Thursday, March 31

parenting -gap denim shirt for the kid

Workwear-y placket tabs and pockets for your dustbowl kid. $9.99 on sale in stores, or order for $13 via GAP. [the real life item is dark-adjusted like above, the website pic seems lighter -ed]

quotable -roseanne

Dan (John Goodman): Jackie! You're blocking me.

Jackie (Laurie Metcalf): In what sense?

Dan: In a Plymouth sense...

Think we went the first 3 years without missing an episode... Read Roseanne's biography and everything. She was a huge Lenny Bruce fan, does that surprise? The early series now available on NetflixInstant; totally stands the test of time. John Goodman is hero status anyway, but great recap and classic scenes below.

vpr -gardening starts with the seeds

Don't worry that is might snow a foot tonight (Vermont and upper NY state talking to you)...

Yesterday Vermont Public Radio (VPR) talked to University of Vermont (UVM) Gardener Program Coordinator Nancy Hulett to guide us through when to order seeds, which seeds you should be planting inside right now and which ones you need to wait for warmer weather to sow outside.

Also interviewed is Tom Stearns of High Mowing Seeds who offers input on planting seeds properly. [Also Johnny's in Maine is mentioned]

Listen. 30mins.

Wednesday, March 30


Pladra make 100% cotton flannel shirts with woodsy prints inside, à la "shore leave" cuffs. $90. The heavier weight offered also has machine-washable elbow patches and a western yoke back. $100. Chum to the sharks... awesome.

Handmade in San Fran' w/ options for women too. Family and friends operation right now w/ the founding brothers/friends stepping in as models, and mom on shipping detail; good stuff. I think I read one of the brothers said his favorite color was plaid, classic. Wouldn't mind seeing a few woolens as well or maybe a printed shooting/shoulder patch option? Quilted shirtjac? Giving these ideas away for free guys, haha. Best of luck to them.

First saw these on RadCollector. Ill find indeed.

Tuesday, March 29

the "tru bru" coffee system

More great coffee gear, thx Mark.
Simple, elegant and about as uncomplicated as coffee can get, these stainless steel brew bars are handmade in Sonoma County, CA from recycled material. -via TruBru.

Above, vitrified porcelain drippers from Beehouse Japan.
Features; patented integrated handle, view hole so you can see the volume brewed, two drip holes so coffee is extracted neither too fast nor slow, retains heat well. $19.
If you want to cure a hangover, a good old cup of coffee and aspirin really is best, according to a new study from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia [damn me! -ed]. Confirming what many have suspected for years, the research found that the caffeine in coffee and the anti-inflammatory ingredients of aspirin reacted against the chemical compounds of ethanol, or pure alcohol, which – even in small doses – can bring on headaches.

Tim Grattan, who developed the technology for the new paracetamol and caffeine product, Panado Extra Advance, isn't surprised: "There's plenty of clinical evidence that shows caffeine actually speeds up the painkilling properties of various painkillers. In fact, caffeine has played a role in making our new product 37 per cent more tough on pain than ordinary paracetamol tablets."

Drinking lots of coffee can also boost sports performance by as much as 6 per cent – but, critically, only in any activity where muscles are not being worked to the limit, meaning coffee or tea could benefit a long-distance runner but not a sprinter.
-from recent article via TheIndependent

alden longwings w/ red brick sole

Special makeup available at FransBoone in the Netherlands. Honestly don't care about the soles as much... just great shots. Hat tip to Mr.Crew.

parenting -the ocean alphabet book

The Ocean Alphabet was Jerry Pallotta's first book (published 1986), and def' has some out-of-the-gate charm. Pallotta is from the Boston area and the draw of this book is the region specfic intel'. Wild to see/think of the change in fish stats since 1980s too... BTW can anyone see the word quahog and not think of Family Guy?

We are about there. Where are you?

Redfish; used by lobstermen as bait in earlier years,
but herring preferred now I understand.

Read the whole thing at googlebooks.

Monday, March 28

wait, so 70s office workers were actually right?

Love these mug-top drip coffee makers. Win one for the cubicle drones.

I keep coming back to this great quote from Benji Wagner;
"I can see getting through life without coffee if you don’t have kids, but for us parents, there is no choice.
It is a steady flow of coffee or death, simple as that."

Have you seen Black Gold? Good stuff. Thought the reporter said freeze dried crap below... might has well have.

Friday, March 25

carolina glove company

The Carolina Glove Company is based in Conover, North Carolina and makes a slew of incredibly affordable work gloves. Owned and operated for three generations by the Abernethy family. Founded in 1946.

Love these inexpensive (most less than $5), ink-printed gloves; styles like The Patriot, Super Derrick, American Logger -in cotton canvas up to 24oz(!) and some poly blends. All gloves as below made in USA. They also do old timey cowboy gloves for kids.

This one is new to me. Double thumb oyster glove. Can't tell if there are infact 2 thumbs or they mean the thumb is double thick... anyway, $2.86.

fridays are tie days -charles and ray eames

Photo above via EamesFoundation

Cooler than the other side of the pillow. Beyond power couple. Getty Images have a great set of Charles and Ray shot in 1974 by Arnold Newman.

Major cosign on the workshirt and 'kerchief... Fantastic.

Thursday, March 24

quotable -meet the parents

Kevin (Owen Wilson): I salvaged these timbers from a fisherman's chapel in Nantucket...

That quote is in the family lexicon. Used as byplay to any over-hyphenated (see what I did there...) descriptions of food/fashion etc. You know; Great Lakes chicken breast - fed at moonlight etc. [hello pot this is the kettle??? -ed] Provenance fatigue? Anyhow, Wilson throws that line away with perfection.

thee headcoats

Long before Tweed Rides there was the deerstalking Thee Headcoats fronted by the prolific Billy Childish. Not together now, they disbanded long before mustaches were popular in Brooklyn... Record-it-first-take garage rock, w/ a bit of rockabilly thrown in, especially with the girls team Thee Headcoatees. Mentioned these guys forever ago... Def' blare it in your "barn converted into a bar" music.

Wednesday, March 23

earmuffs, potatoes and stoves -winter in maine

ACL already noted this series of shots for Life, but did some more digging. American gothic knockout. Taken all over Maine in March 1942 by Bernard Hoffman.

The village library at North Gorham, ME was open one afternooon a week in winter (heating consideration?). It had 3,000 volumes.