Tuesday, October 29

10E2641: The Lighthouse merch

"Lack of human contact is no excuse not to warsh up, swab the deck, and smell your best. Set includes 1 scented beard oil fit for a sea king and 1 lathering soap"... via A24

Tuesday, October 15

10E2640: Carrie Wicks - Reverie cd release party | Seattle, WA

The Carrie Wicks Quintet performing next week to support release her new Reverie album
October 22nd at the Royal Room, 5000 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle WA.       
$18 on the door - opens at 7pm.
"A restrained, deeply musical jazz singer who also co-writes genre-busting songs, Carrie Wicks is one of a kind."
Cosign! Carrie is sister-in-law here... and might be listed in the dictionary under 'jazz, cocktail'...
She’ll be joined by the stellar Reverie band: longtime accompanists Bill Anschell on piano and Jeff Johnson on bass, plus D’Vonne Lewis on drums and Brent Jensen on saxes.

Monday, October 14

10E2639: Universal Works - h core you know the score

Stay safe...and warm via Stag

Moccasin meets bowling shoe plus kilties x Sebago via Universal Works

'Bakers' jacket and apron in hickory.  Made up for a triple threat Bottiglieria