and chrome inside.

    Won't reach too far here - but yes, it is a solid diner, enhanced by the older waitresses, sure. Local blueberry pie didn't hurt. They used to have the bully burger - 2 patties and bacon - that was a solid choice with onion rings.