Tuesday, October 7

obama logo

Above graphic by Felix Sockwell.

Fantastic update on the origins of the Obama logo, who/how the website is produced, some recent news items and more, more, more, quality design links via Draplin Design Company.

Design, as art, is a matter of life and death to some. In that sense they are not just discussing logos here folks... or red states, blue states. The financial meltdown is affecting the rest of the world (and if our friends in the UK lose their retirements because an Icelandic bank just failed, you could argue that is subprime USA lending at fault as well), so when Bernanke says the downside risks to growth have increased... it's a little too cute. [Disclaimer: i went to the London School of Economics, and one thing i have found with economists and especially brokers; they are great at telling you what just happened.]
Another design site i've been lurking is Kitsune Noir who made this banner below.