Friday, October 24

200 -time to take stock

With this 200th i thought i would revisit some of the earlier posts. Really want to make a Herculean effort to only post original(ish) content going forward, not reblog other people's. With that in mind, there will not be multiple postings every day. News is allowed though, and i will loosely take that to include product releases.

Pissed i left the camera at home... this early a.m. walked through Harvard Square and saw a huge new install (done last night??) from Shep (obey) Fairey and co. There a few pics at their official blog. Shot below from my phone does not do it any justice. Installation is about 15 different designs, some 10footers...plastered squarely across the old Greenhouse. It is pretty big, the crappy photo below is about 1/4 of the total size.

In homage to the great ACL blog, i also swung by the JPress shop in Harvard Square and found Pops' Christmas present. Stitched squares not printed, natch'.

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What to look forward to: more Boston-centric posts (just had a fantastic walk through the fish/veggie market. Ok, half of the produce is from India and Mexico and uses banned pesticides but hey, it is cheap...)
I'll be following any news of the Julie & Julia movie closely.
The upcoming Pawlet game supper.
Thanksgiving food.
The Tintin movie.
Cowhide-label vintage Lee jeans.
High Life.