Tuesday, October 17


CELEBRATE THOREAU 2 weeks ago for our local library group was a hit. Video below gives a good idea; talk on "Why Read Walden", a vintage roller organ and axe discussion and an oyster shucking demo (not on video). Good times!

Friends of the Acton Libraries, president Carol D. 

Acton Historical Society, Bill K. 

Bolts raffle- look at those prizes...

Thursday, October 5

10E2603: For Your Pocket. Ballast.

Get em for Halloween and end up in your regular wardrobe... With a hop skip and jump from Wrong Side (Texas) have secured a slew of 21x21 bandanas in chivalry navy, or scattered stars. Fun-fact, the V that forms the chevron comes from the word for rafter - that V of beams meeting - with a probable latin derivative from goat (in reference to hind legs) or the French for roe deer (chevreuil) in reference to the V of antlers.  Have a good pile of these - can mail you one of each color for $10.

Wednesday, October 4

10E2602: 16/17 w/ Marcus Kleveland

Via YoBeat.  Clicks and beeps from https://soundcloud.com/kamandi-1/bloosamurai