Monday, December 7

10E2665: 2020 Media Snacks

The great site KOTTKE (written mainly by Jason Kottke) does a rundown of his media consumption during the year - 2020 list here but bookmark the site generally as it brings a mix of arts and geopolitics each day from around the world. 

I have not fanatically recorded everything I saw, read, and cooked BUT a few nuggets to view online below - a short list. Note, Hoopla and Kanopy are 2 services available through many libraries that stream movies (and for Hoopla books and music too you can download) with simple interfaces. Huge fan.


AlphaGo;  On March 9, 2016, the worlds of Go and artificial intelligence collided in South Korea for an extraordinary best-of-five-game competition, coined The DeepMind Challenge Match. 

Butlins, The WORST PART of British Culture  Comedian Nigel Ng on Britain's best kept secret (and lets keep it that way...), Butlins.  "Walk past a Wetherspoon's at 2 in the afternoon. Imagine all those people - at a resort."   Some funny sh*t. 10 mins.

Hunt for the Wildepeople; I am on the Taika Waititi train. Wildepeople is a quirky and really accessible father/son (isn't really a father/son but you'll get it) escape film.  If you like this watch Waititi's earlier and much more regional New Zealand 80s flavored BOY.   Some of the same themes cropped back up in Jojo Rabbit.  Reminder Waititi humor revitalized Thor: Ragnorok and he uses favorite cast members throughout - good fun.

Knives Out. Last thing I saw at cinema before the lockdown in May. Want to watch a second time. the game GO features early on.

Last Black Man in San Fransciso; Jimmie Fails dreams of reclaiming the Victorian home his grandfather built in the heart of San Francisco... A wistful odyssey populated by skaters, squatters, street preachers, playwrights, and the other locals on the margins.

Samurai Gourmet; old boy Sebiro (contraction of the English Savile Row meaning businessman) enjoys retirement and long lunches.  Desktop vacation.

Still Game; 8 seasons of a kitchen sink comedy(?) of Glasgow pensioners and various goings on. Start with that episode and if you get into the tone (some harsh words always between friends) you can go back and start at episode 1. 

Tenet: saw in a 100% empty cinema at a matinee a few months ago. Def enjoyed the experience. Brain hurt a bit afterwards (inversion-time-travel-theme). Worth a look.

Wednesday, November 25

10E2664: 'Dry' can be ok at Thanksgiving

Dry turkey is not ok.  That is why gravy was invented.

Drinking 'dry' IS ok. 

This year's distanced Thanksgiving dinners will allow less social pressure for some, and this goes out to the sober-curious readers.  I am with you here - 4 years no beers.  You want to talk about it - drop me a line.  IMHO ginger is a key ingredient for catch'yer'throat acidity, and these 3 options all deliver w/o the sweetness.

TÖST: sparkling non-alcoholic white tea, white cranberry, and ginger. Drink out of a coup and tickle your nose. V v tasty. Might as well get the big bottles.

Vermont Village: apple cider vinegar/honey/ginger (it is not 'sweet' - it kicks - try a shot of it...) and any sparkling water (young at heart will enjoy the Liquid Death experience). Add ice in a big glass - bingo.

Swizzle: (carbonated switchel; organic 100% Grade A maple syrup, organic raw apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger root and water), from Up Mountain Switchel.

Monday, November 23

10E2663: An hour with Pépin and Bourdain

5 years ago almost to the day... Anthony Bourdain interviews Jaques Pépin for the cultural juggernaut 92ndStY.  I never saw this till now ... give yourself an hour.  Pépin's memoir The Apprentice is all the rustic, old world hotel kitchen you can ask for - then the coming to America story at the birth (creating it even) of the tv/celebrity chef.  'Tony and Jacques talk about all that and more.

Monday, November 16

10E2662: Space Whiskey | Max Fist

 Archenemy looks (to paraphrase one of the characters) insane...

Introducing the supertramp Max Fist [name-of-the-year -ed.], this is the latest film from the producers of (pretty disturbing tbh) Mandy and The Color of Space (both available through Hoopla right now through your local library so have yourself a v twisted Nic Cage mini-festival) - those 2 not for the faint of heart...

But back to Max Fist... watch


Going to tie this in with something else later, but Max Fist played by Joe Manganiello who along with being a huge D&D proponent is brand ambassador for something called Liquid Death... that is water, in a can...

Using all the tricks of energy drinks and heavy metal advertising they can think of...  (ok the owners of Liquid Death have also made a few unreconstructed comments about it being the antithesis of Whole Foods yoga mom water (Fiji)...)  but at the very least one can say an aluminum delivery system (cans) beats single use plastic any day of the week. #deathtoplastic  And unless you are absolutely poe-faced their site amuses as it follows the PR to the conclusion... murdered out merch etc.

Does is taste like - water - you say??  The sparkling is smaller bubbled than Poler and others - and softer and a little minerally on the tongue (I am not kidding...).  Highly recommend.  If you are even considering a No-alcy-November, or something to make the kids feel tough (drinks for a movie night etc...) this is a great tool to have.


Monday, November 2

10E2661: Archive - overused term?


With the explosion of digital-born materials has come the use/overuse of 'archive' as a verb and a noun. 

With it also an increase in opportunity in the field of information management (including image management). That is great news for library students if they have been reading the writing on the wall.  
That's it... that's the whole post...

Thursday, October 29

10E2660: Smith x Kinco winter starter pack


Easy clap.  As the kids might say... for the reformed lifties and workglove fanattics.   Why no googles w blue ticking strap and leather patch too?  via SmithOptics

Wednesday, September 9

10E2659: LLBEAN | Head to Tote...

 Called bird's eye or sometimes bird's footprint... but always "Norwegian" pattern.  Can't specifically find why... anyone?  

UPDATE from 10E reader: "The LL Bean Sweater pattern is called "Norwegian" because it's based on the body pattern of traditional Norwegian "Lusekofte."  These sweaters use a simple two-color pattern (usually white/cream on black) for the body, and more complex stranded colorwork for the yoke. Interestingly, "lusekofte" literally means "lice jacket."  Evidently the single stitches reminded people of lice in bedding."   NICE! haha  LOVE this sort of background info... 


Friday, August 28

10E2658: Magne Viking | No Well Dressed Man Should Be Without One

Magne Viking is designed for subarctic operations and harsh weather... is furthermore equipped with de-icing systems, fire-fighting, oil recovery, large accommodation and safe deck handling for use in anchor handling, towing, stand-by and rescue services, passenger movement and iceberg management.  

Ice-class: Ice-1A
Length: 85 m
Beam: 22 m
Draught: 8 m

From Viking Supply Ships

Time travel inversion not included....

Chin-up bar now standard equipment...  watch the new ad here;

Friday, August 14

10E2657: US Postal Service is amazing...

I love the USPS... Constantly amazed by it.  One stamp to send a letter across the country in a day or days? Amazing.  All you eBayers out there! You love the USPS... those sweet sweet priority mail boxes arriving with vintage goodness inside... mmmmm  Child of the 90s... can you see that hat and not think House of Pain and hip hip/workwear?  Just me?? Neat little history of letter carrier uniforms by the USPS here.

Unless you have been under a rock you know our current administration is trying to undermine the USPS via intentional slowdowns (the President said it plainly already) - paving the way for a heartless privatization that will hurt rural addresses and increase costs to all.  Not to mention a complete kick in the teeth to these essential workers at this pandemic time - and a way to try and ratf*ck mail-in voting... Totally unacceptable behavior.

What can we do?  

1) Sign the petition to SAVE THE USPS.  

2) Buy stamps now to use later.  Hey Cooks Illustrated fans... Rob Papp has a set just released!  Or dig sculptor Ruth Asawa.  Or how 'bout you just say THANK YOU to someone...  You have a stack of thank you notes ready to go right??? Essential kit...

3)  Contact Congress today.  By Phone: call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 to reach your senators and representative. By Mail: write to your senators: [Name], U.S. Senate, Washington DC 20510. Write to your representative: [Name], U.S. House of Representatives, Washington DC 20515

"Ask your senators and representative to support legislation that addresses the cause of the Postal Service’s manufactured fi nancial crisis. Ask them to: Repeal the unfair mandate to pre-fund health benefits;  Protect service standards to keep post offi ces and mail sorting centers open, and allow USPS to offer new services to consumers and businesses."


In raking around interviews for The Last Black Man in San Francisco we heard how Danny Glover's parents were postal workers in the 'Bay area and the role of the USPS as an equal opportunity employer nationwide that allowed upward mobility for many. Hear Glover below expand on that theme via


Finally. If you thought perhaps the Postal Service (and it is a service) was maybe not as hip and with it as other shipments carriers - do you have the INFORMED DELIVERY app? This not only handles all tracking of packages (yawn...) but pre-alerts you with an image scan of your incoming mail so you can see what is arriving in the mail.  Lots of deep options.

OMG dood... almost fo'got this guy...

Friday, July 31

10E2656: Mountain Man | Look at Me Don't Look at Me

10E fave Mountain Man back together after several solo projects. Listen and buy Look at Me (Don't look at Me)

If you want a copy for your car you can even buy it on cassette. Yup.

Further listening;
Sylvan Esso - vocalist Amelia Meath of folk trio Mountain Man and producer Nick Sanborn, bassist from Megafaun
Úlfur -  vocals by Alexandra Sauser-Monnig of Mountain Man
Daughter of Swords -  Alexandra Sauser-Monnig

10E2655: A Movie, A Resource, And Knits

The Last Black Man in San Francisco.  I missed this last year when it came out - fantastic slow burn.  Directed by Joe Talbot and starring Jimmie Fails (from his own story), Jonathan Majors (seen recently in Da 5 Bloods), Rob Morgan, Tichina Arnold, and Danny Glover (with a great supply of knits... more on that later..) The score is a showstopper too along with inventive camerawork, and a mediation on race and gentrification, and masculinity; 

"Jimmie Fails dreams of reclaiming the Victorian home his grandfather built in the heart of San Francisco. Joined on his quest by his best friend Mont, Jimmie searches for belonging in a rapidly changing city that seems to have left them behind."

If you live in San Fran (or anywhere with a great public library that supports the Kanopy movie player) you can watch it right here. Kanopy is an essential resource for the toolkit...

A24 are killing it with the movie merch (see The Lighthouse) and in this case printed an "Insiders Guide to SF" from the filmmakers

Danny Glover (San Fran native - also seen in Sorry To Bother You - again touching on San Francisco gentrification, and race relations) plays supportive father to Mort, Jimmy's friend and playwright.  Great knits!

Friday, April 17

10E2654: In Praise Of Knit Ties - Fridays Are Tie Days

 Photo by Alan Clarke via Esquire.

Above from 2010 article on the archetypes of menswear (link) - The Trad (as opposed to The Sport, The Rake, The Outsdoorsman, etc) still one of the best done bits.  The angry, about to explode New England academic. Hello pot this is the kettle haha...
Signature accessory: Knit tie.
Bragging rights:
Wearing the same pair of khakis for fifteen years.
As knit ties are - you guessed it - 'knit' rather than cut from cloth - they have a straight profile down the front so are generally slim. They end almost universally in a straight edge rather than a point (grenadine ties are a different tightly woven type of tie that often end in a point - also great). Why the love? The crumbly, rough texture of the knit takes the wearer into high/lo territory - dressed up but not as 'the defendant'...    Signals you have so many ties you even have KNIT ties...

Knit ties have a slimmer section round the neckband, that means you can successfully tie a knot without a lot of bulk. Four in hand (schoolboy knot) the only option due to the heft. Anyway... Windsor knots are characteristic of SMERSH.  David Muir over at ABC News wears navy, polka dot, shantung silk versions... Pretty unique choices for mainstream tv, nailing it.

Thursday, April 16

10E2653: Rent A Flat Above A Shop

It was April 16, 19NinteySomething... The 'New Town' Edinburgh (built in the late 1700s).  Shallow Grave territory (great intro - ends by that church at bottom).  We lived top floor, no lift,  high above the shop Margiotas (a fancyish corner shop chain).  GoogleMaps tells me it is now a yoga studio. Also a sweet sweet Defender w camper roof parked by the Mini... check it!

PULP's Common People (release a few years before all this) is somehow an absolute earworm right now in the kitchen. You don't know this one?? Go on... big coffee and turn it up. "I'll see what I can do..."

Monday, April 6

10E2652: Kerchief


Etymology; Middle English kerchef, from Old French couvrechief, from couvrir (“to cover”) and chief/chef (“head”).


Wednesday, March 18

10E2651: Bow Tie...

A few years back now... Barman says to me, "You tie that yourself?" Long pour of Jameson and ginger ale follows. (The debate over which Irish whiskies are Catholic or Protestant may be BS but there was no Bushmills in sight...)

"I only wear bow ties" he says. "One day I was working late, almost alseep, and in comes Tom Johnson [Bruins coach and player, Hall of Famer 1970- ed.] and says 'I bet no one in this bar can tie a bow tie!' - So my friends wake me up sayin 'He can do it'.  I step forward and cross the ends over, longer end up - and he says 'You can stop there, I can tell you know how'. Then Tom comes in the next week and gives me a whole bag o' silk ties. Made by a lady in the North End. That was 1979."

The tv in the corner was playing the Penguins and Islanders game.

Photo: Dan Goshtigian for the Boston Globe
Tom Johnson served the Bruins as a player, coach and front office executive 
for over 30 years until his retirement in 1998.

Monday, March 9

10E2650: Waaa...Wachusett

EVEN THOUGH it is currently 65degrees out Boston... there is 3feet of base is all over Wachusett and lots of snow to be had. It was not quite as quiet as I make out in these pics, but weekday skiing or riding means easy parking and deals on tickets. Somervillens - WaWa is just 55 minutes on the nail from Davis Square by car...  Exit 25 off route 2.  

This mid-mountainside stop is new to me.  Bullock Lodge. Woodstove inside as well as cider donuts / coffee etc.  The Crowley family are longtime operators of the mountain, as well as part-owner of Polar Beverages, so all you NOW FIZZING members can go nuts tracking down glass bottled Polar here as well as Polar seltzer fountain drinks.  Count me in....  

Yard Sale!!! Off the lift. Iced in. See those in the spring.

I counted 3 fireplaces. Bark down...

Have to mention - the lunches are beyond reasonable.  Not just less expensive than lodge food in other ski areas... less expensive than resto-city places. Chicken and fries for $7.99 or soup and big sandwich for $10... just add a seltzer and you are set!!

Must add, Wachusett Mountain have extended a tool for our local Friends of the Acton Libraries to help you save on lift tickets while also donating funds. LINK.   $10 to the Friends each time the code DON-FAL is used online. How it works: Anyone using our code DON-FAL while purchasing lift tickets online will be tagged. Each use will result in $10 towards your organization. Ordering lift tickets online always gets you a discount - guaranteed a minimum of $5 off.  Be sure to click Update Cart so the use is tracked. Thank you!

Friday, February 7

10E2649: Blow The Man Down

"Welcome to Easter Cove, a salty fishing village on the far reaches of Maine’s rocky coast. Grieving the loss of their mother and facing an uncertain future, Mary Beth & Priscilla Connolly cover up a gruesome run-in with a dangerous man. To conceal their crime, the sisters must go deeper into Easter Cove’s underbelly and uncover the town matriarchs' darkest secrets."

Written and directed by Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy, starring Morgan Saylor, Sophie Lowe and Margo Martindale. Blow The Man Down on Amazon Prime Video March 20th, 2020.  Young cast looks great.

 I want to live in this store....

Watch the trailer.