Tuesday, December 1

caps for sale (no not the kid's book)

Caps for sale... caaaaaps. You can make hats cheap as hell so you can hook up the boys, or you get them sourced in waxed materials and sewn by elves by moonlight. Crashed through the middle here and got some decent cold weather, foam-lined, chambray hats cut and sewn in the USA with the 10e rope logo. Instant old man apparel.

No lookbook, no silly collaborations and no colorways. Email me directly if you're feeling it, $25 and I'll pay shipping, or you can think of it as 20+5s&h... whatever it takes. (I'll reply to your email w/ a paypal slip.) Complete shot in the dark here, hohoho, shot in the dark [stop it -ed.] 10th person to buy one gets it free, (get it 10... ok stopping now). [UPDATE: WHEW I sold ten... congrats Brian, yours is on me.]

If you can use a sticker for your board/truck/K3 I'll drop one in. Thx.