Friday, October 29


Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell present KORT - Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries (Official Video) from City Slang on Vimeo.

that country kitchen look

Chambray bow tie.
White OCDB.
Ouessant. Civilian version of naval shirt from France. Practically bowing in the direction of France anyway. Plus a ground floor kitchen in the country invariably has the back door open to the outside world so you need to keep warm.
Apron. Over everything. A must. Tons of deadstock aprons on eBay, I have a hickory stripe already.
Won't argue about knives but something sizable helps. 10" Sabatier.
Tom Olives (actually pickled green tomatoes), cause that martini is not about to drink itself...
Silvertone wireless.
Twiglets. Literally a Marmite test. Non nom.
Jean and docs' down below. Uniform.

Wednesday, October 27

carhartt -too much together?

Not only have Carhartt stopped doing their older camo, they pretty much have stopped the whole hunting line. This guy has a few mint pieces on the 'bay. Double game pocket action, do it.

parenting -road tape

Won't keep your Hot Wheels going in a straight line but kind of cool. Will take the varnish off your floors no doubt haha. [no it does not -ed.]
From Barnvangligt.

giveaway -orvis wool coozie

No picked at random, no SAE... The 10th person to RT, tweet, repost, comment or email me w/ "10engines/Orvis" wins this pair of hand warmers... 10th, get it... All done. ***** @corkgrips was lucky #10.
Provided by Orvis, thx Jamie.

Tuesday, October 26

repost -ragg wool

Repost from almost exactly one year ago. Seasons turn etc I guess...

You know it when you see it, but what is "ragg wool". Webster's defines it as...

Made of or designating a sturdy yarn made up of multiple light and dark, esp. cream and gray, strands producing a flecked pattern.

Ragg is commonly employed to describe a wool/nylon blend. From my textile source Kristin Crane... wool and nylon are often blended together because both fibers can be dyed with acid dye and you'll get a solid color. As opposed to dyeing a yarn that's a blend of fibers that don't dye in the same way, so the dye will only take to one of the fibers and not the other. The two fibers share a lot of properties, so are often bedfellows.

Not sure if it's the fiber blend that's trademarked, or the yarn itself, looks like it's not the finished product. (Kind of like Crypton fabrics. Crypton is just the trademarked finishing process, but anyone weaving fabric can use Crypton technology and then market it as Crypton. They just pay royalties to Mr. and Mrs. Crypton.)

Great, learned something new. For Ragg wool the blend is usually 85% wool, 15% nylon. Minimally processed wool to leave some lanolin. The color does not have to be oatmealy, but it is classic. Not alot of info out there... anyone else?? Examples of use below.

Watch cap

jennie arnau

Jennie Arnau is a musician-dash-menswear wholesaler. Don't see that hyphenation too much... Born in Appalachia but operating out of NYC. I was contacted by Jennie's hypelady and I am definitely interested;

1) the album artwork she selected by illustrator Steve Morris is pretty fantastic, and
2) Jennie's showroom, Peregrine, looks like a place I would want to hide out in while walking around New York. Not that we ever get down there...

More at

Monday, October 25

cassius -rawkus ep

One track out there already... ‘I ♥ U So’.
Cassius was the last gig Mrs 10e. and I went to I think; punching the air at Avalon. 2002. Looking forward to this.

epiphany -shoe shine

Had a fun time yday at the vintage goodness that was the TopShelfFlea (N'EastStyle took photos, including the above). Tough at these events as the enlightened enthusiast customers often have a lot of what is on offer already, but as prices were rock bottom you could always pick up a few ties or a crewneck wool sweater [yup -ed.]. Sidenote; great chats w/ people including several discussions on tartans, ties and Sherlock Holmes (the modern BBC version had its US premier last night y'know) -Guiseppe was the sounding board for tailoring advice.

The epiphany for me though was getting a shoe shine. Any reasonable person can shine their own shoes and should... but having them shined is like a reflexology-mini-vacation. Never expected that.

Nick (brother of 'Flea organizer Guiseppe) had been a shoeshine 'boy' right after high school and would visit the financial district offices that made up his patch. V cool to see someone so into it. Some war stories as well (power tripping ladies w/ knee high boots etc... good stuff). "First mahog' of the day." he shouted, haha. Toothbrush round the edges, spray bottle for the spit shine. Snap the rag. Photo below does not do them justice, but these brogues never looked better.

Saturday, October 23

my harris tweed jacket

This one purchased forever ago at my supersecret VT thrift store. Not precious; I wear it like a barn coat. See the repairs? Enjoy it. This was made for the long defunct Carbine-Anderson in Rutland, VT. Harris Tweed is dirt cheap on eBay... or come to the 'Flea tomorrow and get some. I'll be wearing mine.

Friday, October 22

harris tweed -the last (lost) episodes

Remember that BBC doc' on Harris Tweed ... only episode 1 was out. Parts 2&3 now available from same source. Don't sleep.

fridays are tie days -jcrew

Via JCrew, these ties are hand-finished in the USA of English wool, woven in an unnamed (English I presume) mill that was founded in the 1720s. Around $50. 'Crew have other ties using (named) Marley&Evans wool and wrong dates so prob' not them... anyone know? That faded tartan is the jam...

the angler's pledge

The Recreational Boat and Fishing Foundation. Always a bit wary that these umbrella organizations are not just commercial/lobby fronts. Need to do my research. Anyhow the RBFF's' mission as stated is: implement an informed, consensus-based national outreach strategy that will increase participation in recreational angling and boating and thereby increase public awareness and appreciation of the need to protect, conserve and restore this nation's aquatic natural resources.
Is that meaningful conservation or an excuse to protect powerboat access to waterways... read further and decide. Anyway, Bassador clip might amuse, and like the fontwork.

The resulting homepage TakeMeFishing is pretty handy for the noobs. Links to all states' fishing regs, licenses, v basic how-to's etc. The "Angler's Pledge" (to introduce one new person to fishing each year) is part of RBFF's gig.
I, as an Anglers’ Legacy Ambassador, do pledge to introduce at least one acquaintance to fishing each year who has not yet had the pleasure of participation. To deliver a quality introductory experience by sharing my patience, skills, knowledge and equipment. To help the first-time angler understand, appreciate and value what fishing is all about. And I promise to do these things because I want to give back what someone once gave to me—the special gift of fishing.

Thursday, October 21

the top shelf flea -this w/e

The (second) Top Shelf Flea will be this Sunday, Oct 24th, at the Dilboy VFW in Davis Square, Somerville MA. 10-4. The building is just past the Rosebud diner.

I'll be helping out on Guiseppe's AnAffordableWardrobe booth this time -as gopher/runner/FPC. I'll be the one dressed as Jackson Pollock goes deer stalking...

Also appearing will be; Artifaktori, Bobby from Boston, Carmen & Ginger, Magpie, Propologie Vintage Furnishings, The Red Velvet Shoe, Swamp Rabbit Books, Vintage Haven, Zach De Luca.

At the 'Flea you will find stuff like the below for men's clothes... plus books, home furnishings, you can get a shoe shine or hit the cash bar from noon. Last time there were tons of sub-$20 vintage OCBDs for example in all lockjaw labels; Filene's, The Coop, Brooks, JPress etc. I ordered a HighLife and the VFW bartender said; funny you are the fifth person to ask for that. Solid crowd.

Plus there will be some of the TB&W canvas bags for sale, and the last of the 10engines hats. Only 1 TB&W log-carrier exists though; check it out at the 'Flea and maybe we can convince them to make more...

the logger -wind chill

And another flatlandian invention is that god'dam wind chill chaaart.
[Voiceover] Today it will be 15 degrees but with the wind it will be minus 50.
IT CAN'T BE THAT! But it CAN be 15 degrees and WICKED WINDY.

Rusty DeWees is The Logger.

Wednesday, October 20

bands and layers -2

All via JCrew.

table talk pies

Table Talk pies have been a popular treat for generations of Americans, and especially those who live within a 500-mile radius of the Worcester, MA plant where the company has been baking pie since 1924.

At its peak, Table Talk was buying four million pounds of Maine blueberries for its blueberry pies, the second most popular flavor after apple.
-via Business Review
Retro-tastic logo... ok, it got me. For about the same price as a DunkinDonut I'll grab one to chomp on. The filling is a little gloppy with corn syrup, but full of fruit and they are infact working on a no added sugar option (not currently available, I just called and checked...)

Until at least the 1950's the pies came on a tin, that was redeemable for 10c. That is equivalent to about $5 now... not sure how that worked out economically. Love the use of the old tin for home projects like the lightswitch above.

In the 80's the owning family sold the business to Beech-Nut, who almost ran it into the ground due to overexpansion. The grandson of the former owners has since bought back the farm so to speak. Fantastic. Further reading.

Tuesday, October 19


Better than sprayed-graphic t's that is for sure. Serious marketing wonkspeak below.
"Carhartt's integrated marketing campaign was created to reposition the Carhartt brand in the national retail space,” said Lindy Mueller, corporate communications representative at Carhartt. “We wanted to develop a campaign that would re-focus our consumers on the brand, specifically targeting 18-to-34-year-old males."
-via DigitalMarketingNews is a microsite launched by the historic Michigan firm. All the usual devices are there; submit a story and give over your email, sign up for alerts, share with your wolfpack etc... The commercial is decent and the "behind the scenes" video is not at all bad. #flash_ad snobs wont be impressed... but decent media move imho. Now let's (re)fix the clothes so they are as good as they used to be...

Monday, October 18

yeo valley

Music pretty cringeworthy but put something else on and this beats half the lookbooks out there... "pop your waxed cotton collars" etc. From UK tv last night, thx bruv.

Sunday, October 17

our boys barely eat potatoes

This was bullseye for me growing up; if you were lucky you got chips.

Chips (UK) = fries (USA). Have had this one on the brain for ages.... Apparently the tv services in the UK have been rolling out these old ads for a while...

new from lego -the 39 steps

Saturday, October 16

south of washington street -boston

Never been to the SOWA market... shame on me. Tomorrow my cous' Kristin Crane will be there as a vendor w/ map wrapped journals and letterpressed cards. Bunch of killer brunch places nearby Mrs. 10e informs me... #sold

Friday, October 15

more items from our catalog

If you never saw the first one you won't have been on the lookout for this either. Again by Alfred Gingold. Inflatable cheese wedge anyone?

fridays are tie days -llbean signature

LLBean (core) does not currently offer ties, nor have they for a few seasons. LLBean Signature has picked up the baton for the well dressed gent though. Made in the USA of 100% silk milled in Britain.

Signature has others but I was interested in the sportsman motif ties -want to state that I have these in hand from LLBean PR to review only, these are not a gift. The motifs/icons are very reminiscent of a 1986 LLBean release as below, which was in turn a look at their own archives. Circles within circles...

The motifs are an embroidered pattern, not printed as the Signature site says; good. Ties are 3" wide, lined in black silk. Makes a solid, full-headed knot with a 4-in-hand. $75. Sidenote, gained a new level of respect for stylists and product photographers after having tried to take decent photos here...

The trout tie is described as deep woods green, I would say olive -would have preferred deep green. The maroon/port colored tie is lush. For me the good old navy w/ ducks is the winner, but that's just me.

Off topic; this Bar Harbor chowder is our goto for storebought. Pair it with a copy of McCloskey's One Morning in Maine (where the kids end the book making chowder with the clams they dug) as an interactive activity/gift for your friends from away. Also instant mashed potatoes are a guilty pleasure...

LLBean_PR sent some other catalog pages (from 1932, 1949, 1978) referencing ties LLBean has done. So good. Will take those woolen ties any day.