Thursday, May 31

that one day conference look

Have been to a few conferences over the course of this library degree and sometimes find them a bit of a catch22;  in that you get more out of them if you are well connected, but the well connected don't need the conferences as much since they will often be pre-familiarized with that material. All the more reason to make sure you are connected then!

Anyhow, in this case I am excited to attend a one-day Social Sciences librarianship "bootcamp" of lectures and meet-ups at Tufts' Tisch library. If this revs your engine you can follow along on twitter as I'll be live tweeting my brains out using #sslbc. Stuff like; The Ethical Challenges of Information Usage in the Age of Digital Media, Reference and Instructional Design, Spatial Data and GIS (Geographic Information Systems)for social sciences librarians, that sort of thing...

Deadstock Pointer chambray.
Shawl collar cardiagan.
Topo x Hillside x Hickoree's bag.
Pelican belt.
Rosie Riveter bandana, $12, USA. Total find.
Carhartt UB04 double fronts, if you dig you can still find these.
Clark's Weavers
Muji card case (if you turn up w/ no business cards... then can't help you)
You'll be there all day. Bring some kind of drinking vessel and (Cuppow) lid.

create a uniform -alistair cooke

Though Alistair Cooke spent most of his professional life in the US (travelling, and creating his Letters to America series) he may be more recognizable to under 40s for hosting MasterPiece Theater on PBS for those many years. A traditional, Anglo, transatlantic-preppy combination of blue blazer and grey flannel trousers w /turnback scuffs/links plus repp tie- was his uniform. Shot above of tweed jacket (it is a killer 3/2 as seen in another shot), knotted silk tie and gingham is pretty great too.

Wednesday, May 30

parenting -new world

Yes these are ads for a New Zealand hypermarket... but if you don't smile once (as a parent, as a kid or a lover) then you are stone-cold hearted... Go on!

Tuesday, May 29

carhartt hunting jacket -via craigslist

Carhartt hunting jacket with removable game pouch. Completely made in the USA at United Garment Workers of America. $90 if you jump on CraigslistTennesee now.

Friday, May 25

star wars -radio drama

Paging children of the 80s. Just rediscovered the Star Wars radio plays. #timewarp. 6 hours worth... When this was broadcast on NPR in 1981, it created a 40-percent jump in NPR listenership (so wiki tells me). Back then we recorded them off the radio onto cassette and then dubbed back-up copies. Wore those out too. Bought the CDs a few weeks back for the kids. You can hear the whole thing now right here

Thursday, May 24

high-test beach reading = jaws

Below is an excerpt from the first chapter of Peter Benchley's Jaws. See how it grabs you [oh!-ed.]

OH! Man, gets you into the story pretty quickly... This 1974 tale of a Cape Cod island was changed slightly for the movie (the humans are more flawed, slightly different ending) but still, pretty high test stuff for beach reading. Not as easy as I thought to find a copy around, you might even have to go to the library to get it...

Wednesday, May 23

10engines for etsy

This almost counts as a father's day guide... I wrote a post over on Etsy recently. Thanks for the invite Ms. EvenCleveland.

Tuesday, May 22

reblog: great phrase -chutney fantasy

Spent Sunday in Brooklyn for a very happy wedding of 2 friends, but also got time to do a Smith St./Carrol Gardens/Court St. walk with Mrs. 10e. Smith&Butler check. Yacht Club for a break, check. Good times. Got some housemade pickles (horseradish and wasabi) from the stalls there and popped into a shop for a tasting of artisanal chutney... reposting the below extracted from The Midlife Manual by John O’Connell and Jessica Cargill Thompson. Painfully spot on I'm afriad...

“Chutney fantasy” is a generic term for escape-route dreams, many of which genuinely involve the dramatic quitting of a job in order to forge a new career making artisanal chutney over open fires in copper pans reclaimed from National Trust properties.
Typically, it takes root shortly after the onset of midlife, growing and growing until suddenly you’re phoning up banks to ask about business development loans. “It will be really special chutney,” you say. “Pear and ginger, but with prunes, too. We’ve got this idea for specially shaped jars, a bit like that St Peter’s Ale which comes in replica 18th-century beer bottles.”
You explain that it will be a premium product, designed to be sold in the sort of delis where people won’t mind paying £6.95 a jar. Yes, it is a lot, but start-up costs will be high. And obviously you’ll be paying yourself the salary you were on when you were doing crisis PR for Tesco.
Other popular chutney fantasies include:
Opening a B&B, but a really good one. “People get it wrong. The trick is making sure the sausages you serve at breakfast have a high pork content – nothing less than 75 per cent will do.”
Landscape gardening. “I read this great biography of Capability Brown. He was amazing, the way he tamed unruly nature, moving trees around and stuff. I could do that. And I’ve found these great ‘gardening’ trousers on the Jigsaw website.”
Teaching. “I know people say teaching’s hard, but it can’t be harder than managing the supply chain at a small Leeds-based manufacturer of burglar alarm components – and I’ve done that for 15 years! It’s time to put something back... Kids just need to be inspired and reassured that they can really do something with their lives.” [see public librarian -ed.]
Setting up a market stall... The other day I saw this really cool retro Citro├źn van for sale. We could convert it and take it round festivals selling proper coffee! And gourmet pies! And that artisanal chutney my mate makes!”

burton -heritage

Couple of shots from recent Burton party/showing in NYC, via WeAreTheGoodLife. Thx to Salinardi for the heads up. Click the top on to see it large, some nice touches, Kinco gloves tucked in etc. Burton: what about some pipe gloves in "lifty" colors next time. Full color sublimated graphics to look like the striped ticking, BURTO across the back? Thanks...

Friday, May 18

sending milk

My pal just published a book. The first on his own (he has shot for others before), but this one is his. I am over the moon for the guy; you can buy it via Northshire Bookstore.
Sending Milk captures all aspects of dairy life – the families, the cows, the fields and barns, the equipment, the stunningly sublime and the hardships.
Each morning before the sun rises, 365 days a year, the dairy farmers who bind our communities are at work. It’s hard, often thankless work, with little financial incentive but a long and deeply proud history that stretches generations. Their farms display a harmonious balance between land, machine, animal and farmer and their passion and ingenuity are what keep them successful. These are the lives captured in Sending Milk, a collection of arresting black and white photographs of the dairy farms of the northeast.
An introduction by award-winning Vermont author, educator, and journalist Stephen Kiernan is the only text in this volume.
I've featured Skye a few times on 10e (he is perhaps better known as a grizzled snowboard photographer as here). I asked him about a little of the back story of this project;
Been steadily working over the years for Cabot Cooperative traveling to many of their farms throughout the NorthEast. Cabot used those images on product packaging, tv commercials, advertisements, banners, trucks, etc and I saw the potential for a book... so took extra photos to help convey a greater portrait of dairy farming.
The book is self-published, printed at the 100% employee owned Worzalla in Stephens Point, WI. For the camera geeks; shot using TriX film in an ALPA 6x9 w/58 Schneider, Rolleiflex 6x6 twin lens reflex, Leica M7, and a FUJI 6x8 Rangefinder.

The phrase "sending milk" is a term for a dairy farm that is in operation, as in is the Taylor farm sending milk these days?


If you already follow Skye's tumblr Dairy Diary you will be familiar with the style of these images. Read a longer interview with him over at in Seven Days, or follow along at SendingMilk for news of presentations and book signings coming to various towns across New England.

Thursday, May 17

sav-mor x library | 2 worlds collide

If you read 10e you will know I've been posting the great/cheeky signs created by our local package store for a few years. This week they humoured me in my role as Friend of the Somerville Public Library by creating a sign for our upcoming book sale. 2 worlds collide. Huge thanks to the people at Sav-Mor for going along with this (and Brendan the intermediary).

Hopefully see you at the sale; I'll be there all tomorrow - 79 Highland ave. Times below.

Friday, May 18th: 12-4 pm
Saturday, May 19th: 10-4 pm (+ Yani Batteau + Jordan Voelker + Flightless Buttress for PorchFest)
Sunday, May 20th: 1:30-3:30 pm

Or see you at the packy...

bill murray at cannes

Is that cotton candy? Might as well be. Pure tumblrbait. [Image: Wenn]

Tuesday, May 15

genny cream ale comes back

Genesee relaunched Genny Cream Ale in its original packaging recently. This was "garage beer" for our dads; along with Golden Annivarsary - also brewed in Rochester, NY by Genesee I believe?? Anyhow, saw it offered recently in Somerville and jumped on it - shocked and pleasantly surpised to see the icon-centered design come back. Looks like a railway car. They are bringing back stubby 12oz bottles too I guess, as below. has relaunched [why not .orb?? -ed] has had a relaunch after many years. This is the home of the Harris Tweed Authority, the governing body that promotes this "big cloth" and sometimes litigates on its behalf. New documentaries, a running blog and reams of info on weavers/small producers are included. Large archival photo section still to drop. Look forward to it.

Monday, May 14

grundens -sandhamm 21 sou'wester

PVC knitted nylon, w/ extra wide brim, neck protection and ear flaps. Welded water ditch on the front brim leads water away. Adjustable chin strap, polyester flannel lining. You can find it for about $40. Might not need it a lot but when you do... via Grundens.

Friday, May 11

woodman's fried clams

Not much more to say here. Rocky New England coast on a plate. Less is more etc. #lunchtime
Filmed at Woodman's.

Thursday, May 10

book sale coming up at somerville (ma) central branch

Been busy in the off-hours helping The Friends of the Somerville Public Library organize their upcoming Spring Book Sale. If any Cambridge/Medford/Somerville types care to assist please email me at

The 3-day book sale is great, with prices ranging from $1 all the way up to $2... I'll be roaming the floor on Friday so drop in. On Saturday May 19th we are aligned with Somerville's PorchFest and will have 3 performances in the forecourt outside; Yani Batteau 12-2pm (vintage country - banjo), Jordan Voelker 2-3ish (sing-alongs with tunes on the fiddle, ukulele, autoharp, and musical saw - nice), and Flightless Buttress 3ish-4ish (guitar, cello, dulcimer? classical meets classic rock but more than that really). Anyway, full slate.

Just to flesh this out a bit; The Friends of the Somerville Public Library is a not-for-profit organization that helps the library and its branches to provide programs, services and materials not covered by the library's normal operating budget. It is 100% staffed by volunteers. The Friends provide funds for the popular Museum Passes program, license fees for movie screenings, co-sponsor Somerville Reads and more, so the Library can offer a variety of children's, young adult, and adult programs. If you don't use the Museum Passes already, get over here and check it out. Fantastic resource.

One more thing... I have been working to create some progamming for The Friends, organizing a series of five talks to be held at the library by arts/design types you will easily recognize from other 10engines posts. Pretty jazzed about this. If this sounds like something that interests follow along at now for times, dates, tickets; details released soon. If you would like to be involved in this series as a speaker or volunteer feel free to email me directly.

It feels like Friday...

Monday, May 7

parenting -uss constitution etc

Shame on us for never having visited the Charlestown Naval Yard before now. And the USS Constitution; dubbed "Old Ironsides" due to the 24" hull of white oak and live oak that could withstand various cannonballs. It is still under restoration to take it back to its orginal state, but free guided tours take you rond on the 1/2 hour.

You can also go aboard a small destroyer warship, the USS Cassin Young (DD-793) from the 1940s. All naval green paint and Emeco chairs inside. Plus depth charges, torpedoes and anit-aricraft guns. Kids eat it up. Le John fans in the "war room" - new obsession.

Friday, May 4

the british film council -border weave

'Border Weave' shows the production of Scottish wool, in stunning Technicolor! We grew up partly in the Borders of Scotland and those roads and countryside are often still as pictured here.
The British Council Film Collection is an archive of over 120 short documentary films made by the British Council during the 1940s designed to show the world how Britain lived, worked and played. Preserved by the BFI National Film Archive and digitised by means of a generous donation by Google, the films are now yours to view, to download and to play with for the first time.

Really like this addendum "Digitisation isn’t a replacement to archiving [my italics -ed], but a means to provide anyone around the world with unlimited access to films that need great attention and care."

Wednesday, May 2

ebay -gimme caps

The above from an ebay seller in Nashville. Dunno how he finds these by the pound but he is rescuing them from landfill. Good stuff.