Sunday, May 31

10E2456: Utz "dont call them Old Bay" Crab Seasoning Chips

Using a seasoning mix tipping-the-hat to Old Bay Seasoning in nearby Delaware Maryland, chip maker Utz from Pennsylvania has for a few years created these Crab Chips. Damn tasty. Keep your eyes peeled.  BTW - Old Bay on devilled eggs or corn on the cob? #crabcakesandfootball

Wednesday, May 27

10E2455: LLBean Boots - Better Than New

Salvaged my teenage LLBean boots from a random box in basement a few months back.

Immediately packed them off for a $39 refurb from LLBean (includes s/h). The lady said it would take 8 weeks. Wrong, took 2 months - to the day! Fantastic... They sure are using some high test CRM up there - when I called she already knew my email address - love it.

New soles sewn on as below. New footbeds, and tan laces. Gifting these to the intern.#betterthannew

Friday, May 22

10E2454: Tennis Elbow Is Not At All Humorous

With one swing of the racket last week I felt a small 'twang' like a rubber band in my elbow. Always thought "tennis elbow' was a load of hooey - it is not funny(bone) at all... damn painful.

You know what else - the fine art of the reblog... not practiced much nowadays. [nice segue - ed.] Big fan here. If you did not catch All Plaidout's week long tribute to David Letterman, well lets fix that...

Newman x Letterman. Venn diagram time for Max Wastler... fantastic stuff. You can even jump right in at the end with the above, and essential viewing is an episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with Letterman. Who is a pretty snappy #menswear dresser in his downtime btw - you think the short sleeved sweatshirt is a Newman nod? Have a look.

But back to me... we didn't see Letterman growing up as no tv to speak of - plus in UK half the time. And the one week Dave came to London (remember that?)  not his best era perhaps. Anyhow, men are lucky ain't we - getting more grizzled as we get older.  Compliments cost nothing folks - hence the reblog.

Wednesday, May 20

10E2453: A Year Of Practiculture - Rohan Anderson

Rohan "Whole Larder Love" Anderson is cooking up his next book titled, A Year of Practiculture.  I like the direction here - a look at how to subsist, if you want to look...

The copy below is a one-off I think. Hand tooled in the style of those old Time-Life wild west subject books. Leatherwork by Warhorse Workshop. Believe Rohan may travel to the USA to promote/speak behind this book - good stuff.

Tuesday, May 19

10E2452: Pink Oxford

A pink shirt - not red chambray, I mean a full-on pink OCBD has not been crowed about much in recent years. JPress have one, and Brethren continue to do so. Solid.

10E2451: Oliver Jeffers - Once Upon an Alphabet

Author/illustrator Oliver Jeffers just won the 25th CBI Book of the Year Award for his Once Upon an Alphabet. He was to recieve the award in Dublin about now but as of a few hours ago was stuck in Heathrow Airport.  Anyhow, congrats! Images via

Monday, May 11

10E2450: Green Mountain Tick Repellent

A few years ago 10e friend Victoria DiMonda created Green Mountain Tick Repellent; mixed and bottled in Dorset, Vermont. She uses essential oils as the active ingredients including Rose Geranium, Lemongrass and Cedarwood for an extremely effective repellent against ticks. Sidenote, smells fantastic to humans.

I have heard the ticks are out already in New England, guess the harsh winter did not matter to them. Infact may be the opposite - may be worse than ever this year. Pick it up at locally or buy online here. Essential (NPI) piece of kit.
"The idea for Green Mountain Tick Repellent originated about 5 years ago. My then 4 year old daughter came inside after playing, to tell me she had a “bump” in her head. When I investigated, the bump turned out to be a half engorged tick. I was unable to remove the entire blood-filled insect, resulting in the head remaining burrowed in her scalp. The doctor couldn’t get us in until afternoon, so I had to spend the entire morning knowing she had a disgusting piece of a tick under her skin.  
I knew there had to be something out there that I could put on not only my dog, but my kids, without chemicals or 25% poison. I started to search. Nothing. So I decided to make my own.  
Green Mountain Tick Repellent is an all-natural alternative to conventional methods of repelling ticks from humans and canines. It contains a combination of natural essential oils that work together to repel ticks. It works great for hunters, hikers, fisherman, loggers, outdoorsmen, dogs and the people who love them! AND IT WORKS!"

Friday, May 1

10E2449: That Working From Home Look

Just bought a Bialetti (again) after many years, no idea where the old one went. Not to get too precious but it def' gets you into a sort of slow-coffee vibe. Plus inexpensive and bulletproof. Just don't leave it on the stove while you get sucked into emails #cleanupoperation 

Faribault Mill lap rug - essential warmth for the home worker - or sit on it and make your chair more comfortable.

Cannot operate without a touch sensitive mouse now, wireless keyboard too... #daskeyboard

Live in my shawl collar cardy. Had to have the patches on my elbows patched... -This NorthSea expedition job looks v tasty too.

Western jeans via JackKnife - so you can get into your pockets while sitting down.