Sunday, August 19

10E2024: Caps For Sale | Ball and Buck + 10engines


New release; Ball and Buck + 10engines. Made in the USA five panel hat; headliner-scraping crown, mesh back, old time "USA" molded snap, doubled canvas duck front, and pony boy gold rope stitching. Visor lined with Ball and Buck's signature 8oz camo.

Back story: Last year I approached the Boston store Ball and Buck simply to get some manufacturing info and we ended up working together to create a product that reflects both our sensibilities. One of the guys is also my neighbor... so a lot of porch-rocking discussions. They will release this along with some heavier-weight products at an in-store event next Thursday; RSVP.

Be great to see people at the in-store do, but you may also buy a hat online through their shop - use code 10engines for $3 off and free shipping thus $25 shipped. (code expires after event date 8/23/12)

Seems unbelievable but it is hard to find good old, no-frills seed hats manufactured in the USA now. K-Products were a storied brand (did a run with them here) but taken over by Staples in 2008, and then the caps no longer manufactured domestically...  

"In 1998, [Swingster] bought K-Products, the company later changed its name to American Identity. [They infact kept K-Products going as a parallel company -ed.]
In 2007, Staples Corp. acquired American Identity. The business name was changed once again, this time to Staples Promotional Products in 2008." -via Chief Marketer