Tuesday, September 30

woodsmen and river drivers

Available from Northeast Historic Film. "Unforgettable individuals who worked for the Machias Lumber Company before 1930 share their recollections of a vanished world of winter life in rough-hewn lumber camps, a spring of raging waters, frozen boots and life-threatening log jams, and summer in the deafening mill as bare hands hold wood to unguarded saw blades. 30 minutes." Awesome stuff. See how to hang an axe handle, make beans in the hole and more...

Check if a convenient library has it using WorldCat. (This is a catalog search which itemizes the collections of over 10,000 libraries in the OCLC global cooperative.)


Great rugged anecdote from a VT friend who worked w/ the Montana forestry service for a while.

Various mid/western state forestry services get a subsidy to use the more expensive (and environmentally friendly) soybean/biodegradable oil as the bar and chain oil in their saws. Most every forestry service worker out there also packs a fishing rod and frying pan too. (you see where this is headed.....) He is out in the field taking dinner with these guys, only to see them tip their saws over, and pour oil from the reservoir onto a hot pan and start fryin away. Classic scene.

More on that gimme cap here.

Monday, September 29


Shame on me...had never heard of these guys, though i understand they were the manufacturers behind many LLBean/EMS and similar winter products. Anyway, Penfield have a raft of winter collaborations coming up as you can see above, and the current releases are right in our wheelhouse. Teflon-coated hickory for damns sake. Sick. Ladies stuff too.

"Penfield was established in Massachusetts in 1975 and have built a reputation for making the highest quality down-filled jackets, fleece and outerwear."

carhartt -new release

I don't need another hat but nice use of archival logo. Shop from home here.

carhartt x burton -final

Final results can be seen here. Thx to Josh at Bern for the tip.

brooks saddle

Project bike i just found in the barn.

peru fair -misty

Animator, illustrator and sculptor Anna Dibble (of Bromley pigdog logo and Space Ghost fame)

Serious cracklin' on top. There was grilled corn too.

Oldy but goody i found, from the 2000 fair.

Friday, September 26

that winter look -10engines

OK, getting silly now. It is raining out, nighttime drive ahead. That is Rosies Jerky btw. Sartorial touch of the braces is a nod to Mr. James Ray Chittenden. Have been on Burton's Mission bindings for a few years, and the trusty Rulers (aren't these really just Workboots??) Also, wear the vest over the jacket, keeps you all bound together. Snap-on hood natch'. Have a Hayes 160 BDRX at the moment but the pictured version seems to be a refresh of that model.

Forgot the gloves...


Heading up to see grandpa this weekend. He used Brylcreem when he lived in Britain, i think he has given up that part of morning regime now. That's one look that hasn't really come back. The rockabilly types at school used black&white instead. You had to warm the stuff up with a hairdryer first to make the wax managable. Per their advertising; "This heavy-duty product is waterproof so it builds up in the hair until you get to the desired effect."

Thursday, September 25

that winter look -grommit edition

Looking forward to winter, and taking a sly leaf out of ACL's book, created our wee boy's dream winter rig. Not sure if he is ready for the hill this year, but hope so. Kids are lucky that the helmets are so cool now; big props to Bern. I have never ridden on Flow bindings but everyone i meet on the lifts swears by them...does kind of make sense. As before, i love all the new bindings, they are freekin' weapons-grade pieces of art. The board graphics are all going a bit crrrazy though. My co-worker rightly asked "what happened to just a black topsheet and maybe a red devil?".

The guys from Grenade have a great story, but going w/ the trusty chainsaw gloves here. Had to throw the chew' in there too... Fooling around w/ Gimp as a photo editor for this.

doctor slang

Article on the history and preservation of slang and shorthand terms used to describe patients. Will have to ask Pops about this... The Dr. Alex Fox in the article is no relation. Doctor slang is a dying art.

CTD - Circling the Drain
GPO - Good for Parts Only
GLM - Good looking Mum
FLK - Funny looking kid
TEETH - Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopathy

Wednesday, September 24

connery x leibovitz x vuitton

Image above is Annie Leibovitz's photograph, which was made especially for the Scottish National Gallery showing of her exhibition and as a gift to Scotland. Medium silver gelatine print, presented by the photographer 1994. Hadn't seen that National Gallery shot before myself...

This news is all over the place but will keep following; rumor has it Sean Connery has posed for Annie Leibovitz again, for the Louis Vuitton “core values” advertising campaign.

woolrich -vintage shirt

Deadstock buffalo plaid Woolrich logger's shirt. Up to $17 now you know where, but not chasing...(have a red version i never wear already, though wear the hell out of a red "chammy"). Patented "Moth-Snub" technology...love it.
[update; went for $41, congrats to ms.winchester]

peru fair -sept 27 (update 2)

"Peru Town Center pig barrel" found via Flickr (thanks atomic otter).

Found via picassaweb (thanks cathy). Further info. I believe there is even a facebook group...

organic eggs

Beyond organic...from Pops' chicken coop. We are digging the coop out this weekend, and if you have never had the pleasure, it is ammonia-city.

You can really see/taste the difference w these eggs though (from store bought), i mean the yolk is practically orange, so rich... One of my earlist Vermont memories is carrying our first laid egg back to the house...and of course i dropped it on the stone doorstep as mom opened the door. Crushed. Me too.

[update; made this quiche w the eggs and homegrown veggies]

Tuesday, September 23

great word: "MOAB"

Will the MOAB (mother of all bailouts) lead to TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it)? Survivalists think so (and use great acronyms too). Via article at Treehugger. The problem for treehuggers is that "if we are going to choose to drown in debt, than so will a good many other dreams also drown." (i.e. worrying about emissions, recycling etc...who cares if you are busy stockpiling ramen and generators). As blogger Mark Ontkush writes at Treehugger, the survivalists also have some hugely practical ideas that we might all take a look at.

[Photo doesn't totally jibe w/ article, but East Coast rural-gothic feel. Like it.]

vintage children's books my kid loves

That is actually the name of a blog i just found here, while looking for info on Burt Dow, Deep Water Man. This book was written by Robert McCloskey (of Make Way for Ducklings and Blueberries for Sal fame). We only have a dvd version w/ the reading voice of perhaps McCloskey?? Great upstate accent though. Anyway, the boy loves it...

Friday, September 19

bank of scotland

From Scots magazine, 1964.

rob and louise

Now THAT is a wedding invitation. Happening in about 12 hours in northern Scotland...GMT that is. Congratulations to Robin Alexander and Louise Graham.

cool the beers on old man winter's tab

Love the 16mm color reversal (guessing)... ok it is for "light" but will take it just this once. Pops said it was almost freezing last night in Peru btw... break out the sweaters. Love all those Errol Morris/High Life ads.

From Peru Fair 2003, 2a.m. Our picture, but thanks to pieguy for the pies.

peru fair -sept 27th (update)

The countdown is on. More info.

america’s public libraries -the economist

Library use may be up simply because the economy is down, but nice article about forward thinking libraries in the flyover states. Bit of a puff piece but library-centric so makes it in. Further reading.


Found via Farm Aid.
"The Greenhorns trailer features a small sampling of young farmers whose soil spans from California to Maine. It's meant as a visual primer more than a depiction of the scope of the film. The final version of the film will include a greater diversity of farming methods, farmer backgrounds, and ag regions."

Hard to do these without getting too folksy/trustafarian but i will keep my eye on these guys.

Thursday, September 18

james bond -intros

Hate to reblog...but this is just our thing. Found via the NYT, via ACL, all the intros to the Bond movies. To use one of my new favourite words (favoured by Draplin Design) it is a "day wrecker". The Intros. These are title intros only...sorry, not the 15 minute mini-movie intros... hope that saves you a click.

bank of scotland swallowed by lloyds

17 SEPTEMBER 2008: HBOS (Halifax Bank of Scotland) agreed to merge with Lloyds TSB, creating a banking giant which will hold close to one-third of the UK's savings and mortgage market. Latest from the BBC here.

Monday, September 15

stanley flask

Found via Uncrate from Design Within Reach. Love the older styling.

francis bacon -article from the ft

I love the spareness of the Financial Times' Arts section. Article after the jump on a current show at Tate Britain. Bacon's stuff is not all easy going admittedly. Formal splendour, ugly panic.

Sunday, September 14

carhartt -advertising

To quote the description on ebay, "nice advertising tag", $10 now. 6 days left.

Thursday, September 11

Wednesday, September 10

peru fair -sept 27

27th Annual Peru Fair
The Peru Fair returned to its home stomping ground last year after a three-year absence. People even come from as far away as Florida...(get the reference zippy folks...??) to experience this fall classic event. The day begins at 9 a.m. with The March of the Porkers Parade at 9:45 a.m., Sat. Sept. 27.

Organic pig roast beginning at 11 a.m., entertainment and 100 Vermont crafts vendors will be on hand, along with hay rides and magic acts. Park at Bromley Mountain where shuttles are waiting to take you to the fair site (or on the south road if you know the score). Last year there was no hanging around the fire, (which was down at the triangle not at the town center), i went down to check, but it was not the fire dept', was some guys from ny state i think, didn't recognize them myself.

This rain/shine event benefits the Peru Scholarship Fund & other town charitable organizations.
For more info email: perufaircommittee@earthlink.net

photo from a few years ago...

prairie home companion -from vt

Haven't heard GK for a while...this was a show from the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction, Vermont last week. With Suzy Bogguss, The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, and The Royal Academy of Radio Actors.

quantum of solace -new trailer

Tuesday, September 9


H.D.Lee Lot 191-LB

This sounds like a staffing group for IT drones...could not be further from that... japanese site detailing historic denim pieces. e-workers.net.

Monday, September 8

the wrestler -mickey rourke

Small clip and interview from Venice Film Festival for The Wrestler; a possible return to limelight for Rourke. Sounds slightly retread (another fight might kill you...ok i'll do it) but the role of bruised/failed fighter def' suits Mickey. No trailer available yet. Darren says on his blog that the final cut was finished just days before Venice. Venice wowed by Rourke comeback via BBC.
There are a lot of pretty grim photos of Rourke nowadays but he is hugely reminiscent for us. Good stuff.

Further reading: Toronto Film Fest writeup.

Friday, September 5

great word: "chimping"

Term used for looking at back of one's digital camera after taking a shot. See SportsShooter.

Thursday, September 4

very 10engines taste

Completely personal smaller omnivore list...all done. See omnivore 100 below to get the full story.

any insanely sharp vt cheddar (cheesum crow)
baked lobster (preferably injected w champagne and butter)
bear stew (preferably at a fire dept game supper)
chicken marbella
colostrum pie
cullen skink
deep fried mars bar
faye and byrd's sparkling apple cider
fiddle head ferns
fish pie with noilly prat sauce
littleneck clams and mignonette
oyster stuffing
pancakes with maple syrup
ramen w/ a boiled egg
raw honeycomb from own hives
roadkill (was on the other 100 list...but a goody)
roast pig from a spit
roasted corn on cob
sashimi in general
smoked gouda (taylor farm)
steamed christmas pudding with foaming apricot/sherry sauce
taylors icecream w nougat wafers
vodka martini (w “tom olives” at silvertones)
white clam sauce


Sis put me onto this, the Onmivore's Hundred.

"The list includes fine food, strange food, everyday food and even some pretty bad food - but a good omnivore should really try it all. Don’t worry if you haven’t, mind you; neither have I, though I’ll be sure to work on it."

Most not earth shattering but may catch you out. The list of 100 foods to try.

last show at pursuit, burlington vt this friday

Pursuit Gallery Owners Move On. The guys will still be in Beerlington, but this Friday is the last hurrah for the gallery.