Saturday, July 30

the art of flight -metal trailer

100% reblog here. No shame.
How could you possibly make the most badass movie of the year any more badass? With metal... duh!
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10engines over at kaufmann mercantile

I have mentioned Kaufmann Mercantile before, and love the way their posts are so informative, elemental and sort of, unemotional... mean that as a compliment. Posts about stuff like Rope, Wooden Snowshoes, The Nearings, or Meyer Lemons. That doesn't even scratch the surface... get over there.

They started a shop a while back too. Again, simple, well designed and elemental products. I think the Chemex Coffeemaker was the first item?? They love provenance and they deliver value... $100 Adirondack packs? They got you covered.

They have wrangled in some writers for the blog and I have a piece up about Punching Bags. You can read it here.

For reference, a maize bag looks something like this. #recommend.

Friday, July 29

conserving the balance -a moorland film

The narrator, David Bellamy, was a fixture on British nature programmes. Not so much now but in the 80's and 90's his beard-muffled vocal stylings were commonplace. Controlled burning is kind of fascinating, the 2 country gents commissioned this video that is now in the BFI.
Heather is kept young and vigorous by controlled burning. If left unburned, it eventually grows long and lank, reducing its nutritional value.

Burning is carried out by moor keepers between the Autumn and Spring when small sections are burned carefully on a rotational cycle, which can be as little as 7 years where there is very vigorous growth or as long as 25 years where growth is slow. These fires are very different to uncontrolled emergencies and are restricted by law to the period between 1st October and 10th April.

...For example, controlled burning will take place when the heather cover is dry, the peat wet and the wind light but constant. This ensures that the fire moves steadily over the peat, burning the plant but leaving the peat bed relatively cool.

The heather roots are left undamaged and the whole process 'shocks' the heather seed lying in the ground into germinating quickly. Heather can also be cut with a mower, especially in places where lighting a fire would be too dangerous, although mowing is less effective, more expensive and only possible on certain ground (for example uneven surfaces with rocks are unsuitable).
-via The Moorland Association

100 mile an hour tape

A type of ultra-duct tape to you and me; but this mil-spec woven backed tape was designed to hold up to 100 miles per hour winds, while used during the Vietnam War to repair helicopter rotor blades... earning the name 100-MPH tape. #greatname

The Army/Navy store in Barre, VT must be something special cause they seem to have everything I search for.

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Thursday, July 28

photographing many of the nations libraries

This project is a photographic survey of public libraries throughout the United States. There are over 17,000 public libraries in this country. Since I began the project in 1994 I have photographed hundreds of libraries in nineteen states. From Alaska to Florida and from New England to California the photographs show a vibrant, essential yet threatened system.

As a photographer I have committed my life work to investigating "the commons" - the things that we share as a nation - our environment, our infrastructure, our culture - the things that keep our society civil and working. For communities across the country, libraries offer free access to information and education, a sanctuary, and hope for the future.

- Robert Dawson, American Commons: Photographing Libraries Across the Nation.

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Wednesday, July 27

two on libraries

Using the old bus analogy; you wait for some pithy advocacy of public libraries and two come along at the same time;

"Libraries provide all residents with unlimited access to the reading and information resources that will mean the difference between success and failure for Swampscott residents as individuals, Swampscott as a town, and the United States as a nation. They are supported by a very modest contribution of public tax funds, and provide a fabulous return on this investment by any measure.

Sure, the library is an old fashioned concept. So is democracy. So is equal opportunity. So is getting your facts right."
Why We Need Free Public Libraries More Than Ever in The Atlantic


"These increased levels of use remained high following the recovery as new and continuing users discovered the value of library services. The extensive use during recessions is partially the result of public libraries’ adjusting services to fill recession-related needs. It also stems from a growing public confidence in the trustworthiness of information provided by libraries, the quality of services offered and the convenient access...

• About one in eight visits is by a small business — and even some large ones — to conduct research and to seek information and support regarding legal, financial and operational concerns.

...Without budgets for new purchases, collections grow stale and outdated for lack of new volumes and updates."
Public libraries are particularly essential in recessions in The Providence Journal

twenty twelve

TwentyTwelve was first broadcast on the BBC in March 2011 to coincide with the 500 day countdown to the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London. Clip above from that first episode. Life imitated art (or preceeded) when the real Olympic countdown clock stopped counting down... for 6 hours... the day after this episode.

More clips below. Fahkin' brilliant.

h n williams store -update

Have mentioned the H. N. Williams Store in Dorset, VT a few times before. Every time I visit Billy has a few new tricks. Recently started stocking these handmade "Amish" belts. $29. No typo.

Another find was the All-American Bobber range from Premier.

Liking the cork bobbers they do as well... #tomsawyer

Sidenote; the day lillies are going nuts in New England right now. Fantastic.

Monday, July 25

wind in the east, fish bite least -wind in the west, fish bite best

Wieden + Kennedy London has created a series of mini Honda documentaries for the brand's sponsorship of Channel 4 Documentaries... The latest film, Night Fishing, shows a group of fisherman who take their boat (which is powered by Honda marine engines, natch) out at night off the coast of Brixham to catch their fish in the dark, using luminous lures.
-via CreativeReview

More at

butcher's bowling alley wax

Bowling Alley Wax. Good find. Get yours here.

Butcher's, of Marlborough, MA now owned by Johnson Wax I believe (maybe under corp name Diversey?). Interesting story of it's sale in 2000, when sale end bonuses were distributed to the 325 employees -to the tune of $18M stunning industry watchers. The then CEO Charles Butcher was a businessman and socially responsible philanthopist. He passed away in 2004, there is a fascinating obit' in the NYT.

barn score -i ski mirroreds

Odd flesh colored frames, check. Dark mirrors, check. Dog chewed and dug out from an old toolbox in the blacksmith's shop, done.

Just did a quick search and looks like these inexpensive items (formerly made in Japan, not sure about now) are being re-released...
We are the original company, re-releasing this iconic brand of vintage sunglasses. These are the same glasses of the ski craze in the 70's and 80's. We're using the original molds or recreating designs based off the original factory drawings, so you can have a new pair of the original I SKI Sunglasses.
-via ISKISunglasses

Saturday, July 23

better than ends

You think you are slick with your connection to the local butcher who keeps you the bacon "ends"? Pops hits this place in Wallingford and gets a grip of "better than ends" haha. The scraps either have no fat or extra thick fat, yum. The eggs are from the henhouse 50 yards away.

Thursday, July 21

10engines over at details -my style icon

As I have said before, I’ve always been a fan of local heroes over movie stars, and the-girl-next-door over glamour models. Luckily I was ‘the-boy-next-door’ so that worked out well for me...

Anyway, one of my style icons is a family friend of ours in Vermont, an older gent with an epic preppy/woodsy vibe who has been a quiet mentor to me, my brothers and other lads in the area. Head over to and you can read my shout out to him. BTW check the wine cork used as a bobber on his fishing line, classic. Cheers to you Byrdy.

Have to add one more anecdote about coming back from camp (by “camp” meaning the vernacular wood structure that was the hunting basecamp);
There was a pegboard over the stove covered in dried spaghetti from years of “testing” to see if it done, or we might have “champagne chicken” cooked in homebrewed apple bubbly for dinner. Pitch black morning wake ups of course, with pitch black coffee. Requisite old Playboys in the bookshelf. You think a 17 y/o kid was enjoying this? It is now 20-odd years later and it is burned in my memory...

I remember one classic ride back home, we were in the pickup but as no back seat my brother had to ride in the bed, bungeed onto a lawn chair, during a thunder storm... he freekin loved it.

my style icon -intro 5

WB loaned us his grandfather’s military saber to cut our wedding cake (when Mrs. 10e and I got married the second time, in the same year... long story involving Iceland, Vermont, a cathedral in Scotland and 9/11), he advocates brown brogues with dark grey suits, and has a blend of tobacco named after him at the nearby pipe shop. Legend status.

Wednesday, July 20

my style icon -intro 4

Later this week will be posting an interivew I did with one of my all-time style icons. An older gent that lives in southern VT. Just clues until then...

my style icon -intro 3

I recently asked WB about his thrift store shopping habits, he laughed, “The shirts... its becoming a problem. Its an addiction”. Plus, every time we meet up he seems to have a box of wool pants, or blue blazers with my name on it to pick through. Fantastic.

He needs a barn to store everything, literally. Recently the "bodyshop", i.e. the garage/barn/gym he owned, has been moved back from the road and received a new foundation. This gem was a retreat for my brother and me sometimes. What guy wouldn't want a place like this.

Tuesday, July 19

my style icon -intro 2

Note balthazar of Veuve used as a door bumper...

my style icon -intro 1

I’ve always been a fan of local heroes over movie stars, and the-girl-next-door over glamour models. Luckily I was ‘the-boy-next-door’ so that worked out well for me...

Anyway, one of my style icons is a family friend of ours in Vermont, an older gent with an epic preppy/woodsy vibe who has been a quiet mentor to me, my brothers and other lads in the area. Towards the end of this week my last post for will be up, and it is a shout out to him. Inspiration-board shots till then...

herman blume

Monday, July 18

process -a shot in the dark

From Process Films. W/ some of Norway´s most progressive snowboarders, A Shot in the Dark will be split into two separate films. The first is a trick film while the second follows a documentary format.

gift for the young sir

I am guessing that a good portion of the readers are in the young-married/friends-having-kids zone. Even if not, going to give this tip out for free and you can tuck it away for later.

You will inevitably get asked to celebrate the arrival of A.N.Other's bundle of joy at some point, and if they are good friends of yours it is even harder to pick the perfect gift for the young whippersnapper. When my godfather was in this situation he decided to give baby 10e a pair of monogrammed cufflinks. Sort of like giving the new mother a bottle of champagne... (one of Oma's tricks). Anyhow, we have taken this trick and housed it in the stable of good calls. Can't recommend it enough.

Friday, July 15

kinfolk magazine

A new publication (for "by hand" reading as well as online... though online includes some videos) called Kinfolk.
Kinfolk is a collaborative effort to encourage a more natural approach to entertaining. It's the marriage of our appreciation for art and our love for spending time with family and friends.
-via Kinfolk

I won't steal any photos to put here, but it has a slightly hazeyday vibe. Really like it. Features a handful of youngish, transatlantic photogs and writers, with prose and some recipes all devoted to small gatherings/picnics. Dedicated link for iPad viewing glory.

10engines pal Brian Ferry alerted us to this, his photos are featured a few times throughout.

jack daniel's yee-haw poster documentary

Arnold Advertising created this video for a new Jack Daniel's campaign. They went to Yee-Haw Industries in TN to watch them create a bunch of posters. Are letterpress guys the new rocks stars btw? Add the furniture, crank the quoins... The recent HD cameras just take these vids to another level... Dolly shot! Focal shift! So good.

The other part of the campaign focusses on pure 'Merican pride. Do like the visuals... Including here for completeness.

Thursday, July 14

spindrift soda

Spindrift soda is made with fresh squeezed juice; specific amounts of fruit~ 1/2 a fresh orange, 1/4 of a fresh grapefruit, a whole lemon, 8 blackberries~ and added sparkling water with some evaporated cane juice. Sodas made every 4-6 weeks in tiny batchs, then stored and distributed cold. About $2.50.

Spindrift is brewed and bottled in Worcester, MA. The man behind it, Bill Creelman, who lives in Charlestown, says a spindrift is "the whitewash of a wave." It's a term he picked up while working on a fishing boat. It is health conscious as made from a fresh puree of the fruit so retaining fibers, and the company donates back to water resource preservation.

"There is a bit of a personal crusade to this soda," Creelman said. "Though I realize it's a fun category for people too. It's not called sparkling juice for a reason. Because that's boring. Soda is supposed to be fun."

radio soulwax -librarian girl

Would have posted this anyway but "Librarian Girl" put it over the top... Radio Soulwax app and website from 2manydjs is a radio station with a difference, placing visuals at the heart of the listening experience...
The app is available for use on the iPad and iPhone, and launched just over a week ago containing six hour-long mixes. Each is set to an individual theme and accompanied by bespoke visuals. 2manydjs will then add a new hour-long set to the app each week, until, in a few months' time, users of the app will have a 24-hour musical extravaganza available for their listening and viewing pleasure.

Most of the films are animated album covers but Librarian Girl (referring to the archive librarian, and 'library' music being instrumentals for tv/film) has a creepy 60s vibe. Only a clip above, the full thing is scheduled for 6pm I think...

Found via the CreativeReview blog, bookmark these guys.

Wednesday, July 13

the trout club

The Trout Club, or more formally The Watastiquet Trout Club of Weston, VT gives you a lot of informatian in the name. Watastiquet is a mountain in NH though, near Brattleboro; I don't know the whole story on that part... [update: Wantastiquet is Indian for "waters of the lonely way" and comes from two streams that form in Mount Holly and one runs south through Weston. -thx CH] Regardless, this place is tumblr bait. Pics by friend Skye Chalmers.

Tuesday, July 12

so this happened this morning...

Stuck on the train to Harvard Square for an hour and a half / two hours then walked down the tracks back to Porter, Superman2 style. We were never in danger. T staff gave updates and the Cambridge Jakes were into the whole rescue aspect. One donut was venting to the driver/operator... hardly his fault. #blazecapftw

carhartt duck canvas seat covers

Just announced, and this makes sense. Duck canvas seat covers w/ water repellent finish by Carhartt, created for Ford F150 and SuperDuty trucks. The press release says you can get them here, but searching does not find them...

A friend of ours had seat covers made from old military duffle bags, for his Jeep as below. Might even be better than the Carhartt jobs... the handle in back is key.

Monday, July 11

anthony bourdain in boston

Tony admits he is looking for his idealised old-school Boston (Southie) and he def reinforces the myths here. This is from a few months ago I think, but timely as Whitey has now been aprehended. I do not get into fetishizing the Boston/Irish/Townie sterotype (read All Souls if you are in need of being disallusioned), but some v nice iconicary [new word -ed] camerawork, and hole in the wall eateries. Plus big candlepin segment...

perfect weather last w/e

70-odd degress and no humidty. Does not get much better. Add a pond into the mix and you can entertain kids of all ages. Crawfish, frogs, tadpoles and brook trout were the main attractions.

One of the old horse stalls has been converted into a private chicken coop for these spring chicks, as the guinea hens tend to terminally harrass them... Luxury. The sliding door to their outside ramp is visible, more obvious from below.

Barn score. Andover Shop madras bowtie.

Heard a kee-lassic anecdote that I have to steal/repeat here... Our friend had a reservation for last ferry to get his car over to Nantucket, and was waiting it out in a bar near the terminal [the Raw Bar -ed?]. The Sox are on. It is a random night, no playoff or anything (still summer), anyhow, walkoff moon shot from the Olde Towne Team and a voice rips out (get your Boston accent ready...), "fKin SOX WIN! EveRYBOdy IS DoIN' SHOTS!" And this salty dude buys the bar a round. #epic

Saturday's Whiffle(TM) game went on into the night. Serious pitching. There was a backstop involved. A family of six brothers in the outfield. No messing.

Friday, July 8

fridays are tie days -beau ties of vt

Beau Ties of Vermont have a new line of neck, and bow ties [oxford comma ftw -ed.] in various gingham colors. All cotton, made in VT for those keeping score. Straight shooting blue job above is 40 sheets. Perfect for attending a Green Mountain party outdoors or church service; see you there.