Thursday, November 1

10E2077: PowderJet Kickstarter | Wooden Snowboard w/ Recycled UHMW Base

Images above from Snow Craft: EP 1 via

Have mentioned this guy Jesse and PowderJets (his homemade snowboards) before, but he recently launched a Kickstarter and maybe you'd like to see more??
"I would like to produce a run of 25 of these new models this winter [add a recycled UHMW (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene - I had to look it up too) plastic base to the current wooden decks - then the PowderJet can carve up the backcountry and the groomers - JL]. I have the R&D done. I have the experience to build them. I have all of the machinery required. The Kickstarter campaign will pay for the new molds and materials I need to make the new boards. If the campaign is funded, the boards will be out there this winter. If you want, you can be riding one of them." - Jesse Loomis
Some kickstarters out there are moonshot, and others are cheeky pre-sale. This project has a pretty low threshold and is half funded already - so even if you just want a shirt and stickers and some mailable kindling (great phrase for a wooden postcard...) you can make a big difference. Link.
"The first snowboards were all wood. They didn't have edges for turning on hard crusty snow. I didn't want a snowboard for hard crusty snow. I've been riding those for 25 years... I wanted a board that would float." - Jesse Loomis
The PowderJet Cleaver 151 w/ characteristic rear stance.

Wood scrap postcard. Mailable kindling!