Friday, October 31


Neil discusses his love of a good flannel shirt. The fashion industry just never got him... Big new documentary from the BBC screening tonight in the UK. More here. Or listen to RustRadio now.


Making the effort...good one brother.

Thursday, October 30

warms you twice

"Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice." -Henry Ford
Some argue wood heats you four times; chop, split, stack and burn. Putting the siblings to work above.


The kid loves whales now, since watching Burt Dow. The image above is from a Seattle designer Derek Sullivan who designed some of last year's Hayes Brothers boards.

guilty pleasure -pipe gloves

Guilty pleasure here, no not drinking bud... pipe gloves. Above, old Burton's, who were in early on this idea, though i remember people using crosscountry gloves quite a bit in the springtime before anyone made gloves especially for the task. Anyway...have a bit of a thing for these now and the designs are getting ridic'. Had been looking for the below from Drop and just found them now, they were actually last year's (not sure they ever made it out??) but love the Levi's homage. Found them for $15 from REI.

The game changers were Danny Kass and Grenade Gloves though. Remember 2001; Danny took the top spot at the USOpen fronting Grenade Gloves as his sponsor... the beauty of it was, he didn't even wear gloves. The gloves hadn't even been made at that point. Still the Grenade crew had already sprayed/bombed the grenade logo over every mountain in the US...and there was no actual product. Brilliant. Further reading. They have really legitimized (ironically) the category of "glove company" in snowboarding. [NB: i am not affiliated w Kass and co. at all... he did yell "Open Season baby!" into the camera once though... nice young man.]
Still like to be an old codger and wear lifties or old chainsaw gloves though... especially on the busy days.

Wednesday, October 29

the thirty-nine steps

John Buchan (1st Baron of Tweedsmuir) wrote the The Thirty-Nine Steps in 1915, but the 1935 Hitchcock film, The 39 Steps (note slight name change) may be more familiar. Criterion has a fantastic blog that abstracts the movie; stills and commentary. (Criterion Collection release available here). I love it as an early thriller, and soft spot for me due to the Scottish locations. We lived for a while near Tweedsmuir, in Broughton, now home to the John Buchan Center.

Want to read it right now?? You betcha... Bartleby lets you read the full text online here; an awesome resource.

Broughton Place (we lived in the servants' quarters), found on flickr, thx Kevin 76


Weather turning so time for these monsters to get dusted off. Hiking boots from Scarpa. I thought this was somehow linked to Scarpa Flow, but no. SCARPA is Societ Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima (meaning Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo mountain area). Bday present from last year, thx brother.

Tuesday, October 28

whassup -change

Full article in tomorrow's WSJ. Read and learn how to license your intellectual rights, filmmakers. Whassup lives.


Golf. So much better a) in the British Isles b) in the 60's
If you have not read Goldfinger... do yourself a favour and read the golf chapter at least.

"Golf... is the infallible test. The man who can go into a patch of rough alone, with the knowledge that only God is watching him, and play his ball where it lies, is the man who will serve you faithfully and well." -P. G. Wodehouse

Monday, October 27

kurt wagner -tiny desk concert

Great new(?) series from NPR. This was from over 2 weeks ago..not sure how it slipped by. Watch and listen here. 28 minutes, good stuff.

engine #10

Not related to the name 10engines at all, but apropos.


The kid's backpack, heirloom from EMS. The picture of simplicity. 2 straps, 2 zips. Older logo.

Sunday, October 26


Pic created with a Polaroid sim, called Poladroid; courtesy of ACL. Nice little app. Cheers. [Update 4/7/09: the PC version has been available for a little while too now.]

Friday, October 24

200 -time to take stock

With this 200th i thought i would revisit some of the earlier posts. Really want to make a Herculean effort to only post original(ish) content going forward, not reblog other people's. With that in mind, there will not be multiple postings every day. News is allowed though, and i will loosely take that to include product releases.

Pissed i left the camera at home... this early a.m. walked through Harvard Square and saw a huge new install (done last night??) from Shep (obey) Fairey and co. There a few pics at their official blog. Shot below from my phone does not do it any justice. Installation is about 15 different designs, some 10footers...plastered squarely across the old Greenhouse. It is pretty big, the crappy photo below is about 1/4 of the total size.

In homage to the great ACL blog, i also swung by the JPress shop in Harvard Square and found Pops' Christmas present. Stitched squares not printed, natch'.

Some previous 10engines posts lost in the mists of time:
Sears Western
Jayne's Flowers
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Carhartt Warning
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Martini -Twist

What to look forward to: more Boston-centric posts (just had a fantastic walk through the fish/veggie market. Ok, half of the produce is from India and Mexico and uses banned pesticides but hey, it is cheap...)
I'll be following any news of the Julie & Julia movie closely.
The upcoming Pawlet game supper.
Thanksgiving food.
The Tintin movie.
Cowhide-label vintage Lee jeans.
High Life.

Thursday, October 23

snowed last night -southern vt

Stratton. Courtesy of Hubert Schriebl.

waylon forever

A few days ago was looking to post a Waylon Jennings song "crying" that i hadn't heard until recently. That is below now as a seeqpod link. But Shooter has just released a "duet" type album with recordings of his dad that he encouraged Waylon to record over 10 years ago. "Waylon Forever is a potent burst of contemporary Southern rock that has its roots in a project Waylon Jennings recorded with his son." Further reading via WSJ. The result is Waylon Forever.

SeeqPod - Playable Search

farming and rural issues in election

Where do John McCain and Barack Obama stand on agricultural issues? Farm Aid has done some digging and produced a table to look at here. There is further reading on Obama's site under Rural Issues, which includes rural health challenges e.g. meth' use. I had trouble finding the area on McCain's site that dealt with rural and farm issues, if someone sees it please send the link.

happy birthday ben

You've come a long way baby...

Wednesday, October 22

quantum of solace -snap review

"If it's got an engine, and runs on fuel, and can crash into another similarly powered vehicle, with Bond at the wheel, and preferably with a delicious female companion in the passenger seat - well, it goes in the movie." Further reading/spoilers.

Pet peeve: use of "it's got". Use "it has". "It(ha)'s got" is redundant.

Tuesday, October 21

something in the cupcake mix

Johnny's Halloween limited editions came out last friday and pics starting to pop up. My in-laws are named might have to get one of these.

the wrestler -clip

Still no production trailer for The Wrester but this is a good. Would rather post a full trailer than just a clip of Mickey crying...but you definately get a feel for the general tone. A few more at TrailerAddict.

Monday, October 20


Huge effort. Luis Soriano, of La Gloria, Colombia, created the "Biblioburro". Two donkeys trek with him to bring books to rural communities. Via the New York Times, A Whimsical Riff on the Bookmobile.

martini -twist

I have been "warming the icecubes" for Pops ever since I was old enough to figure out 2/3 and 1/3 (wet gin martini...shudder). Taking a different angle, these are the things that make or break a 'tuni, a see-through, a silver bullet...for me. A generous and well made twist (use a peeler, and avoid pith at all costs), sufficiently chilled everything and shaken, cold liquor. Optimally the glass is filled to the absolute rim, pushing the limits of the meniscus surface tension. Shake until hands stick to the shaker, and when I look down at the resulting cocktail I want to be reminded of Shackleton. Shaken martinis are also more effective in deactivating hydrogen peroxide than the stirred variety...essential obviously...further reading

A point that is lost with many bartenders is the twist of the twist (more of a pinch really IMHO). The action allows a spritz (with a healthy plump lemon almost a viper spit) of lemon oil, that is visible on the surface (as below). 

Zip the twist around the rim too, unless it is already submerged in vodka (as per meniscus comment).

Sunday, October 19

second cut

Many professions and activities have a key idea, and second cut is something to understand in ag/rural areas. When/if/how much hay can be produced on that essential second growth. If you have never had to deal with some freekin cowboy hauling winter-stored hay all the way from a neighboring state then please read. I don't think the flats in VT even get 3rd cut. Love this image from last year's snowboard ppp. Yeah Chris. Check the body symmetry of a wee boy w/o a care in the world running in a hay field and Rotax sliding over a bale... that is what it is all about.

Wednesday, October 15

up in smoke

Not the Sox chances... though this might not bode well...the Citgo sign is on fire...right now.
[update Oct. 20: Sox out, but were almost one swing away from taking it, and plenty banged up. Last we'll see of 'Tek?? He practically won game 6 between the throw out and then the homer.]

adam haynes

Saw this image a few months ago and finally tracked it down. Adam Haynes, Oregon graphic designer (is everyone in Oregon a gd?? crazy.) Check his site for more, and his Nike6.0 stuff here.

Tuesday, October 14

goggles -unreal deal

Above, $15 for a limited time, direct from Spy, to complete the look.
Or go retro race-inspired for $100 as below.

Sunday, October 12

oven stick

Never saw these before...brilliant idea. I feel a promo imprint coming on. Made in USA.

Friday, October 10


Great piece on Rockmount and Jack Weil from DesignObserver, via Above, Clark Gable filming The Misfits in a Rockmount.


Verging very close to jack*ss slacks terrritory here...can def' see my younger brother in these...i kid (comma) because i care. $280, ouch. Nice shirt though.

mail -knitted

After the Royal Mail post, got this from a cousin "in textiles" (as they say) a knitted postcard. She also makes Arran sweaters for your mp3 player. Sweet.

Thursday, October 9

carhartt -williams' store

Having some fun at H.N. Williams store in Dorset, VT. These guys have a couple of floors of Carhartt workwear, also deadstock Pointers, hunting gear, felt crushers, boots, tools, coffee, chew..."if they dont have it..." etc.

levi's -digging in the crates

Remember this? It was the alt-ending to this one. Only played a few times in Europe once the original was established. Classic... anachronistic music was genius IMHO.

miller x camo

Have to look for this new colorway... Missed last year's blaze orange fall release.


I love the post office, here and in Britain. Sending a letter hundreds of miles away in 48 hours for 50 cents...amazing. Just found this story- "While working for her degree at Glasgow School of Art Harriet Russell decided to find out exactly what lengths the men and women of the Royal Mail were willing to go to to ensure the safe delivery of her missives." Instead of addreses the illustrator made puzzles for the mailcarriers. And they were up to it.

Wednesday, October 8