Thursday, March 29

us open -powder and rails 2

They could have called this one "An annotated history of VTSP". Chills. Tons of great B&Ws from my old pal Skye Chalmers. Not featured was the one where he snuck out onto the roof of the Bear's Den kitchen to shoot the crowd. That made Snowboarder mag I believe, 1993/94?

Wednesday, March 28


Getting a pair of chocks for the wagon. Lot of hill parking going on. Want to get a set with the rope between then though, for the whole "your flight to Rio is about to depart" flourish when you yank them out.

You know how there is a website for eveything? Yes, there is a Or I could do what Pops does; just keep a pile of wood in the back and throw a log under the back tire...

Monday, March 26


PeaZip is a free file and archive manager, based on solid and proven Open Source technology of 7-Zipfree winrar winzip 7-zip alternative for handling mainstream archive formats, and other great Open Source tools (like FreeARC, PAQ, UPX...) for supporting additional file formats and features, in order to provide an all purpose zip utility featuring a powerful unified GUI that, unlike most of other classic file archivers like i.e. WinZip and WinRar, is natively portable and cross-platform.
Only found this app recently and it really delivers. Does exactly what it says; "All in one utility to extract, create and convert all most popular archive formats (130+). Easy to use GUI with Drag&Drop" -yup.

Wednesday, March 21

make your socks happy

$5 shoe shine. This guy is a magician. BTW Happy Socks at Marshall's if you go right now.

aaron draplin -the whole ball of wax

If you are a scuffling creative thinking about art, escapes, graphic design, putting all your experience into your work -I bet you will like this. If you have been following DDC (you know, Field Notes, yeah that guy) then this is a must watch. Draplin lays it all out there. Recorded at the Walker Art Center in MN on March 6, 2012.

Tuesday, March 20

friends of the somerville public library

When not busy taking pictures of package stores... I volunteer for The Friends of the Somerville Public Library. Have just begun a FB page. "Like" if you want to follow along.
The Friends of the Somerville Public Library is a not-for-profit organization that helps the library and its branches to provide programs, services and materials not covered by the library's normal operating budget. It is 100% staffed by volunteers.
As well as advoacting for all branches of the library in Somerville, we have the freedom [power? -ed] to initiate programming. Can't reveal too much yet but have a very 10enginesy slate of speakers lined up for Summer and Fall. Again, "like" to stay in touch. Or follow on twitter @Friends_SPL.

levis -mixed fabric sack coat

Yes made of 55% polyester "tweed" and made by robots from space but I'll grab this if it goes on sale. Def not posting cause of the bow tie. Like the patch pockets bigtime. Via Levis.

Monday, March 19

striver's row & co

Found via HighSnob. Slightly convoluted website at StriversRowUSA.

check your pins

Through the inbox comes this east coast splitboard video series and blog, Check Your Pins. Ignore the blazing sun out your window and cool off one last time. Still painful watching him saw that snowboard in half haha. Thx Joe.

Friday, March 16

roach's sporting goods -closing

Roach's Sporting Goods in Porter Sq, Cambridge is closing shop. Lease renewal and low sales (of firearms -tough sell in Massachusetts) are major factors.

Bit of a loss. Where else can you get NikWax and fishhooks on Tuesday morning at 9am? Nowhere, that's where. A couple Old Town canoes for sale still down to almost $400 and various ephemera, but the big items including the stuffed heads have already found new homes. I didn't know these guys but would pop in every month or so for essentials (blaze Jones hats...) or gifts (pair of Caviness/Beaver paddles); they were always happy to chat. Lots of great signage and doo-dads left, stop in quick.

Still need a 3 wolves shirt? They have them. Get in quick.

Thursday, March 15

unbeatable advice from the package store

washed up cup -recap 2 courtesy of blotto


There is something serene about these first two shots. Really stopped the clock here, fantastic. Then the mood turns into a blasted heath, with the cackling crowd. Almost Shakespearian. No, not too much.





Embarrassment of riches is not the new Kanye album... but how I feel when principal photographer for Burton Snowboards, Dean "Blotto" Gray lets you post his pics... huge thx. One shot from every turn pretty much. Brendan Foster about to get swallowed by that gate at the end...

Wednesday, March 14

lambchop -mr met (coupler remix)

Like this take. Mr. Met (Coupler Remix) from the Lambchop album "Mr. M" on City Slang /

washed up cup 2012 -recap

Image © Ali Kaukas

Not to flog a dead horse but last Friday night this snowboard race went down during the larger US Open Snowboarding Championships; The Washed Up Cup. The course was 4 banks turns, over a roller, 4 more gates then a decent sized jump. Your 2 timed runs were combined, with seconds knocked off if you hit the jump with style. Long/short it was a chance for a lot of these older guys and girls to get fired up and sh*t talk, sneak beers, and break out some vintage gear. Hats off to the race crews who worked through the field of 100 riders in just over 2 hours.

Many thanks to Ali Kaukas, Michael Chantry, Ken Myers and Nate Simpson for sharing their photos.

These guys were "in charge". Good stuff. Image © Michael Chantry

Image © Ali Kaukas

Hobie Chittenden. Image © Ali Kaukas

Burton senior product development specialist, Chris Doyle on edging patrol.
Image © Ali Kaukas

Racing gloves. #want Image © Ali Kaukas

93/94 Image © Ali Kaukas

Test run via TByrnes instagram.

Co-organizer Seth Neary at the kitchen table "gate". Josh Wylie running a mint Burton Cruiser.
Images © Michael Chantry

Tricia Byrnes dropping in. Image © Michael Chantry

Other co-organiser Steve Hayes. Big smiles. Image © Michael Chantry

Curt Gurry, eventual winner. Image © Michael Chantry

Gurry on course. #bashgates Image © Ken Myer

Neary. Early runs were "goggles up" for many as darkness fell.
Image © Ken Myers

Legendary US Open commentator Chris Copley mercilessly razzed the racers.
Image by © Ali Kaukas

Go gO GO! Great shot © Nate Simpson

First banked turns. Started to snow, hard. Image © Nate Simpson

Image © Ken Myers.

Race order at the top. Image © Nate Simpson
View from the bottom. Image © Ken Myers