Tuesday, January 26

10E2501: Caps For Sale | Full Foam Gas Tank Black

UPDATE 2/9/2016 SOLD OUT Caps for sale... caaaaaps. You can make hats cheap as hell so you can hook up the boys, or you get them sourced in waxed materials and handsewn by elves at moonlight...

Found a box of deadstock foam-lined gas station caps, probably older than most people reading this. Cut and sewn in the USA. Now printed with the 10e rope logo in what we are calling vintage smoke. Truthfully they had been in a box for almost 30 years so had to tease out a few wrinkles. No lookbook, no collaborations and no colorways. Email me directly if interested. $25 gets it shipped. $20 for early birds. 10th caller gets it free. #moto

Wednesday, January 13

10E2500: Henry David Lee (of Lee jeans) was born in Vermont

via - Kansas City Historical Association and a contact in Randolph, VT

Lee (or HD Lee Mercantile as they were originally known) have a scattered history of manufacture, in Scotland, Ireland, India and US. Their Lee 101 line (only available in Europe pretty much) is boss. Love how they put the prices right on there. Transparency.

A old Lee Stormrider or 101 denim jacket still a stone cold classic. Look for woven labels on the 'bay. Can't mention Lee w/o also referencing a great older post by TSY on The Misfits. Burn 10 minutes...

Monday, January 4

10E2499: Tracksmith - No Days Off

You don't have to go out every day until the end of the year... just go out today. Then when it is tomorrow you go out that day... and so on. Whether you are working on a 'drytown january' or prepping for the Boston Marathon in April this nifty calendar from Tracksmith will keep you on the road.

Their old timey gray cotton shirts pretty great too. Made in MA.