Monday, November 5

10E2078: Two Design Talks coming up in December at SPL

Excited to announce (and thank the participants) of 2 more additions to the Talk Design series at the Somerville Public Library...

Since early in the year we have been trying to get the group of designers/artists from Fringe studios in Union Square together to talk about the mason jar drinking-lid product they collaboratively designed called CUPPOW. On December 1st, industrial designers Aaron Panone and Josh Resnikoff (plus letterpressed-packaging printer Mike Dacey) will discuss being a local business, tell the product's creation story, and no doubt describe their experiences over the last year with the demands and rewards of "collaboration" in a true sense. As usual there will be a social hour after - the form of which is still to be decided.

Then on December 22nd; MassArt lecturers Steve and Amber Tourlentes will celebrate Kodachrome, and discuss how and why it went away. ACL has a posted a huge run of his 50s/60s collection - go see if you need a fresher. Coffee and cake afterwards for the assembled... #noice

You can calendar, or commit to both these events on the Friends of the Somerville Public Library events page.

Earlier talks in the series featured Aaron "Field Notes" Draplin, and Christine "N'East Style" Mitchell.