Thursday, April 30

kids music -cassius

Don't get to blare the music so much with the weans around but the boy does like beeps, as he calls it. Cassius -Au Reve. You cut out the Sound of Violence and the Ghostface Killah track and it is practically lullaby music. The Ghostface track Thrilla is filler/thriller depending on your taste ... "spillin' popcorn all on Liz Claiborne..." funny stuff.

Listen to beeps.

yard sale -2

b is for beer

From Tom Robbins (Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, and others) a book for children and adults, B is for Beer. Ah hell look inside, some funny stuff.


I love custom gear. Getting the chance to spray your name (or make believe film studio -ed.) across sweats, belts, car windows... great. Sis alerted me to to this guy Roberto Sand who runs Bullfrog Laserworks out of Etsy. Wooden sixpacks. Laserscribed. "Your text here" type of thing...

Wednesday, April 29

more examples

quotable -thunderball

Home Secretary: Your man, double-o-seven, I thought he was onto something.
M: I thought so too sir.
Home Secretary: He obviously has a highly developed sense of... shall we say drama.

blue plate special

Pan fried chicken thighs. I think there is a song in there somewhere... anyway, the etymology of blue plate special is hard to nail down, though I think we know it when we see it; meat and three, hopefully on a divided plate, possibly blue spatterware. Term born out of the 1940's.

Below, diner-style clean fuel from the 10engines kitchen. The music is better and the drinks are free.

Monday, April 27

ellsbury -high speed warfare

Somerville resident Chris Speakman has been illustrating these propaganda style prints for a few years, the bar at Redbones is lined with them (better than a Good Housekeeping seal of approval). I have a bunch rolled up waiting for my barn/bar to put them up... More at Boston Sports Propaganda. Had been holding off on this post for a while, but Jacoby Ellsbury's steal of home last night put it over the top.

Thursday, April 23

tm lewin barrels

As before, can't get enough of these. Hold the phone though... TMLewin's offerings have been updated and barrel cufflinks no longer available, just knots. WhiskyTangoFoxtrot.

wolverine -meltdown

Nerd alert. Huge credit to Frank Miller who recognized the potential of Wolverine with a (the first?) stand alone series in 1982, but in 1988 came Meltdown. Written by Walter and Louise Simonson, and illustrated by John J. Muth and Kent Williams. You can pick up the 4part series on ebay now for less than $20. This is Wolverine as the love child of Tom Waits and Mickey Rourke. Super Barfly. No to silly costumes, yes to insane sideburns. If you had mutant self healing... you would vacation in Mexico, drink too much tequila and be in a million bar fights too... right? Brilliant.

Wednesday, April 22

trials riding + edinburgh = inspired

Found this via TheSundayBest via Kottke via Waxy. Thanks TSB. Trials riding (motorbike or pedal powered) is much bigger in Britain than here, I remember watching trials on sunday tv all the time growing up in Scotland. Long/short, this video has been described as parkour, and the street element fits. I try not to chase the party with newest/latest type posts, but there is some insane riding here. Nice views of Edinburgh too (shout to the skaters at Bristo Square).

"Filmed over the period of a few months in and around Edinburgh by Dave Sowerby, this video of Inspired Bicycles team rider Danny MacAskill features probably the best collection of street/street trials riding ever seen. There's some huge riding, but also some of the most technically difficult and imaginative lines you will ever see. Without a doubt, this video pushes the envelope of what is perceived as possible on a trials bike.

Credit to Band of Horses for their epic song 'The Funeral.' You can find out more about the band and their music at or " -via youtube

microbe olbiterator

Parenting tip. To get your small person to clean up after themselves, give them a rag and have them zoom after the dirt, pretending to be M-O (Microbe Obliterator) from WALL-E. Works perfectly when they leave a trail of shaving foam across the floor from their "car wash". Plus they get to chant "foreign contaminant" in a spooky robot voice...

bookshelf -i love trucks / trains

I Love Trucks and I Love Trains, both written by Philemon Sturges and illustrated by Shari Halpern. Man I know these by heart now... great rhyming text and bold illustrations. The boy goes nuts for these.

"I like trucks that hoot and roar, as they rumble by my door" or how about "Some carry steel, some carry scrap, or secret stuff that's under wrap". "Trains trains trains.. i loooooooOOOOOve trains." See. Good stuff.

Tuesday, April 21

quotable -open season

Looking ahead to this pinewood derby reminded me of a great quote from Hobie Chittenden about his mentality to racing. This is from an interview a decade ago as part of our video project Open Season.

"Definitely, when I go to a race, and I get eliminated early, I'm not bummed I didn't do well... I'm just bummed I can't get onto the next round and have another run with the boys."

that longhaul look

Saw one of these new-ish breathable Carhartt jackets in the wild i.e. on the T, yesterday, and they are pretty damn nice. These head to toes are like retail therapy... good times. This is pretty much my rig for plane travel though; monochromish-but-never-black clothes and a few high/lo tech goodies. Minidiscs were much bigger in Europe than here, and although a bit of a pain to sync, they allow the chance to trade mixes. The best part is you can delete a track on the fly... hate not having that feature on a shuffle. Sony from the blanks to the Eggos. Forever ago I had a beige BPM and though rely on a field watch now, have a soft spot for the hulking G-Shock, and new colorway (stoppit...) in Veuve orange... tempted.

Double-front Carhartts don't set off the airport metal detectors, at least has never happened to me. Boston bag from Muji_London (why can't you get all same stuff in the USA store... what is the holdup?) I haven't ponied up for the butcher's orange Field Notes... but the Draplin designed Longhand Set of writing implements seems a steal. For shoes, practically never wear sneakers, but on the plane will do it; tweed Purcells from JCrew if you can still find them.

hot sauce

Have been looking to buy some more Inner Beauty for a while and find a) anyone mentioning it online seems to be from New England, and b) it does not seem to be available. I did reminisce about this one below though, that does not look like much but is pretty hot and really full of flavour. Baron's, popular all over the West Indies. Just call it "yellow" and floss about your trip to St. Lucia. (fish frys Fridays and karaoke anyone??)

Monday, April 20

eventually -peavey speakers

I am not an audiophile I admit. We have a pretty ratty turntable, still use cassettes sometimes, and love my pocket transistor radio... but eventually I would love good speakers. And if they can be wrapped in tweed, even better. Peavey Classic 212 Speaker Cabinet and Classic 30 Head. Tweed is sort of like bacon, it just makes everything better.

pinewood derby -secret service x a time to get

This event hatched by A Time To Get and Secret Service LA. Pinewood derby and drinks. Fantastic idea, plus makes a great project for the boy... going to get crafty with 2 pine blanks. I see on craigslist a troop in Rhode Island is selling their track... maybe buy that too and use it as a test track in the basement.

The perfect 1/25 sticker job has been located, as below.

Saturday, April 18


In the 10 years since we have moved back to Boston (Somerville) I think I have spent 5 birthdays at Sacco Bowl then Redbones. Spent a hell of a lot of other time at 'Rouge' too... That birthday look; Crate chambray, Levi's 501, Dexter bowling shoe...