Saturday, August 30

train museum

Great train museum nearby. Lots of train/toy artifacts. Love this sign explaining all the old tramp scratchings.

Friday, August 29

the big picture

Boston Globe's Big Picture has been updated. Holiday in Rio anyone?? The Big Picture.


This is a jump to 10minutes in. Good stuff. Shout out to Vermont.

Thursday, August 28

miller time

Really want an old beer fridge. Big levered handle..opens..."kaCHuNk".

dolly parton book club (not a joke)

In 1996, Dolly Parton launched an effort to benefit the children of her home county in east Tennessee. She wanted children to be excited about books and moreover to insure that every child would have books, regardless of their family’s income.

She mailed a brand new, age appropriate book each month to every child under 5 in Sevier County. With the arrival of every child’s first book, the classic The Little Engine That Could, every child could now experience the joy of finding their very own book in their mail box. These moments continue each month until the child turns 5—and in their very last month in the program they receive Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come.

How it works: A community must make the program accessible to all preschool children in their area. The community pays for the books and mailing, promotes the program, registers the children, and enters the information into the database.

From there The Dollywood Foundation takes over and manages the system to deliver the books to the home. You can find out more of the operational details on other pages in this website – so what are waiting for! Hundreds of communities are providing books to hundreds of thousands of children.

Sis put me onto this, it is a program available in USA, Canada and UK and is really fantastic...i can't think of any reason why communities would not want to get on board with this... Good stuff from DP. Further reading.

Wednesday, August 27

lambchop -is a woman

Cool mellow vid. Lambchop.

chris hoy

Chris Hoy got a victory rally in Edinburgh today; 3 golds in track cycling. Picture from flickr, thanks to blackpuddinonnabike. Thx to Sis for the heads up. 50,000 welcome Scots Olympic heroes home.

Tuesday, August 26

snow+denim=holy grail

Remember wearing jeans and unzipped CB jackets blowing in the breeze?? Well the firms have been trying to capture that spirit for a few years. Some of the best efforts are last year's Gore/denim from Burton and a new collab from 686 and Levis that has one clean interpretation (top). Freeking expensive though...will stick w my blanket lined Big E. More 686xLevis pics.

rot-gut: or, what happens when they make wine from apples and call it kiwi strawberry

Big news. The prose attached is a "tour of the lesser labels", thunderbird, night-train, listerine.... you get it. Rot Gut. Huge thanks to the author Brian Macdonald for digging this up. Check out the rest of his photo blog Rebel Data.

burton x carhartt more

Quick google search finds the above. I already ride in lined Carhartt pants so no newsflash. Re-blog on this one, thanks to Side note: i love silly collaborations but i don't like the "x" shorthand people are using. Just me.

burton x carhartt collab

This is from February but the results should be seen soon if at all?? Burton and Carhartt mix it up. I love the sound of it and considering Burton's Green Mountain Project, this would seem a no brainer, but the sneak shots show "Made in China" labels so maybe this is just cheap and cheerful. has further reading (to paraphrase ACL).

edinburgh fireworks -coming soon

Coming 8/31/2008 10:00pm. Pictures don't do it justice, but this should be on everyone's "bucket list". The fireworks at the end of the Edinburgh Festival and at New Year's eve released over the castle to the tune of a live classical orchestra... will post more photos after the event on the 31st. Festival Fireworks.

Monday, August 25

bern -09 helmets sneak peek

"Bomber" insert just takes it to another level... Vent option on the Baker styled "Watts" makes them truly all-season to silence those critics. Can't wait to see them in the wild. Bern.

they're heeeere

Tomatoes have been coming slowly and are now here. It will be tomatoes and vinaigrette for dinner for the next few weeks.

Saturday, August 23

local vibe -brian macdonald

One of our fave bartenders from Redbones is leaving town. Artsy and smart, he def' reminded us of a bud in VT (shout to Billy). Brian has a great photo blog here. I picked the Johnny Foodmaster shot for nostalgia; Brian and Danielle are off to Cleveland (OHIO!!). Brian used to write for the Somerville Journal and take shots, and i am seriously hoping to get his last submission in e-form to share; an hilarious piece on cheap booze; listerine, thunderbird, etc.

Thursday, August 21

paul raymond -soho london

Great article about Paul Raymond (founder of Raymond's Review Bar) who died recently and the rise of London's Soho in the 60's. Times Online. There was a mediocre tattoo studio next to the red sign on the second floor...still there?

stormy kromer

In 1903, Stormy asked his beloved wife, Ida, to help him modify one of his many hats from his baseball days by sewing earflaps on the thing. The newly revised cap also featured a soft flexible visor — and was a great departure from the traditional engineer hats of the era.

Stormy Kromer caps became popular — first among locomotive engineers — and then among all the hard-working folks in the upper Midwest then in 1919 Stormy created the Kromer Cap Company, moving with his wife and employees to a large manufacturing factory in Milwaukee. Website. The original company was failing by 2001 but bought and revived by Bob Jacquart. Further reading.

field watch

An absolute classic. Ready for a colored grosgrain band if you are into that... M rocked her grandad's w an olive band for ages...where did that go??

being a scot

"A silent gesture can convey more in a flash than a minute of spoken dialogue. Unlike most actors, who resist directors cutting their lines, I have spent my whole career filleting mine."

Connery's "Being a Scot" memoir will have its nay-sayers, and some have a good point (why live abroad if you love Scotland so much etc...) But his love of the craft will no doubt shine through. Further reading.

Wednesday, August 20

james hook -update

James Hook now has a large port-a-cabin, painted to resemble the old building (brown clapboards and red trim) that has a few lobster tanks, freezers and chill cabinets. There are fresh lobsters and seafood to buy and lobster rolls made up ($12).

olympic velodrome racing

No, not a horror movie; velodrome is fixed gear bike racing. Solo, duel (as in duelling called "keirin") and in teams. Chris Hoy of Scotland has won 3 golds this Olympics, more than any Briton has hauled in at one Games for over 100 years. The facilities available in Scotland are abysmal (and outdoor) but still produce champs. As one commentator says, "imagine if there was only 1 pool in the country to train in...and that was outdoors." Fixed gear bikes have become more popular with the public in USA too though i havent heard a peep about Chris Hoy on the American tv. The group sprint has a motorcycle as pacer and no brakes=big crashes. The attached video is to raise awareness (read: money) of the sport in Scotland.

Major work ethic and great example. "What would happen if I lost the gold by one thousandth of a second, because there was a training session I skipped or didn't give my all to?" Three Golds and I'm Shattered.

jayne's flowers

There is a chasm between the Winston Flowers of the world and the guy outside the T selling half-gone roses from pickle barrels. Jayne's Flowers located at 100 Federal St., by Post Office Square, fills that void and offers quality at fantastic prices. Operating out of a Tardis-like booth she is my go-to, especially for lilly's. The above was $20, and smell out of this world.


Vintage, leather trimmed Bell helmet. Zero padding inside, all rotted out so i removed it...fits great w a winter hat. Die-cut stickers from Decal kits. When/if Bern release new colorways (stop it...) for 2009, will def' post those as love the Baker for winter time sports.

Tuesday, August 19

boraxo powder soap dispenser

Love the gritty feel of washing hands w soap powder. Definately need one of these in the garage.

tweed purcells

Rock these with old carhartts and crumbly sweater... bring on fall. Only have them in size 11, on sale at J Crew.

gladiolus callianthus murieliae

These finally come in (they are late summers i guess). Perfect for any little strip of (s)crappy dirt along a set of stairs or backing up to the house.

Monday, August 18


1 tablespoon crushed black peppercorns
3 tablespoons finely minced shallots
2/3 cup good quality red wine vinegar

Note the eel spear in backgound, extra points for that.

vintage carhartt -coveralls

Already up in the $80s. Vintage 50's Carhartt coveralls, union made. Ebay. Update 7/20: went for $132, congrats rmyers2!.

Friday, August 15

fried breakfast

The fried English breakfast was conceived during the Industrial Revolution as a form of fast fuel for a working class that actually worked. They ate 3,000 calories in the morning, then they burnt 3,000 calories by lunchtime. Or died when the mine collapsed. Further reading.

Danny (wee bruv of good friend) rides the xenophobia pretty his fried breakfast bit. "French breakfast, croissant, we have that on top of a steak pie."

vintage carhartt -overalls

Overalls only $10 w 2 days left...on Ebay. Update 7/18: went for $125, congrats to bidbuyjapan04 (this style of sign-off is thanks to a great site Reference Library.)

bookmark -the big picture

This has to be the Boston Globe's claim to fame right now. It is the best thing they have going anyway.
"The Big Picture is a photo blog for the Boston Globe/, compiled semi-regularly by Alan Taylor. Inspired by publications like Life Magazine (of old), National Geographic, and online experiences like's Picture Stories galleries and Brian Storm's MediaStorm, The Big Picture is intended to highlight high-quality, amazing imagery - with a focus on current events, lesser-known stories and, well, just about anything that comes across the wire that looks really interesting."

no added sugar

If you have kids or friends with kids you will have seen the tshirts but their big guns are great too and great sale prices. Fall styles out now at No Added Sugar.


Big liquor stores are like toys stores for adults, for me anyway. Kappy's in Medford is insane. Check the prices.
They even have an on-call service, in case of it.

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Sometimes it is ok to carry baggage. Produced by Caracalla Bagaglio this leather holdall was designed to commemorate Aston Martin's 1st Le Mans win competing with the DBR1 in 1959; the last Le Mans triumph by an Aston until June 2007 when David Brabham won Le Mans in a DBR9. Car Number 5 was driven by Briton Roy Salvadori and American Carroll Shelby in 1959. Roy Salvadori owns the very 1st holdall that Caracalla Bagaglio made. Accepted as airline hand luggage. Thx to AA for this one.

Thursday, August 14

lee storm rider

Plenty of ink spilled about Levi's jackets...i like to switch it w the 2-pocket Lee Storm Rider. Blanket lined natch'. Good enough for Mickey and Marilyn.

General info:
In 1936, Lee moved to identify itself more fully with the Western world of cowboys and rodeos by forming the Rodeo Cowboys Association. The company also opened a plant in San Francisco to produce its trademark denim cowboy pants, now known as Lee "Rider" pants. For the first time, the company's logo was rendered in a "hair-on-hide" leather label that featured the letters of its name connected in a way that resembled the mark of a cattle brand. By 1939, Lee had become the largest producer of work clothes in America.

The Storm Rider 101LJ is the lined version of the 101-J. The tag was embroidered until sometime in the 80's when Lee decided to print the tag.

das keyboard

You have seen Das Keyboard...blank keys -check, gold contacts -yawn... i have been using this compaq vintage unit (model MX 11800) for 3 years... loud keys check, no windows key check, unworkable mouse yup... love it. definately stops people sitting at your desk.

vivienne westwood

The rest of the world embraced lycra tubes and Westwood produced a Harris tweed collection. “English tailoring and tradition have always been a big influence on me, it’s my mark, my roots. It’s not possible to have technique without tradition.”

Westwood is opening a store in Glasgow, can completely see that. Not just in terms of her love affair w things Scottish but in terms of the paying public. Edinburgh too stuffy. Nice article at The Times with some background and news of the opening. Completely nuckin' futs. Brilliant.

Retro article from 2007 here about her attitude to personal style (or lack there-of).

the website is down

Major geek alert here...for the desk jockeys and phone drones among us. It's a few months old...but funny as sh*t. Nothing too crazy but it is pg-13 language, sorry kid.

Video: Sales Guy vs. Web Dude
Created by: Josh Weinberg
Sales Guy: Casey Cochran
Web Dude: Josh Weinberg
Trevor from Arvada: Jesse Johnson
Irving Whitefellow (The Boss): Josh Childs
Sales Manager Nancy: Ruth Sherrod
Music By: Rap Team -

Wednesday, August 13


Need to research more but it seems like the 40-stigma is over. Maybe it's just economics, as $2 for 40oz of High Life beats even $4 for 12oz x 6pack = 72oz. Anyway, have seen more and more non-students/non-tramps with the doozy. Drink from a glass, at home...$2 well spent.

gin and tonic

Nice article about G&T's at Oh Gosh found through Liqurious. The origins of... about quinine etc... Why do gin and tonics always taste so damn good on the plane it because you are about to go on holiday? I think it is the perfectly effervescent tonic in the wee cans.

Tuesday, August 12

spy optics -deal 2

A couple of colorways (stop it). Unreal Deal. Have nothing to do with Spy Optics but consistently like their stuff.
Serious Felix Leiter 60's stylee here.

mark farina -fabric

One of our faves from Tribal Funktion days, Mark Farina is playing Fabric this Saturday if you are in the area...Fabric listing. By "the area" i mean London.

seeqpod -chicken shack mix

Rainy day meets chicken box = chicken shack. Hint of "Children of Men" at the end.

mtn ops

Double blind project affiliated w Mark Sullivan (disclaimer: i don't know the guy but friend of friends). Have followed his career w great interest as Bertie Wooster would say, from Snowboarder to Snowboard PPP and now this called MTN OPS. Have had my eye on the Rite in the Rain stuff for a while so nice touch on this collab. There is a mixtape buried in there, but the guts of the site won't be launched for almost a month it looks like...

Monday, August 11


Photo by Michael Shanks

Holy Island (Lindisfarne) always reminds me of Tintin's Black Island. Looking forward to the Dreamworks movie in '09(?). Pops has a little Captain Haddock to him, so soft spot there...his curses, from the simple ("rats!") to the sublime ("vegetarian!") are listed exhaustively here.

vintage carhartt -blanket lined

wow. $152 with 7 hours to go... awesome. Update 7/15: Went for $280, congrats ujkool.