Monday, March 21

base camp x -titanis

Base Camp X is a rounded out concept by Canadian Graeme Cameron. To avoid kneejerk reactions it is essential to know that he was also a co-founder of BestMade... but Base Camp X is closer to Graeme's woodsy past, is not restricted to North American materials and also has a social component; a campfire aspect for users to share/discuss/connect etc.

There are various products available and 4 axe styles (including a double-bit) but could not help but be impressed by the mammoth Titanis above. Sanded/painted/beeswax process 30" handle of Tennessee hickory topped with 5lbs of high carbon steel. The head is handmade for BaseCampX by a storied axe making family firm in New Zealand. #absolutebeast.

$400 axes are not for everyone to be sure... not even sure they are for me but would really love to see and swing this thing in real life. Available online and at UncleOtis in Toronto. Additional shots below reproduced w/ Graeme's ok.

"This is not your Grandfathers axe. It's your grandson's" -Base Camp X