Thursday, September 25

that winter look -grommit edition

Looking forward to winter, and taking a sly leaf out of ACL's book, created our wee boy's dream winter rig. Not sure if he is ready for the hill this year, but hope so. Kids are lucky that the helmets are so cool now; big props to Bern. I have never ridden on Flow bindings but everyone i meet on the lifts swears by them...does kind of make sense. As before, i love all the new bindings, they are freekin' weapons-grade pieces of art. The board graphics are all going a bit crrrazy though. My co-worker rightly asked "what happened to just a black topsheet and maybe a red devil?".

The guys from Grenade have a great story, but going w/ the trusty chainsaw gloves here. Had to throw the chew' in there too... Fooling around w/ Gimp as a photo editor for this.