Sunday, December 29

10E2647: Holy NOS | E.M.Sales

Came across this storybook ebay reseller E.M.Sales recently, featuring a 53foot semi trailer full of NOS car parts, fishing equipment, farm clothing, and boots...
"...we are in Kansas City and received a referral about a small town farm store that was a 3 generation family store. Long story short, the 3rd generation finally decided to sell the company because of problems finding staffing... Turns out the entire attic of the store was used for storage, and they used to sell clothing and buy by the truckload in the 80's. They stopped selling clothing 20 years ago, and had all this stored in the attic the entire time. We have only posted about 15-20% of the items we received... "
Out of the blue find and nothing to do w me personally - but you can click some images to go direct...  or here for all. Not just old Carhartt, deadstock chambray and denims too and lots more...

Monday, December 16

10E2646: Heritage (62W) Double Fronts | Carhartt Reissue

I had a correct vintage pair like this but JUST donated to my boss... great to see these reissued. Made in USA at $59?!  Cannot sniff at that. Hoping the legs are straight.  link    UPDATE - waist is almost cut straight (good) but do not size down - they will pinch...

"Each piece in the Heritage Collection include a throwback "Car in Heart" logo patch, which was used from 1889 until approximately 1900 on bib overalls created for railroad workers. Additionally, Carhartt is reintroducing its "Red Duck" fabric, which first appeared during World War I when it was used in response to the inability of manufacturers to obtain blue denim dyes [...]  The fabric remains Carhartt's renowned brown duck fabric, but in a red tinted colorway unique to this collection."

Friday, December 13

10E2645: "Cast Iron" Cleaners

Mrs. Engines might say "you take better care of those iron pans than you do your own children..."  Ouch. Haha.

Found these scrubs made in Massachusetts. Not a sponge. Sponges are gross...  Braided nylon 'puck' you might say - for kitchen scrubbing but especially cast iron.  2 for $10. Contact EmptyNestBags for yours.

Tuesday, December 3

10E2644: Knives Out

Rip-roaring whodunnit... Lot of elements; from Sleuth and the mystery writer / plot controller, to Murder On the Orient Express "did everyone do it - and excessively accented detective", and much more.  Yes the house itself is also a character in this one...   

If you live in the Boston area and want to see this properly you HAVE to see it at Fine Arts in Maynard. A piece of the plot revolves around a car chase and more along Maynard's Main Street. And if you have seen the movie, yes those stores on the right are real.

Also! There is a fantastic Grey Gardens-styled "great nana" character who keeps popping up. Fur and tweeds. Indoors. Key.

Thursday, November 21

10E2643: 20,000 Blankets Under The Sea

Ned (Kirk Douglas): There's only one thing to do when a fella's made a mistake as big as this... [saving Captain Nemo from squid death].
Conseil (Peter Lorre): What?
Ned: Get drunk!

Harpooner Ned Land catches a nap on the Nautilus.  Strong blanket game w/ Grecian motif.

 Etsy find.

ALSO - the ABYSS was 30 this year.

Thursday, November 14

10E2642: Deadstock 10E sticker pack $5

SOLD OUT  NOS.  6 item 10E crate dig sticker pack; 2 of each Stormrider/Open Season/Tree = 10" squared of vinyl.  $5 shipped.

Pro travel tip - stick on the bottom of your laptop so you aren't staring at 3 identical silver MacBooks in the TSA recovery line... 

Open Season was 1999 wintertime effort w director&filmer Bollenbacher. The beginning... watch

Tuesday, October 29

10E2641: The Lighthouse merch

"Lack of human contact is no excuse not to warsh up, swab the deck, and smell your best. Set includes 1 scented beard oil fit for a sea king and 1 lathering soap"... via A24

Tuesday, October 15

10E2640: Carrie Wicks - Reverie cd release party | Seattle, WA

The Carrie Wicks Quintet performing next week to support release her new Reverie album
October 22nd at the Royal Room, 5000 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle WA.       
$18 on the door - opens at 7pm.
"A restrained, deeply musical jazz singer who also co-writes genre-busting songs, Carrie Wicks is one of a kind."
Cosign! Carrie is sister-in-law here... and might be listed in the dictionary under 'jazz, cocktail'...
She’ll be joined by the stellar Reverie band: longtime accompanists Bill Anschell on piano and Jeff Johnson on bass, plus D’Vonne Lewis on drums and Brent Jensen on saxes.

Monday, October 14

10E2639: Universal Works - h core you know the score

Stay safe...and warm via Stag

Moccasin meets bowling shoe plus kilties x Sebago via Universal Works

'Bakers' jacket and apron in hickory.  Made up for a triple threat Bottiglieria

Sunday, September 15

10E2638: Heritage and Handiwork - rope as decoration only

In a twist [o! -ed.] of fate one of the clients I work with as a digital asset management (DAM) librarian is Samson Rope (holder of the oldest active Federal trademark, 1884). That reminded me of the bones [guts -ed.] of an an old 10e post on rope as decoration. One day will expand on it... intro as below... 


Rope in a nonfunctional form, and its motifs, has long been used in housewares and as an accessory. The addition of a rope motif reminds us of nautical exploits, but why is there a long lasting cultural attraction? Were any persons particularly responsible for propagating this tradition? Which more and less well known references to the rope trade still linger on in New England, unknowingly continuing this tradition? Have rope references, its vocabulary, and idioms become part of everyday speech and daily life? Spoiler - they have.

Loose cannon, or the bitter end!  Will let you discover those literal meanings... 

“Photographic portrait of Mrs. D. Williams made in 1885. She is posed standing next to a chair and wearing three rings, matching rope style bracelets and a dress with intricate decorative applique.” Courtesy of the Nantucket Historical Association.

Rope now tends to function as a nod to Romantic and Transcendental notions that are reflected in our recollection of the sailing and whaling industries of the 18th and 19thC. And why not! Sailors and whalers were the gladiators and astronauts of their time. Rope’s appearance in our digitally connected lives can produce a “shock of the old”, that hearkens to that former time. If lucky, it delights us, though we sometimes bask in modernity...

Steven Spielberg looking over a script during the filming of Jaws on Martha's Vineyard, MA, 1974.
A rope 'bracelet' (tied in a turks head style) was a common sailor's accessory as mopped sweat well.  IRL smells like dog pretty quickly...

This nautical romanticism is so ingrained in our psyche that we do not question its provenance. By detailing those references we can re-discover the roots of this phenomenon, deepening our connection with the sea - or at least be entertained and enlightened. 

Any full investigation would inevitably include mention of various types of knots, splicing, and uses of rope in the 19th century whaling industry (for instance Melville dedicated a whole chapter to Monkey Rope), but that is not the primary focus. Reminder, we all tie our shoes... we are closer to the subject matter than we might realize. 


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Friday, September 13

10E2637: That Archives Conference Look

Pumped like a Reebok sneaker - to be headed to an archives conference next week. An ultimate “worlds collide”... The ICA Section on Business Archives conf' references (NPI) my day job as I&E Librarian for DAM Image Relay, but even better it is being held at Levis with a stacked '10engines' style attendees list from Carhartt, Red Wing and more. Basically required to wear this Troy Mills blanket lined Type III jacket I found at the Thirty Attic (VT) about 30 years ago. hashtaguniform hashtagdamlibrarian

Friday, August 9

10E2636: Combi Gingham

Jumpsuit tied at the waist.  Yup. From OMIL; "There's no such things as a bad gingham shirt. This is just science."  Haha 100%. Give me 2 ginghams and double your fun.  via Strato. 

Friday, August 2

10E2635: Wood's

James Wood & Sons, established 1890. Barber shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Services schoolboys to skinheads. Heavy reliance on the clippers. I def make a point when travelling to visit a local barber, but haven't been here for over 25 years. Looks to have barely changed...

Tuesday, July 30

10E2634: The Lighthouse

Filmed in 35mm B&W in an old timey aspect ration, Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson star in The Lighthouse, from director Robert Eggers (The Witch). In Theaters October 18. 'American Gothic' filmed in Nova Scotia for coast of late 19th C Maine. Heavy nautical vibes.   They read from
Sarah Orne Jewett [I bet County of the Pointed Firs? - ed] for dialect inspo - some speaking parts of that pretty thick...

Friday, July 26

10E2633: Amanda Winterhalter - Gothic Americana Tunes

To quote my jazz singing sister in-law "Amanda Winterhalter. You might like her stuff too; she's working on getting her second album out." 

Also Mountain Man are playing at Seattle's Crocodile (The Croc to the locals apparently) next Tuesday.  Get tickets.

Friday, May 24

10E2632: Book Sale | Acton, MA | June 1

My volunteer gig is for a local "friends" group that has a unique function - not only granting raised money to the local town library [natch' - ed.], but also to in town (there are 6 elementaries including the one in the town over), plus the jr high and high school libraries too. Pretty neat.

Just like your home town library book sale the materials sold are donated by residents - and gotta say this sale is stacked. Silly. Stocked to the gills. This is Acton (Massachusetts) not far from Walden Pond.  20 minutes from Alewife off the Concord rotary. Next Saturday. Come by.

 Hat tip to our high school volunteers who help us sort and carry all year round.

Tuesday, April 9

10E2631: Umbrella Pr0n

In the 1960s one could go to the lost and found at Kings Cross and say "I seem to have misplaced my brolly... it was a simple black affair with a bamboo handle..." and probably walk away in good shape.  Better get your initials engraved on the silver band so you don't lose yours.  Whangee is the shorthand name for the cane handled job above, a type of bamboo.

All of the above via James Smith & Sons (London). They have some amazing g'narled wood walking sticks too. Believe some/all of them may be manufactured by Fox Umbrellas in fact; handmade in England.  

Course they do a parrot headed version for the nanny too...