Saturday, February 9


LANDSMITH: Adventure and Coffee. THAT is something we can get behind. You can TOO! With this modest Kickstarter from Heather Schmidt - running coach and cofounder of the maple soaked Union Square Donuts in Somerville MA;

Heather is sharing her marathon / trail running contacts to launch an outdoorsyworkshop/ coffeeshop called Landsmith; offering educational classes and outdoor instruction on trail biking and bike travelling, trail running, and weekly group runs and rides.  Whether you are an h-core beardy fullface rockhopper, or mum & dad and 3 kids - there will be chances for all to get involved.

Hey Heather - what is Landsmith?"
Located in Malden MA, Landsmith is a cafe and outdoor adventure club; an inspiring meeting place for locals, commuters, runners, cyclists, and adventurers alike. Whether you're stopping in on the way to work or for a run on the trail, we’ll offer you great food, coffee, community and connection to the outdoors.” 

Camp mugs, stickers, tees or Forestbound bag among the Kstarter thank you gifts. Aiming for Fall 2019 open. Can't wait to see this built out! 🌲🥐☕️  Link again here.

Monday, February 4

10E2626: Barbour Footstool

Think I saw this on Uk eBay... lost it now.. anyhow custom stool using an old Barbour.  Lodge material.