Wednesday, December 23

10E2498: Julia Child's (Provence) House For Sale

"Though Julia Child only lived full-time in France for a little over five years (from 1948–1956), she and her husband Paul maintained a small cottage in Provence until 1992. For the first time ever, the half-acre property is on sale to the public, with an asking price of about $880,000.

The kitchen counters are extra-tall to accommodate Child's height (a modest 6'2), and all the appliances are the original ones the chef actually used [actually the stove was replaced as she sold the OG- ed.]. Child's husband and his brother painted outlines of her professional cooking tools on pegboards, which remain part of the decor." via CNTraveler

This story is a month old. Still great. What? You want to be my intern?

Monday, December 21

10E2497: White Christmas?

Like the movie White Christmas - New England is looking pretty dry right now...  Let's review.

Even if you think you know White Christmas, you have to watch it on a big screen, in one sitting, preferably in a theater. So many throwaway lines and visual gags... Crosby and Kaye are on fire.

Captain: That's not the way to Headquarters...
Gen.: Joe, you know that, and I know that, but the General doesn't. At least he won't for the another hour and a half.
Captain: That sergeant will be a private in the morning.
Gen.: Yes... isn't he lucky.

Lots of suits, cuffs, cravats and wool in evidence of course; one of my fave pieces is Bing's undershirt though... thick arm cuffs. Where do you get those??

Who wouldn't want to retire to Vermont, with an old Army Jeep as a runabout, dib around with firewood and play horseshoes by day, then change into your smoking jacket by night -all the while just waiting for the snow to hit.

Friday, December 18

10E2496: Last Chance Guide

Guaranteed delivery and today only free shipping from fencepost retailer Huckberry.
The LLBeanie is back in stock.
Kid-proof dinex mugs via Topo Designs.

Or the EIO Kids Cup via Cuppow - free shipping on that too.

Heck, you are probably getting slammed by retailer emails... Remember those coupons kids would make for parents (will wash dishes, etc) - I love those. Take a few minutes and make a few really good ones for your kid, or dog, or partner.

Plus this truism.

Sunday, December 13

10E2495: Needles Duck Remix

From Needles. $1K territory... as Our Man In London (OMIL) notes; "you should have enough to do your own". Great cut'n'sew action.

Tuesday, December 8

10E2494: Gift Guide Zero

Love a gift guide. To paraphrase myself;
Pretty much anything on 10e would work as a gift... the picks should probably be made of either leather, glass, stone or a combination of the above. Sidenote: 10e is a grilling-tool fee zone... and though parent friendly, 10e will always be a diaper-bag free zone.
  • GingHAM print via The Old Try -$35 (psst plus a super secret chance to win their xmas print if spending over $100)
  • Fly drying patch via Finn (VT) -$20.
  • Farmhouse Pottery striker - you can feel the scratch of that match head from here... $32 if from Huckberry
  • ESCAPE mason bag (USA), sourced and printed via Forestbound -$99 shipping included
  • Hurricane Lantern via Simon Pearce (VT) -$145 shipping included
  • Explorer's Compass Watch (MN). Everything you need - nothing you don't... $85 via Huckberry. (or just get the compass part from maker Tru-Nord for $44)
  • Fantastic Face Wash traveler size (2oz) via Ursa Major -$12 (get $5 off if your first order ever, plus 3 minis for all... no brainer) This saves your weekend - lifesaver. Ingredients like black spruce oil, fir needle oil, rosemary water, grapefruit peel, lime oil, cedar wood, spearmint leaf  (USA)

Monday, December 7

10E2493: Alessi and Bialetti

Fantastic short video from Nowness (watch here - can't embed) with designer Alberto Alessi talking about his grandfather's invention - the moka pot coffee maker. I had no idea Alfonso Bialetti was his grandfather... Great stuff - 2.5 minutes - a must see.

What, you don't own one of these? Tell Santa. Aluminum was the material of the future in the post-war era, and this cast object not only signaled modernity but changed socialisation of coffee and increased caffeine consumption, framing it as a creative juice. Further reading via ineedcoffee.

Buy one for around $30. It may outlive you.

Friday, December 4

10E2492: Four On The Floor - Gift Guide For Dogs

Faribault Mill (MN) recycled wool dog blanket - various sizes - start at $30
Wandering Woods Walks print (even better if your dog's name begins with W!) $35 minus 15% -act fast!
Easton Leather (MA) punched ID tag. $15 shipped w/ hardware - email toddeastonatgmaildotcom
Filson travel water bowl - tan or blaze - $32

Wednesday, December 2

10E2491: Shared Lines - The Vermont Backcountry Alliance

The Vermont Backcountry Alliance (VTBC) is a program of the Catamount Trail Association (CTA), a growing voice for Vermont’s evolving backcountry skiing and riding community. Membership enhances your powder karma, includes access to free ski tours, discounted alpine and nordic skiing passes, deals on backcountry instruction and gear…and much more. 

Thanks for your interest in backcountry and human-powered skiing and riding here in Vermont.
VTBC just released a short video explaining their work (making designated sites more accessible, and not 'blowing up anyone's stash..."). Watch it here, and get psyched. [ok we DID get japan-levels of snow last year...but video still pretty damn good - ed.]