Tuesday, April 25

10E2591: Topo Designs Foam&Mesh Trucker

Blackadder:     Impossible sir. I know from long experience that my men
                have all the artistic talent of a cluster of colourblind
                hedgehogs... in a bag.

Melchett:       Hm. We needed a man to leave the trenches immediately.

Blackadder:     Well yes... I wonder if you've enjoyed, as I have sir, that
                marvellous painting in the National Portrait Gallery, "Bag
                Interior", by the colourblind hedgehog workshop of Sienna.

Not to call this hat's color scheme 'blackadder' [though not bad -ed] or to suggest the folk at Topo are colorblind - just mean this hat has as much color applied as the inside of a bag...  Too much?

$Thirty bucks. Solid. Under your Bell helmet.

Monday, April 24

10E2590: IRCO Vulcanized Raingear

IRCO (India Rubber Company?) - someone correct me as having trouble tracking the line of events - a byproduct of Goodyear I believe.  BTW v interesting history of Charles Goodyear and his place in Boston history over at JasonTurgeon.  Absolutely bonkers vulcanized batman/60s policeman style rain-cape/jac found upstairs in the deadstock area of Hilton's Tent City in Boston by the Garden.  $10. There are more - go see. Some made in Japan, some in USA, some with hoods - whatever your flavor.

What is 'vulcanized' you ask? Rubber mixed with sulphur - fond out bby Charles Goodyear, that stops it melting in the heat or cracking in the cold. Hence the weird smell of many older rubber goods.

BTW HTC are moving and having sales on the store contents - good time to stop by. Believe they may be the #1 seller of Filson outside Seattle.

On the Batman theme... neat new doc coming out about the original creator of many of the clasisc Batman elements - Bill Finger (early partner but overshadowed by Bob Kane).

Thursday, April 20

10E2589: Empty Bowls Somerville - this Saturday

Always a great evening - supporting Food for Free a food security initiative in Massachusetts - held at Mudflat in Somerville. You do get to keep the hand thrown bowl you use that night.  We have been for several years and quite a social evening too.   [Tickets here]   See you there!


Thursday, April 6

10E2588: Carhartt x ’47

The big souvenir shop by Fenway Park... you know - before you go in on the corner of Yawkey Way. I buy a team pack of baseball cards there every year. It was created by a pair of brothers, twins Henry & Arthur D'Angelo who started out selling felt pennants then moved into hats and more; Twins Enterprises. If you crawl eBay you'll know that name... Their family grew up working in the store and semi-recently relaunched as '47.  Clever collab right now with Carhartt and '47 on some iconic hat shapes to celebrate opening day for both Detroit and Boston. The trusty watch cap, and a 'Sox flavored duck 6-panel.

Read much more about it http://blog.47brand.com/carhartt-x-47-outwork-x-outroot/.