Friday, October 13

10E2692: Why a libarian? | Jaws

“Why a librarian?”    The first chapter of JAWS really grabs you….*ahem*.   “She could not find her foot”. Oof!!! You are just 3 pages in.

I read Jaws (and Dr No which has a pretty spicy ending) as a kid visiting my English grandparents. A few of the books in the guest room.  But Jaws, that opening made me want to become a librarian - I mean the power of a story and how text can GRAB you…  [stop it-ed]  The movie diverges from the book in the middle - but that first hit… OooOFf!!!!

Friday, September 1

10E2691: Family Ties...


I like wool ties... it sort of dresses you up and down in an odd way. The texture of a woolen tie synonymous with the outdoors, and tartan working its usual transporting power. Plus woolen ties tend to stay PUT once tied...  Bonus points for a family tartan... Lamont.



Monday, July 10

10E2690: Edinburgh Int' Film Festival 2023


Loving the brochure and identity work for the Edinburgh (Scotland) Film Festival this year - done by a smaller studio called SunGazeStudio.

The EIFF as its known to friends... was pulled from the fire this year as its parent organization last year announced bankruptcy - but Screen Scotland, Creative Scottish and the Edinburgh International Festival stepped in to allow EIFF to continue in a slimmed down fashion - and honestly the screenings looks great.


20+ years ago I did a few summers working at the EIFF in the admin offices and loved it. 

They are hosting a reunion of all filmmakers and press and more that have ever enjoyed EIFF in past years - called TALENT ASSEMBLE. If that is you... Get after it!!    

The programme is international and local, features and shorts, speaker panels and outdoor screenings...  easily sign up for the below.




Friday, May 5

10E2689: Fridays are Tie Days | Self-tie or GTFO

File under "you never know when you might need it...".    Whether for a coronation outfit or for your teen's prom.

Keep your eyes peeled always at thrift stores for black 'ties so you are not caught out.  This vintagey example made by AKCO in England and worn (I believe...) as part of the legal wear for A. Laurie and Co. solicitors in Edinburgh (Scotland).   I did get this in an Edinburgh thrifty so makes sense...

Monday, March 20

10E2688: Expert In A Dying Field | The Beths

Huge choon... and goes out to all the high schoolers studying for exams and more.  Go listen if you cant catch them on tour;

Hours of phrases I've memorizedThousands of lines on the pageAll of my notes in a desolate pileI haven't touched in an age

But cheekily goes out to all my library friends too...

Tuesday, February 14

10E2687: Down By Law [cardigans and crossroads edition...]

Try and watch the end of Down By Law and not get into cardigans... fantastic. 

Tough choice, do you want to stay and live at the Tintop or head up to where two roads diverge in a wood... Either way, you have a closet full of Uncle Luigi's old clothes to get you ready. 

If you saw this film around its release or in the cinema you will be nicely surprised by the cleaned up DVD versions out there now. Crisp B&W from cinematographer Robert Muller (who had a lock as DP on classic 80's American cinema; Mystery Train, Barfly, Down by Law, To Live and Die in L.A., Paris Texas, Repo Man...) 

Also the CRITERION CHANNEL has lots of extra interviews etc...

Jack (Lurie): So is this how you dressed on the outside.. sort of 'garbage man on parade'? 

Zack (Waits): ... Jack, you thinking of doing some squirrel hunting? Recommended: The Road Not Taken -Short Lecture

Sunday, January 8

10E2686: AN CLÒ MÒR (tv show)

Succession meets Harris Tweed coming to BBC in January.  In Gaelic - mental.  


An Clò Mòr = The Grand Cloth and its what Gaelic speakers have called Harris Tweed for 100s of years.

Watch the trailer here.