Sunday, March 26

10E2586: RE.BIN recycling bin

100% recycled plastic bin to hold your grocery store shopping bag, to clean up your recycling game.

RE.BIN. $43 (that's $5 off) if you buy via Huckberry.  In the similar vein to those ceramic white egg carton holders - or permanent ceramic white 'paper' plates or coffee cup.

Like this - and not just cause made in VT.  A smart way to tidy up your act.  I know a certain pair of grandparents that walk from the kitchen to back room every few hours with an arm load of bottles or paper to recycle - this would be an option without an inbuilt.

  • Made from 100% recycled polypropylene
  • Fits a standard paper grocery bag as a recyclable liner
  • Fingerprint-proof matte finish
  • UV stabilized to protect color
  • Made in Vermont, USA

Friday, March 24

10E2585: Steele | Ice Crusher Kit

From the people that brought you one of the original coal/ice totes, Steele Canvas. They have revised their 1960's Ice Crusher Kit. $30. Made in MA.

"Fill with ice and whack for coarse or tiny chips.  Hang from brass eyelet to dry."

Wednesday, March 8

10E2584: That Shuttler Look

A smart lady told me recently to get out of the house more. Have started going to old man badminton in the evenings. A few good lookin gents out of Darjelling-Limited-central-casting wipe the floor with me without moving their feet. Doubles is the most fun. It is all about the sidelines, as much as the drop shots which you might assume.

...a badminton birdie (aka shuttlecock) is the fastest recorded object in sports. (In) 2013, Malaysia’s Tan Boon Hoeng set a new world record with a 493 km/h smash. - via
 Stripes def make you play better...

Monday, March 6

10E2583: Topo Designs K9 Control

Dog leash. Gap in the market time. Treat your furry friend with their own clip-n-go Topo Designs style.  $29. USA.

"Made from heavy-duty nylon webbing we use on many of our packs and bags, featuring a double-loop handle for adjustability, and finished with a paracord loop (for keys, treats or waste bags) and a durable, lightweight aluminum carabiner clip.
All of our Dog Leashes are handmade here in Colorado." - via Topo Designs