Friday, September 28

10E2054: Carrie Wicks - Barely There

Yeah Carrie! My sister-in-law happens to be a jazz singer in Seattle and has released her second album on OA2Records; Barely There. A couple of standards and left-field covers (e.g. A Kiss to Build a Dream On and Townes Van Zandt's No Place to Fall) plus eight originals. Serious cocktail hour martini sinkers.

Go have a listen at the OA2 site.

Thursday, September 27

10E2053: Buckshot Sonny's - The Comb

The guys at Buckshot Sonny's are pretty easy to like; they bring their own beer when they visit, and even deer sausage and Scrapple. And they price their stuff well. The Comb. $1 Get there...

10E2052: Isaora X Diffeducation Riding Jacket

Ok maybe don't wear this with the below... From Isaora; Gore® Windstopper® Jacket fitted with YKK Aquaguard waterproof zips and a three-way adjustable cinche storm hood. $550.

10E2051: Burton Hellbrook Pant in Marauder Buffalo PLaid

You think it is easy to find a good Buffalo plaid? Not. These look v similar to the size plaid used by Johnson Woolen Mills - bonus. Hellbrook Snowboard Pant from Burton. About $250.

10E2050: Pause for Station Identification

Really throwing the flag up... self promo’ here (isn’t that what this whole blogging thing is basically…) - but v proud to be announced as the new President of the Friends of the Somerville Public Library (MA).
Click here to read the latest library newsletter w/ my intro message - and if you are local, then what the hell... email me to get involved. Design talks, author readings, book sales, benefits… We need you.  
At Flatbread on Oct 9th we’re having a pizza night and wicked raffle w/ a Burton board, $100 from LLBean, a deck from RAW and $100s of local resto’ certificates… info.  
And this Saturday (9/29) come and hear a talk by 10e friend N'EastStyle as she covers her career to date,  social media war stories (i'm guessing) and more. Bring a china cup and saucer as they'll be a social high tea with all the trimmings - full info.

Wednesday, September 26

10E2049: Giveaway by Meriwether Field Gear

Holy cow you are lucky... Meriwether Field Gear are offering this triple giveway to one lucky 10e reader. Simply visit their site then comment below or RT to win.  A guy on twitter won: @patchy_beard. Congrats.

I posted about their maple/walnut axe helves and oars in February; now they have a shop full of beautiful own brand accessories and tools to compliment the outdoor life. All items below made by hand in their shop in Western Montana.

The Meriwether wooden bottle opener, an elegant solution to an essential survival tool... Made of walnut and maple it features a magnet to catch the bottle cap.


"Arrive in style" - Can't argue with that. This 6 pack caddy would be the perfect transport solution for home brewers. Handcrafted from western red cedar and finished with boiled linseed oil. Comes standard with a side mounted bottle opener.


Last but not least, the below "bread board'' could be used for cutting and serving bread, or serving tray for cheeses etc. Can never have too many. Made from walnut and curly maple.


Not bad... again, comment below and upgrade your next outing. Which one is your fave btw (won't help you win just wondering). Winner was @patchy_beard  pulled at 5pm. A huge thank you to the guys at Meriwether.

Monday, September 24

10E2048: Townsend, VT | Jeep Graveyard

There is a Jeep workshop/graveyard on '30 outside of Townsend VT - been meaning to stop for years. A buddy wanted to get extra wing mirrors to bolt on so we dropped in on Sunday. No one around, and all side mirrors already stripped but a few great rusted "projects" in amongst it all. #rustinpeace

Friday, September 21

10E2047: Fridays are Tie Days | Pierrepont Hicks for Red Wing

Silk tie featuring the classic Red Wing 875 Boot, from Pierrepont Hicks. Def' reminiscent of a certain old LLBean tie, and doesn't hurt a bit.

Thursday, September 20

10E2046: Tin Cup Giveaway - Courtesy of Owen & Fred

Jacob Bromwell's company has been making these tin cups since the 1800s (as well as other cooking/camping supplies). Handcrafted in small batches using the original equipment since 1819, without welding or soldering.

The merchants of "mostly made-in-the-USA gear, gifts, and goods for men" Owen & Fred are offering to send you one of these neat tin cups ... just leave a comment here on 10engines after visiting their site, or RT, and I will pull a winner at 9am tomorrow morning (Friday, Sept 21, 9EST). And help me out, leave your email in the spot provided so I can contact you... Update: Bruce - you won.

The Owen & Fred site has a few known faces (Topo, Ursa Major ftw) and generally lots of rugged bar/kitchen/office accessories. Nae bad.

Tuesday, September 18

10E2045: Christine "N'East Style" Mitchell to talk at Somerville Library

So this happening a week on Saturday... Local illustrator (and 10engines friend) Christine "N'East Style" Mitchell will speak at the Somerville Public Library about her career path to date. Watching her move from publishing to the retail sector using her blog as a point of leverage (all the while building her illustration career) has been inspiring - hope you'll come along. I will be there as host and MC. 

Saturday 9/29/12. 3:00 - 4:30pm. 
Somerville (Central Branch) Public Library, 79 Highland Ave. #88 or #90 bus.
Sign up on the FB event page or share with friends - 50 seats only. High tea will be served, please bring a china cup and saucer...

Monday, September 17

10E2044: That Peru Fair Look 2012

Another nail in the coffin... can't believe another year has clicked by, the 31st Peru Fair will be this Saturday (September 22nd). And for the umpteenth time we'll be there to enjoy the late night pig roasting, bluegrass string playing, get up early for the parade-and-coffee, that kicks off a day of craft stalls and familiar faces. The event generally fuelled by a craklin heavy lunch and then porch rocking beers...

Work gloves, to turn the spit. White Star "mighty champs".
Coffee can placed by the coals to melt a few sticks of butter. Dunk that roasted corn in there...
Sunshade. Email me if you want one. $25.
Opa Opa easy sinking beer. Nice rope logo...
Gas station pants from Pointer Brand. NOS. Why buy new??
Buckshot Sonny's t-shirt incase it warms up. The mighty Joe Gannon might even be onsite.
Hav-A-Hank single boxed bandanas. $12 extra for the box but v slick.
Chippewa for JCrew moc toes boots. Not better than Pa's but great to see these again.

Friday, September 14

10E2043: Vintage Menswear - A Collection from The Vintage Showroom

"The Vintage Showroom Ltd was formed in 2007 to house an ever growing archive of vintage showroom and accessories collected by co-founders Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett. The Vintage Showroom has become one of the leading resources for vintage menswear in the UK, with the archive covering the early mid 20th century and specialising in international work, military and sports clothing, classic English tailoring and country wear."
Watch the video and you will want the book. Vintage sports/military/workwear heaven. Mostly non-US but killer Amercian pieces too. Never been to the place myself but if you are huge #menswear nerd you will have read/remember ACL's visit in 2010. Available to pre-order now on Amazon for a very reasonable $31. The special cover below only available through the store though...

10E2042: Burton Combo Glove - Wood

Combo Glove from Burton. $80. Features:
+ Removable fingerless wool liner
+ DRYRIDE Ultrashell™ 2-Layer Fabric
+ Waterproof DRYRIDE Insane Membrane™ 2.0
+ Thermacore™ Insulation
+ Removable, Knit Wool Fingerless Liner
+ Gnar Guard Leather Palm
+ Pistol Grip Pre-Curved Fit
Brown leather and insane membrane glove w/ woody print... #wheelhouse

Thursday, September 13

10E2041: Giveaway - Native(X) iPad Sleeve

Mac Bishop from Native(X) has come through and offered another giveaway; win this iPad sleeve created from Pendleton wool. This project-based company works with native artists in the Pacific Northwest, sending back 20% of profits direct from purchases and now also sending funds to the Umatilla Reservation for arts classes. Further reading.
"The NATIVE(X) iPad Sleeve is a collaboration with Native American artist, Nathaniel Wilkerson, featuring his Northwest Coast ‘Medeek’ design. Twenty percent of all iPad Sleeve profits go directly to Nathaniel and through his involvement, we’re directly supporting the rich culture the piece is inspired by.
Made in the USA, the Sleeve is constructed using Pendleton’s iconic Native-inspired wool and custom die-cut leather pieces. The sleeve holds your iPad securely in place with the optimal amount of space for easy access."
To win, simply leave a comment below or RT the link. Winner picked at 5pm and choice of wheat or turquoise material. Thanks Mac! UPDATE: Congrats to "PUSH" - you won. Contact me via email.

Wednesday, September 12

10E2040: Best Pancake Mix - so far

I am happy for someone to enlighten me further - but I cannot make better pancakes from scratch, and have also tried a lot of funky [stodgy -ed.] store bought batters, and settled on this Arrowhead Mills mix for the last few years. But I will often add a tablespoon of fancy-store-stone-ground-by-moonlight mix for some grittiness to change it up...  BTW the pancakes come out way better than the picture they use...

You don't have to use blueberries. Almost said that with a straight face... But decent syrup is key. Sugar Bob's is good. Bring your own container and Rob will fill it up; charges by the pound. At the West River Farmer's Market most times. Merck Forest Syrup is great too, slightly more $$ but to a good cause.

End of the day most pancakes are pretty much a  maple-delivery-system anyway...

Monday, September 10

10E2039: WLLs Smokehouse

"Smith [magazine -ed.] joined forces with Victorian grower, gatherer, hunter and cook Rohan Anderson to build a pioneer-style cold smokehouse on his property just outside Ballarat. This short film by Melbourne-based production studio Commoner captures the vision of the smokehouse build and the story of Anderson’s motivation. A step-by-step account of the process is featured in Smith Journal volume four, on sale September 10, 2012."

With luck Rohan will be travelling to the USA and perhaps Canada to promote his book Whole Larder Love: Grow Gather Hunt Cook which deals with many of the sustainability issues touched on in this video.Come on powerHouse Books... can we get this guy over here??? 

10E2038: Carhartt 'Trucker' 1989

Carhartt's take on the Levis Trucker jacket shape - released in 1989. So good. Had one, don't know where it went. Do this again without the welt pockets and maybe a blanket lined verison too?? #sold via eBay.

Friday, September 7

10E2037: Lambchop - Buttons (offstage)

Lambchop (well Kurt Wagner solo here) singing and acoustic strumming through Buttons, in a North Carolina baberbershop. Sold! Someone wrote "If this performance was any more laid back it would be horizontal..." haha.

10E2036: Style Icon - John Byrne

Maybe file under "don't try this at home" but the Scottish artist/playwright John Byrne has the vagabond Scots/nautical look nailed. OK, cigarette surgically attached... but gentlemen, be thankful we get away with aging like this...

Thursday, September 6

10E2035: Pointer Brand 'Friend Street' Shorts

These came out 2 years ago this week pretty much and think a few pairs left over at Hilton's Tent City. Pointer Brand "Friend Street" shorts; $40. Hickory. I've worn the hell out of them, huge recommend.

10E2034: New from Poler - Wunder Bundler and Burner Bags

This isn't a disclosure, more a yell from the rooftops - I really like what Poler is doing, basically making up their own catagory of products for outdoor living. The Wunder Bundler is the latest to come out of this Portland, OR camping-candy-factory and is a modular insulator... wrap up anything with it, hot or cold and it works. $25.
"It’s also an insulated changing matt, perfect for standing on when changing after surfing or snowboarding, sitting on when the surface is wet and cold, or kneeling on when you want to shoot a photo in a muddy field."

Subtler but just as smart are these firestarters below, dubbed Burner Bags. $2.
"Place the burner bag under a pile of wood, then strike a match and light the bag on fire. Lights and burns in the rain, sleet, or snow. At almost 1000 degrees, burner bags will quickly dry damp wood. So small and light, you can carry them with you on all your adventures. Burns ‘green’ no harmful chemicals. Safely stores near food. Burner bags are made from a patented blend of recycled wood, inert minerals and paraffin wax. Burner Bags do NOT contain any harmful chemicals or vapors, including Benzene. Burner bags are NOT a combustible fuel, and therefore, there is no risk of explosions. Burner Bags are water resistant; it will work if it gets a little wet."