Monday, July 26

take engines -vt edition

Take Engines is the cutesy phrase I've been using for 10e's woodsy/preppy posts; a reference to a certain book that has been reissued recently, but you got that right?

Long/short: attended church to celebrate the 80th birthday of a local legend in Peru, VT -the mostly retired JP Kermit Reilly. Woodsy (the term I co-opted above) is his term; meaning "not living in town". If the halfstarved, barefoot kids at the rural 1-room schoolhouse are calling you woodsy, then times must really be tough. He compared his forceps assisted birth in 1930 to pulling a block of ice out of the frozen mill pond. He has a million other pearls like that. Absolute gem of a man.

The church was packed. Sis snapped the above, and a lot going on in the background but just resurrected this muted madras jacket (old Pops number) and it is ftw. The old boy in seersucker ahead had blue/white topsiders down below -fantastic. Others rocked Sunday SOP khakis/oxford etc. Wilbur goes hi/lo with personalized steel buckle. The prelude was "Feed the Birds" and the first hymn was "I'll Fly Away" -cue waterworks...

Rest of the w/e was spent feeding animals, fishing, and a lobster feast to visit w/ Uncle Bob.

The blueberries were picked that morning. Not bad...