Friday, November 30

10E2095: Gin & It

Gin & It is a new drinks magazine coming out in the UK from the folk behind Fire & Knives (a food magazine). The name gives away the intent but great sounding lineup as below;
"In issue One, Matthew Fort deals with stonking hangovers, Fiona Beckett sips Benedictine with the working men of Burnley, Richard Ehrlich tears into the cult of the celebrity barman and Thomas Blythe pays tribute to the Twiglet. Also contributing, established legends Trevor Gulliver, Alex Renton, Dick Bradsell, Tom Jaine, Martin Lam and Nick Strangeway as well as impressive new wordsmiths on the writing block."
 Essential reading for the "over-refreshed" as they say. This is another production related to the British food writer Tim Haward. Pretty amusing twitterfeed currently about them proofing the first issue.

10E2094: H&M Socks - For Kids

#parenting $12.95. H&M.

Wednesday, November 28

10E2093: Forging Competition - This Is What A Farrier Does

Video from a farriers competition/clinic in Ira, Vermont. Cool to see these guys get the bullet-time treatment. There are many types of farrier; from the horse-whispers to the old-time-twist-their-nose guys; I don't support the latter. An ancient guy that shod our old draft-horse (and had handled him for perhaps 20 years before that when he was the post office horse in town), they used to battle, and he'd have to tie a back foot up. Both participants are now dead, Pete in a backhoe ditch where he dropped... Hell that old man was tough though. "God dammit Pete!" he'd yell as sweat dripped off his 90 pound frame. 

Tuesday, November 27

10E2092: Cuppow - Saturday @ Somerville Public Library

This coming Saturday, a couple/three/half-dozen of the artists and techs from Fringe in Union square have agreed to speak at the Somerville library to describe the business of CUPPOW, the mason jar drinking system. Designer-makers Aaron and Josh the inventors, plus others, came together to create the original art, packaging, website, video etc - all done in-house. Hear about the trials and victories, plus thrills and skinned-knees. Social hour after courtesy of neighbors Q's Nuts and Culinary Cruisers/Kombucha (ice tea).

I have been a huge fan of this product and the business practices of this group since day one, and psyched to finally host them at the library under the banner of The Friends of the Library: Talk Design. Thanks guys. Event page here. Bring a glass fruit jar and lid... we'll take yer picture.

3pm, @ the main branch; 79 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA. Bus #88 or #90.

If you want to go H2T show up in the just released cuppow/geekhouse cyclocross kit. #beyond Then head to Pretty Things birthday bash at 6pm after the talk. Full on local vibe...

Thursday, November 22

10E2091: Convenience Is The Enemy

Hope you create a happy family day everyone. Spare a thought for those reeling from the weather or worse... 

This post is now tradition, and have to say thanks to all the readers [both of you! oh! -ed] and best wishes to the extended 10engines family. Cheers.

Wednesday, November 21

10E2090: Barn Score - EMS Flap Cap

Found at a top-secret Vermont thrift store... older EMS (winter cycling ?) cap.

10E2089: Topo Designs "Ranger" Hat

"Channel your inner park and game authority figure" - with this no frills 5-panel from TopoDesigns. Made in the good ol'...

Tuesday, November 20

10E2088: Bern Helmets - Bonus Black Friday Headphones

Won't post a million black Friday deals (BFDs) but if you don't currently wear a helmet here is your chance. A no-brainer one might say. Hopefully not retrospectively... Anyone who purchases a Bern helmet over $50 (all the snowsports qualify) direct from them at on Friday November 23rd, 2012 will be eligible to receive a free pair of their Retro Headphones. New buffalo lining above.

Monday, November 19

10E2087: Sponsored Review | Carhartt Firm-Duck, Double-Front, Flannel-Lined

Carhartt sent a pair of what they now dub "firm-duck" pants, which seems to be just unwashed, standard issue 12oz duck. That is great. These are definitely in the "new" (post 1990) cut w/ roomy waist and thighs. Oddly the boot opening seemed smallish - and quite pegged legs. Flannel lining would be great for standing around in a workshop or similar. These are not available as a made-in-USA version; $66 plus $10 off until 11/21 - via Carhartt. Not a massive hit for me honestly - would prefer straighter cut all the way and the insane proliferation of offerings they have now seems overkill. Would be curious to see sales numbers/per sku... guess what I am getting to is wondering why they let the classics slide? Wherefore art thou old quilt lined w/ zip-bottom? Would love a pair of those again. Hello ebay...

[Update 11/21/12 - correction Carrhart do still have a side zip double front pant. Now called a Waist/Overall.]

10E2086: LLBean Toboggan + Buffalo Plaid Cover

Genius... 6' toboggan built from hardwood slats, $199. Set includes toboggan, tow rope, cushion and buffalo plaid cushion cover. Custom made in Canada. - via LLBean.

Monday, November 12

10E2085: Pawlet Game Supper

Line is forming. 5pm. Not too cold. Seen snow in years past.

What?? No friends on supper days... Hey wait for me in-laws!

This lady came prepared. Brought her own syrup. Well played. I brought tabasco but chacun son gout...

As before...  The running joke is that the dinner is free but the $12 ticket is for dessert - pies all served with cheddar. Yup. #pawlet I heard a rumor that Cabot donated the cheese. 

The chickens are on strike... short days.

10E2084: We Have No Apples

In many places in New England (including Pops' trees in Peru, Vermont above), there is not one single solitary apple growing. The lawn looks very nice not covered in rotting fruit but the horses are missing out...

"A freak March heat wave caused many apples trees to blossom early. That was followed by frost in April and May, which disrupted the growing cycle. Some states, including Maine, were pummeled by hailstorms in June, causing more damage." - via Boston Globe

Friday, November 9

10E2083: Chelsea Clock Co. - Patriot Clock

Founded in 1897, Chelsea Clock Company is one of the oldest, and largest clock manufacturers in the United States. The company continues to manufacture and repair clocks at its original corporate headquarters in Chelsea (MA). The Patriot Deck Clock is a reproduction of Chelsea Clock’s original WWII-era Navy engine room clock. Made to the same mil-specs issued by the US Government  in the 1940s; case fabricated from black phenolic resin (like Bakelite). White or black dial. Easy to see military time stamps. Just found these - kinda cool. For the man who has everything territory.

Thursday, November 8

10E2082: That Waiting In Line for (Game) Supper Look

Weather for Saturday night looks so so. Prob no snow... I'll be standing inline outside a fire station in south central Vermont waiting to buy a ticket to their fundraising game supper. 

Hat - 10engines
Belt - Topo Designs
Pants - LLBean Signature (cut is straight as a rail, so good - imported)
BYOB - DogFish Head 120 Minute - a very nice house guest trucked these up from DE. Almost caramely thick. Slow drinker. Leaves room for dinnner.
Gloves - Gore/leather/camo via Buckshot Sonny's
Jacket - Levis x Pendelton, lined.
Shirt - Johnson Woolen Mill patch shirt.
Socks - Wigwam. Red for warmth...
Shoes - Red Wing oxford. Old-man-style to the hilt.

One local reader already reported;
"Oven will be fired up Saturday morn and the decision will be made if its a red wine year or a stout beer year for the roasting...but always McKenzie maple cured bacon for the wrapping [of venison roast -ed]." 
The communal tables are usually pre-loaded with coleslaw, and cubes of cheese to nibble on. Vermont's archery season for deer ended Oct 28th, and youth deer weekend just happened. This supper is always held on the first day of deer rifle season, or Opening Day as it is known. There is chicken pot pie too - not that you'll need it. The running joke is that the dinner is free but the fee paid is for dessert - tables of fruit pies all served with cheddar. Yup. #pawlet

Wednesday, November 7

10E2081: Burton x Pottery Barn Teen - Sleeping Bag

Burton has teamed with PBTeen (or otherway around) to sell sheets and lamps etc. Can see these under some Christmas trees, Burton Sleeping Bag. Still pissed about the Open though!
  • Polyester microfiber w /100% brushed cotton percale interior.
  • 34" wide x 79" long
  • Stuff sack for compact storage.
  • Imported. 

10E2080: The 44th Annual Pawlet Game Supper - this Saturday

The famous Pawlet Game Supper, will return to the firehouse (155 Route 133, Pawlet VT) on November 10th, 2012. Looking forward to this bear, vension, pieandcheddar, stew-based freezer cleanout. Surprise visit to motherinlaw... don't tell. See our past coverage of the supper here and here. Plus it is a mindmelting view driving through the Mettowee Valley from Dorset to Pawlet around 5pm. Autumnal sundown. Fantastic.

10E2079: Switchback

Only recently available in bottles (brewed in Burlington VT) Switchback is a non-denominational ale "developed as a flavor concept". It is carbonated during fermentation by the yeast itself (like champagne in that sense), it is then moved to the bottle unfiltered. You will notice the yeast particles in the glass that settle in a few moments - but you are encouraged to drink w/ yeast present. Anyhow, 22oz bottles for about $4. Not available in MA yet I don't believe. Good stuff.

Has been a huge success so far, as per their press release;
"11/5/12 Burlington, VT: Switchback Brewing Company has sold over 100,000 bottles of Switchback Ale in Vermont in the first five days following the October 22nd release da
te. The overwhelming response and demand for Switchback Ale in bottles has depleted over a months worth of inventory that the brewery packaged prior to the highly anticipated release date. ...Our entire five week reserve plus our week six production sold out the very first week." 

Monday, November 5

10E2078: Two Design Talks coming up in December at SPL

Excited to announce (and thank the participants) of 2 more additions to the Talk Design series at the Somerville Public Library...

Since early in the year we have been trying to get the group of designers/artists from Fringe studios in Union Square together to talk about the mason jar drinking-lid product they collaboratively designed called CUPPOW. On December 1st, industrial designers Aaron Panone and Josh Resnikoff (plus letterpressed-packaging printer Mike Dacey) will discuss being a local business, tell the product's creation story, and no doubt describe their experiences over the last year with the demands and rewards of "collaboration" in a true sense. As usual there will be a social hour after - the form of which is still to be decided.

Then on December 22nd; MassArt lecturers Steve and Amber Tourlentes will celebrate Kodachrome, and discuss how and why it went away. ACL has a posted a huge run of his 50s/60s collection - go see if you need a fresher. Coffee and cake afterwards for the assembled... #noice

You can calendar, or commit to both these events on the Friends of the Somerville Public Library events page.

Earlier talks in the series featured Aaron "Field Notes" Draplin, and Christine "N'East Style" Mitchell.

Friday, November 2

10E2079: Brooks Brothers - Made in USA OCBD

In the OCBD made in USA war I guess I forgot to check on the Bretheren. $80 for the slim fit job. 'Bout the same deal at JPress so get your pocket-flap too.

... Here in the Boston area we were almost completely spared any disruption from Sandy - posts about what shirt to buy next look pretty ridiculous if the radio news is on... Janey! Hope the power comes back on soon or your 1/2 tank can get you to VT or somewhere safe. Best wishes 'Jersey.

10E2078: Jaws by Crispin Finn

Crispin Finn are a design duo (Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly) who produce everything (mostly handmade prints) in red, white and blue. Huge kudos for adding the mayor's jacket to this Jaws ephemera print. Buy.

Thursday, November 1

10E2077: PowderJet Kickstarter | Wooden Snowboard w/ Recycled UHMW Base

Images above from Snow Craft: EP 1 via

Have mentioned this guy Jesse and PowderJets (his homemade snowboards) before, but he recently launched a Kickstarter and maybe you'd like to see more??
"I would like to produce a run of 25 of these new models this winter [add a recycled UHMW (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene - I had to look it up too) plastic base to the current wooden decks - then the PowderJet can carve up the backcountry and the groomers - JL]. I have the R&D done. I have the experience to build them. I have all of the machinery required. The Kickstarter campaign will pay for the new molds and materials I need to make the new boards. If the campaign is funded, the boards will be out there this winter. If you want, you can be riding one of them." - Jesse Loomis
Some kickstarters out there are moonshot, and others are cheeky pre-sale. This project has a pretty low threshold and is half funded already - so even if you just want a shirt and stickers and some mailable kindling (great phrase for a wooden postcard...) you can make a big difference. Link.
"The first snowboards were all wood. They didn't have edges for turning on hard crusty snow. I didn't want a snowboard for hard crusty snow. I've been riding those for 25 years... I wanted a board that would float." - Jesse Loomis
The PowderJet Cleaver 151 w/ characteristic rear stance.

Wood scrap postcard. Mailable kindling!

10E2076: For the Love of Lumber - via Stratton Magazine

Photo: Hubert Schreibel
“I sharpen it myself.”... One saw tooth at a time, fifty-two teeth, fifty-two inches. Like nearly every operation at Bills Lumber, this, too, is done by hand.
Read about the only working sawmill in Wardsboro (VT) in a great article by Anita Raphael for Stratton Magazine.