Monday, May 30

cooking lamb with (shh) anchovies -via nyt

A few weeks ago in the NYT was a lamb recipe using, and as an ode to, anchovies. We made it last night. What I mean is Pops cooked it while I took photos... And by "last night" I mean about 2 o'clock this morning... You can't really mess up lambchops, but the anchovy trick as a meal enhancement product is a good one.

Friday, May 27

they had me at 'breakfast martini'

Made in Herefordshire in England, Chase Distillery's original potato based vodka was voted World's Best Vodka by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2010. Check this description;
To make it, we grow, mash, ferment, strip and distil our own full pedigree, gluten free, King Edward & Lady Claire potatoes on our Herefordshire farm. We use only traditional artisan methods that a distiller of over 100 years ago would recognise using our pretty bespoke copper batch pot and unique 70 foot rectification column (tallest in Europe)...

Then head distiller Jamie Baxter decided to marinate the award winning potato vodka with marmalade in the belly of their gin still for 24 hours... The next day it is boiled up and infused with Seville Orange peel in their Carter Head Style copper. They say it is great for mixing or simply sipping over ice, or perhaps in an English Breakfast Martini?

powers clothing inc. -oldest carhartt retailer in the world

Powers Clothing Inc. in Jonesville, MI was honored by Carhartt recently for being the oldest retailer of their products in the world. The Jonesville clothing store has been a family-owned and operated business since 1892, and sells mostly mens clothing of all kinds. They do have a small women section, as well. [I'm thinking roadtrip -ed.]

“Our great-grandfather opened the business and it is still a family-run business today,” said Dave Pope of Powers. (via)

Powers Clothing Inc.,
227 E. Chicago St., Jonesville, MI 49250
Hours 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday; and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

Thursday, May 26

skogsarbeideren -means forest worker

A documentary/profile of lumberman Torbjørn Prytz [Norwegian I believe -ed] filmed and edited by Tobias Aputsiaq Prytz. #kidis19 #chops

Wednesday, May 25

free kindle copy of emersons 'self-reliance' -thx ibex

Today, May 25, would have been Ralph Waldo Emerson's 208th birthday. To celebrate New England-born Emerson and his ideas of individualism and non-conformity, Ibex has partnered with The Domino Project to release a modern edition of Emerson's classic Self-Reliance through
-via Ibex

Get your copy for the Kindle here.

Or anyone with an internet connection can get a free copy from the Gutenberg Project here or from RalphWaldoEmersonTexts here.

alistair smith -pacific crest collection

Final year fashion student Alistair Smith has taken inspriation from the story of the Pacific Crest Trail that stretches the length of the left coast. He says that on this trail the history of many well known and idolized American outdoor brands developed and tested their first products.

Snap review, you may see shades of Nigel Cabourn here which may be so, Alistair did a year placement with NC. Bunch of cool touches as well though. Alistair said via email; "I understand that the clothing is not really vintage 'repro', but hopefully it's an interpretation that pays homage to the original gear." Good stuff. A bit more at his site, including a woodsy lookbook video.
The pacific crest collection is a celebration of the primitive outdoor gear and customized sportswear that helped thru-hikers on the trail in those early years of adventure & discovery... The result is a collection of garments that mix old with new, natural fabrics and vintage inspired finishes with small references to those early designs by [then] young outdoor companies such as Gerry, The North Face, REI, Sierra Designs and Patagonia.

Monday, May 23

aa clothing co. -sub $50 khakis

Sub-$50 khakis made in the USA may not be unicorn status but they are hard to find. Enter All American Clothing (AA) based in Arcanum, OH. Their products have all or virtually all of their core components manufactured or grown in the United States of America, as well as 100% of their assembly conducted in the U.S.A.
The All American Casual Pant is made of a 7.5 oz wrinkle resistant 65/35, poly/cotton blend and features a gusset for improved comfort and durability. It has a flat front and there is a very discreet welt pocket on the right leg that is perfect for holding a cell phone. $43.95

llbean x stanley -mug

The L.L.Bean Edition Camp Mug by Stanley has a tumblr-tastic olive drab makeup rather than the black plastic handle of its generic twin. Either one works though, for that Father's Day coffee-mug gift... #hint

top shelf flea 3 -in the books

Good times y/day at the TSF3, organized by AnAffordableWardrobe's Guiseppe. Roving groups of men in bow ties taking in the 1950's AC of the VFW in Davis Square. And the deals. $10 ties flew off the tables. The Bavarian hat pins below (a remnant of Harvard Square's defunct Oktoberfest from years ago) were a sleeper hit. Not doing justice to all the hardworking vendors with these few shots, I blame my intern...

Saturday, May 21

walden pond

Epic afternoon at Walden Pond. Remember now, you live in the North East Corridor, one of the most populated areas of the USA (zero fact checking but sounds reasonable) and you can go to a tourist site like Walden Pond and be one of about 50 people... wow.

Friday, May 20

a love story... in milk

V smartly done. Created by Catsnake on commission from Friends of the Earth.

Thursday, May 19

amon tobin -isam

I haven't got too deep into this one yet but well into Amon Tobin's previous stuff so looking forward to it: ISAM: Control Over Nature. Tessa Farmer's sculptures combine to provide the artwork.

There is a live show/experience of some kind to accompany it, as below.

the balancing barn

Cantilevered on the side of a 45-degree slope in Suffolk, England and designed by the Dutch firm MVRDV, The Balancing Barn has won a 2011 design award from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

It was built as a rental property, available through LivingArchitecture, and sleeps 8 apprently. Don't know if the pictures do it justice, def' check this this interview and video with architect Winy Maas of the responsible firm MVRDV. Aimed squarely at media types/wallpaper readers no doubt and verging on stuff white people like sure (cue Eames rocker in every room), but I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers... The glass "carpet" takes it to 11.

llbean -muted madras jacket

Two-button stance. Light padding in the shoulders. Single back vent. Half lining. Imported. $119
-via LLBean
Really like darker/muddier madras like this. If you have to have bleeding madras, made in the USA, then O'Connell's have over 30 amazing deadstock options to choose from, $300.

I have a great old one already, but the LLBean might be a way to get on the ladder.

Wednesday, May 18

randolph engineering -customer requests

Won't handhold here; Randolph Engineering (RE) are a U.S. DoD supplier of aviation flight glasses, proudly based in Randolph, Massachusetts. ACL took a tour of the plant and posted a great photo essay last year, as did OMS (see here).

Recently saw you can order the glasses from their site with any combination of lens, finish, arms etc... Pretty great.

Below is a special make-up of the Sportsman with bayonet temples (my preference) and a black treatment. For some reason I imagine Nick Maggio being all over these...

You can see it more easily in the standard gold treament here (v nice too); the prominent bridge, or sweat-bar, that was originally developed to hold the sunglasses away from your eyes thus reduce fogging and literally stop sweat while hunting. This style is descended from a shooting frame. Intel from Susan at RE. thx.

Tuesday, May 17

american classic barbershop -st. louis

The barbershop is one of the few last refuges of an old man.
-Dave Devine, owner.
I don't need it too much *ahem* but love visiting barbershops. This place def' going on the list.

American Classic Barbershop
5419 Chippewa St.
St Louis, MO 63109


The 10 tracks on Nebraska were recorded in New Jersey on a 4-track cassette recorder as demos intended to be later rerecorded with the E-Street Band (a unicorn album for Springsteenheads dubbed Electric Nebraska). The Boss went with remastered demos in the end. #landmark

File this quietly under Father's Day for some major kudos [or just gift to self -ed.] You can listen to the whole thing @ BruceSpringsteen. Woops, guess not #sonyfail. It is tear-your-heart-out stuff, but you knew that right.

Copies are all over the place but LP above (get this on vinyl... extra points) happens to be from the etsy shop CoMod; go get lost in the rest of their vintage/industrial picks.

tintin -short trailer

Alternate poster for The Adventures Of Tintin (they dropped the Secret Of The Unicorn part) as above. Via Empire and slashfilm. The backgrounds and vehicles look great, not a massive fan of the Polar Express-type humans though, but all the rendering may not be finalised.

If just joining, this Tintin will combine the Hergé books; The Crab with the Golden Claws, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure.

Monday, May 16

tintin -trailer tomorrow, poster today

Head over to Empire tomorrow to see the first trailer for The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn.

Saturday, May 14

amanda palmer + ukele = radiohead

Completely behind AFP here. But incase you forgot the old boys... god. damn. Plus is that a wagamama (they do everything in lower case) shirt on Johnny? One of the guys lived next door to our place in Brixton... but that was almost 20 years ago. Damn. They are good.

Friday, May 13

Thursday, May 12

the gilbert scott

Putting this on the list now. The Gilbert Scott is a restaurant inside the immense, marvel of Victoriana, the refurbished St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London. An eye-popping listed building.

The menu is a modernized take on historic, regional British dishes -not insane modern though. Been enjoying host Tim Hayward's clips for The Guardian, (his background is in photography and advertising w/ v genial interview style) and he also edits a food writing journal called Fire & Knives; not available online... nice touch. Take a 7 minute desktop vacation below...

Wednesday, May 11

massive new photo book about jaws

Huge fan of Jaws here at 10e. The book and the movie. This beast of a coffee table book is supposedly stuffed to the gills with unseen photos. #fathersday??

JAWS: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard (special edition) available for pre-order now;
■ Hardcover special-edition of JAWS: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard
■ Deluxe portfolio containing 1″x1″ piece of the fiberglass hull of the Orca II (a.k.a., sinking Orca) used in the movie JAWS with note of authenticity from owners Lynn and Susan Murphy.
■ DVD containing eight millimeter behind the scenes footage of the JAWS production shot and narrated by Islander Carol Fligor.
■ Limited to a series of 1000 numbered copies
■ 12″ x 10.5″, 296 pages
■ More than 1,000 full color and b/w images
■ $250 (the book solo is $60)

See official site for more details but note that there will be a launch and book signing on July 2 on the 'Vineyard, details below;

JAWS: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard book launch party and signing
Date: Saturday, July 2, 2011 starting at 5:30 pm
Location: Old Whaling Church • 89 Main Street • Edgartown MA 02539


Foraged by Pops. You can boil or steam them. I fry them w/ pine nuts, garlic, chili pods maybe, and some S&P. Have to admit sometimes wacky DIY foods do not live up to the hype, but these are really good. Yes, you are eating the tops of spring ferns, don't let them pass you by. Bonus, huge tranche of ham...

Facts on Fiddleheads -via the University of Maine.

original al's goldfish

Al Stuart made the Goldfish one of the country's biggest selling lures through the late 50sinto the 70s (partly due to the Flying Fisherman show). Al's Goldfish Co. are still using the same dies Al did and still producing this classic lure with its unique fish catching wobbles. Great for trout, small mouth, pike, salmon, white bass and more.

Constructed of marine brass, plated in a bright finish of genuine gold, and baked enamels. The business end is finished with stainless steel split rings and #6 nickel-plated hooks. $3.89. Can you say Father's Day? I bet the packaging is killah.

Al's Goldfish Co., Indian Orchard, Massachussetts.

Tuesday, May 10

friends of the somerville library book sale -this w/e

The Friends of the Library are holding their spring book sale this week at the Central Library in Somerville, MA (79 Highland Ave; #88 or 90 bus)
Friday, May 13: 5-8 p.m.
Saturday, May 14: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday, May 15: 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Proceeds from the book sale help support library programs for adults and children, including the popular “museum membership” program which allows Somerville residents to visit local museums free or at a discount. These museum passes are key, did not realise the city did not pay for these... essential.

I am helping out a little, organizing, lugging boxes etc. You need the below. There are about 10,000 other books there too.