Wednesday, July 7

love a good submarine drama -the abyss

They don't make 3hour submarine dramas like they used too... Could spend any autumn afternoon watching u-boats. The Abyss is a serious guilty pleasure. Ed The Head in hero mode and i'll admit i get a little weepy for husband/wife teams at the end. Sidenote; a commercial diver acquaintance says they sometimes takes naps in the mud when working underwater to ride out hangovers, cant even fathom it. [ouch -ed.]

Anyhow, love the wedding band in the door scene. You know the one; where Bud gets pissed at Lindsey and throws his ring into the oil-rig chemical toilet (Seiko 6309-7049, talking to you Nick...) then has to dig it out...

...then 2 minutes later his wedding band stops the hydrolic door from closing and trapping him in the backfilling sub... that part. Claustrophobics need not apply.

As well as featuring Reese (Michael Biehn, from Cameron's previous Terminator) going off as a scenery-chewing bugged-out Marine, The Abyss has my favourite movie punch of all time. RopesOfSilocon did a bit on greatest movie punches a year or so ago and the below is the first thing I thought of -WHAM!.