Tuesday, August 10

caps for sale -2 'ways

Ten Mile® Cloth w/Hardwoods™ Camo. USA made.
100% acrylic; rain/stain repellent, acid/mildew/moth resistant.

You don't need a lot, but for hiking safety some piece of blaze orange is essential. Color #12199 is specifically designed so the wearer is SEEN by other humans. [And turkeys. -ed]. Since this is not a solid it does not conform to many state hunting requirements. Dark woodsy 10engines print.

"Avenge Me"
Advantage® Timber™ Camo. USA made.
50/50 poly/cotton brushed twill.

10engines printed in Pantone802. [802 also happens to be VT's area code. But you knew that... -ed.] The very first 10engines hats were dubbed "Open Season" and those were 10 years ago -have come full circle now.

$22 gets either of these 5-panel ceiling-scraping caps shipped to your door. Email me (james at 10engines dot com) and I'll reply via paypal. As before, the 10th buyer gets it free. Succinct description delivered by one commenter; from most visible to least visible. -thx Tom.