Monday, November 27

10E2604: Steele - orange 'steeletex' | $35

Natural Canvas Tote
Tall (17"L X 7"W X 24"H)
Steeletex base (tear and water-resistant, antimicrobial vinyl-coated nylon)
Made in Chelsea, MA
$35.  three-five...
Run don't walk... shop.

Monday, November 20

10E2603: Forestbound Carry All/On

With a nod to plumber's/utility workers bags...
  • Fully lined with beige cotton canvas
  • Large interior pocket (9" x 11")
  • Leather boot, handles and buckle straps of top grain cow hide
  • Removable leather shoulder strap with durable metal hardware.
  • 17" wide, 13" tall, 7" deep. 
  • Made in the USA.
Forestbound Original. $125. Only one of these in the 1940s frogskin style.  Insanity...

Friday, November 17

10E2612: Ursa Major - Mister Shave | Giveaway

File under Keep It Simple.  MISTER SHAVE! From Ursa Major, elevating your regime with products that work.

Giveaway time 10e readers:  How? Visit and email me or tweet/RT at me and cc @ursamajorvt with your favorite ingredient in their products.  Winner of a Mister Shave box set will be drawn at EOD Friday - that's 5pm EDT around here... UTC-5.

Mister Shave gift set is boxed and ready to give and go - includes;
  • Stellar Shave Cream (5.3 fl oz)
  • Fortifying Face Balm (2.5 fl oz)
  • NEVER any petrochemicals, sulfates, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, color, glycols, silicones or PEGs.

Get a second set at right now - Free shipping on all US orders.
Ok. SSsssshhhhhh. Secret info time. The best part of ordering from Ursa Major via that link above or here is they give you a few 'travel' ready samples... you get to pick... go on.  Stocking stuffer gold.

Pair it with a tiger maple handled razor while there... thirty bucks. Wood sourced in New England
Gillette Mach 3 and Venus compatible (comes with one Mach 3 cartridge) -see, face or legs...

Monday, November 13

10E2611: Walden doc, and bonus E.O.Wilson

Not only a celebration of Henry David Thoreau, but a primer for those that did not quite know much more about him than one word - Walden. These places are 10 minutes away as I write this - desktop vacation for readers hopefully.  Notes by Jeff Cramer (archivist at Walden Woods Project), Doris Kearns Goodwin (historian) and E.O. Wilson (see below).   You may not be aware but Don Henley (of Eagles fame) had a huge role in protecting Walden Pond from development the late 1980s and his inclusion is worth the price of admission here, in this 20 minute short above created in cooperation with Ken Burns.

Late to the party me... E. O. Wilson one of the interviewees in WALDEN above, naturalist, myrmecologist (studier of ants), the father of biodiversity - and natty professor.  Much more here.

 Staff Photo Justin Ide/Harvard University News Office.

In 1965, Wilson, then a young entomologist, was one of the first scientists to grab hold of Hamilton’s equation [rB>C, where r is a relatedness factor, B is the fitness Benefit to the altruistic organism, and C is the Cost of genetic fitness to the organism for carrying out the act of altruism]  and used it to explain altruism he observed in ant colonies. Wilson quickly became an evangelist for the idea, championing the theory that altruism had emerged through natural selection as a means to pass on genes to the next generation, not as a selfless act of moral transcendence.- via World Science
A rethink by Wilson followed much later - read the article to find out what happened next...

Thursday, November 9

10E2610: Just Does Not Get Old

In August 1914, Ernest Shackleton and 27 men sailed from England in an attempt to become the first team of explorers to cross Antarctica from one side to the other. Five months later and still 100 miles from land, their ship, Endurance, became trapped in ice. The expedition survived another five months camping on ice floes, followed by a perilous journey through stormy seas to remote and unvisited Elephant Island. In a dramatic climax to this amazing survival story, Shackleton and five others navigated 800 miles of treacherous open ocean in a 20-foot boat to fetch a rescue ship.

Putting it in one paragraph as above makes this experience sounds almost... tolerable?  Every new resource just reinforces the grit of these humans - not only the 5 months (MONTHS!) trapped onboard Endurance looking at your 26 crewmates, eating seal (later dog) but then ten months of sopping wet hiking, hauling, sleeping (only half had sleeping bags) - not to mention real actual physical dangers (falling through the ice of being attacked by various wildlife)... rowing on the open AntArctic Sea, with 100ft rollers...  Just mindblowing.

This book Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World is targeted at younger readers and gets right into the small gritty details. With more imagery and charts than ENDURANCE (great too) it is an instant stand-taller-spine-straightener-coffee-thankfuller read.

Friday, November 3

10E2609: 2018 USA Snowboard Uniform - by Burton

"Burton Unveils U.S. Snowboard Team Uniforms for PyeongChang Olympic Game" - heavily NASA influenced as you can see below.

Inspired by the rich history of the American space program, the 2018 U.S. Snowboard Team uniform is both innovative in function and retro-futuristic in design. On the futuristic side, both the competition jacket and pant have a liquid metal look, thanks to an exclusive iridescent silver fabric coated in very fine, real aluminum.  - link

The thermal and ladies bobble hat pretty great too - along with the liquid metal jacket/pants combo. There is a also a full 'suit' "created with bright white non-woven Dyneema® fabric, which is the world's strongest fiber" and gold tinted googles must be de rigueur no? Not just as reference to Olympic dreams but also NASA helmet faceplates.? Too easy...
See 2014 Uniform here.

Thursday, November 2

10E2608: Local Stout - Coffee & Donuts

This Mystic x USD can though, chills. If you stop at the Mystic taproom in Chelsea you may as well knock on the door at Steele Canvas too...