Wednesday, April 1

bread board -catskill craftsmen

One of our neighbors is a baker, leaves for work around 5am... Lucky me though, she was getting rid of this extra pastry/bread board and I rescued it. Diameter measurements, embossed rulers and a recipe for perfect pastry all on the board. Love it. Made by Catskill Craftsmen located in Stamford, New York.

From their site, "Catskill Craftsmen began operations in 1948, and has developed over the years, becoming the nation's leading manufacturer of RTA (ready to assemble) hardwood kitchen islands, carts, and work-centers. Our manufactured items are made from naturally self-sustaining, non-endangered North American hardwoods, primarily birch and hard rock maple. Lumber is purchased from area sawmills, then dried, manufactured, and packaged on site."

Next on the list is this 30lb maple slab.