Monday, April 13

h.n. williams store -dorset, vt

The physical refurb of the H.N. Williams store in Dorset, VT is about a year young now... (the custom railings by Dan Mosheim and Dorset Custom Furniture are a real standout -shots below via their blog). The news though is that Billy Brownlee is getting a store website started/finalized, and has been working on the historic portion as much as the 'goods' which is nice to see. (site not live as of yet)

The family business began in 1840 when William Williams expanded his tannery business on Route 30 in Dorset to include the sale of shoes, boots, and leather harnesses. Grandson Herbert later changed the name to H.N. Williams Department Store, adding bicycles, sleighs and wagons to the burgeoning numer of items customers might find in the old store. -Paraphrased from Vermont Independent Alliance of Country Stores.

I have mentioned the Williams store before, and as well as a great resource for boots, denim, syrup, coffee, grain, hardware, jerky...(if we dont have it you dont need it type of place) it has a great back-story, with Billy using his marketing degree to return to the family business, sensitively updating it (wireless register at the outdoor barn sale for instance...) while also preserving the feel. If you are in southern Vermont, it is a must stop.