Thursday, July 24

bjork -who is it

Bjork, Rahzel and the (Westminster?) Bell Ringers Choir...who have been on Jonathan Ross any number of times...

pursuit gallery -burlington vt

Pursuit Gallery in Burlington VT has (semi-legendary openings and) shows every few months, featuring local and national artists. Full listing at Founders are photog Skye Chalmers and Driven Studio design guy Seth Neary.

PSA collab between Burton Snowboards and Cabot Cheese above; layout by Driven Studio.

sean connery -the offence

Saw "The Dark Knight" last night (intense, and yes Ledger nails it) but there is an interogation room scene that puts me in mind of this Connery classic The Offence. In that one, Sean beats the prisoner to death (sorry, spoiler alert...) after a verbal and psychological battle. Serious 70's heavy mustache and car coat style on Sean...and brutal dialogue. A must-see.

cattle grid

You don't see them as much in the US, more in rural Britain, but the sound of driving up to someone's house and over the cattle grid (du-dah-dah) brings back memories. At our old house in Scotland, the sheep got wise...they would lean down and roll on their back/side to get over the grid...mission impossible stylee.


Have really fallen "out of love" with Freshjive's stuff the last few years, but this throwback shirt is a re-released classic. Turntable Lab again here.

Wednesday, July 23

reminds me of nan'

Raining and misty, looks like Nantucket out on Charles Street. Whaling Museum is a must see if you are heading to out to the Grey Lady. Further reading.

madras purcells

When i see the word madras i always think of the "socs" (even though i did just reread The Outsiders, i always think of them...) My docksiders currently have tape holding the front together...need some shoes.
But can these sneaks be pulled off without tipping into fey territory... 20% off $29 now at J. Crew.

quantum of solace -revisit

Bit late in the game to put this up, but haven't seen it for a week or so...Quantum of Solace trailer

Tuesday, July 22

red wing #875

Red Wing supposedly developed these boots with the legendary white crepe sole for some very practical purposes...the sole was designed so that it would not pick up debris, such as manure, in fields and barns; and the white sole allowed a farmer’s wife to see his boots were clean when entering the house.

Not sure if that is BS or what..have a call into Red Wing Boots (not joking) checking on that little nugget, will let you know.

boston brands part4: Sully's Tees

Firmly in the "t-shirt to get drunk with" (and loving it) is
Sully's Tees. Come on...the "irish tux" t-shirt is pretty slick.

boston brands part 3: The Red Seat

Inevitably, a lot of the graphics around here center around a small baseball team called "The Sox", maybe you have even heard of them... The Red Seat utilizes a poster-art look, and some great original images.

boston brands part 2: Johnny Cupcakes

No breaking news here...but definately have to include Johnny (Cupcakes) Earle. Others have written and galleried the hell out of him here, here, and here. And if you have not read his story, you can check it on his site here. The store(s) blow the site away for selection, so worth the trip...

boston brands part 1: back east designs

Back East Designs is a positive vibe of east-coast tough-love street-skating and bosox imagery. Easy transition to snowboarding when the weather turns. BackEast

james bond

Load of Bond stuff in the Times Online today (that's The Times of London natch')...especially this map of Fleming haunts. Bond: Times Online

james hook

It is almost 2 months now since James Hook Lobster on the Boston Harbor burned down. The weathervane pic is from last year...and the family has vowed to rebuild, so looking forward to some thanksgiving or at least xmas lobbies.
Day-of story here

Monday, July 21


It was a treat to get sent up to the attic at granny's house. Get the pole-and-hook and pull down the trap door...and the ladder came shooting down. Clamber up (don't clonk your head) and you would be in another world of grampa's clothes, his golf clubs and art supplies.


Easy pickles: wash or even better soak your picked pickles overnight, then put in old pickle juice for 24 hours minimum... That is practically blasphemy in pickles "circles"...obviously there can be a lot more to it than that...Pick Your has fuller instructions.


Loving our small garden. Lettuce especially has been a real winner. Keep planting rows every few weeks...

Friday, July 18


Trailer is out here. Btw, have to say that i love Hypersnap, available here for all screen grabs etc. They even have a version to grab movies and sound (Hypercam) sort of like AudioHijack on crack.

farm aid, Sept 20th, at great woods...

Alongside farmers and food buyers at the Copley Square Farmers Market, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Governor Deval Patrick welcomed Farm Aid co-founder John Mellencamp to New England as he announced Farm Aid 2008 Presented by Whole Foods Market and Horizon Organic. The concert will take place on September 20th at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA.

No secret that we are Willie fans (try to say that w/o double entendre) so pretty fired up.
Tickets go on sale 10am EST July 28th.

Full press release and more info at Farm Aid.

carhartt -vintage

Others have written all about why brown duck cloth is used here and here, but just drool over some pieces from Ballyhoo Vintage that are available to buy now. Sort of pissed that the cut of the double-front pants was changed a few years ago (2006?)...anyway, one more reason to search out the deadstock.

The Reference Library blog keeps a good eye out for the old stuff too. "carhartt bandana" used to be one of my ebay saved searches...

At the other end of the spectrum is Carhartt Europe, a licensee of the name with its own manufacturing and designs. You can see the full series of the below ads here by a Belgium artist Dave DeCart.

Thursday, July 17

katie morag

The series of children's books "Katie Morag" are suitable for families w new siblings, daughters, or children w grandparents on the scene. That covers most kids... the rural setting is great (the Isle of Struay, based on the real Isle of Coll off the west coast of Scotland). There was supposed to be an animated series as well, but it seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. More info at the clunky publisher's site here.

oor wullie

I grew up reading Oor Wullie at my Scottish granny's house in Fife and it still delivers. There are only a few sites out there dedictated to the bucket-sitting, tacketty-boot wearing, fish supper eating scallywag, but That's Braw is the best of the small bunch. Borrowed from the site is the below explanation of some colloquialisms.

Oor Wullie (and the Broons) are famous for their limited range of memorable exclamations. These are basically corruptions of religious terms... as below.

Jings: derived from Jesus
Crivvens: derived from Christ
Help Ma Boab : derived from help me god or so help me god
Michty Me: derived from Mighty God or Almighty God or God Almighty

Wednesday, July 16

they dont build 'em like that anymore

Even extreme makeover shows don't remember to include the "ash tray" tiles. This was from the aged GP's house in England.

power bands

Before Rusty James came along, there were "power bands", sold in the back of comic books along with x-ray spex and itching powder. Don't buy them off the street when there are plenty of leather workers out there that can whip one up for you custom. Here is the 10engines version.

Tuesday, July 15

the real deal "junior"

Does your little one love Pixar's "Cars"... well teach him about the real Hudson Hornet, Richard "the King" Petty and the rest here with this great article from Business Week.

I can't wait to take him to Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont... will blow his mind...


1 and 1/2 oz vodka
3 oz chilled beef bouillon
1 dash Worcestershire sauce
1 dash salt/pepper
Ripped sprig of celery or parsley
Rim glass w/ celery salt or Mrs. Dash if you like that kind of thing.

Martini w homegrown pickle slices.
Do you add vermouth... or just look over at the bottle?
If you have some cornichons or funky pickles slices like Moon Brine those are a nice pun intended.
Ice cubes only in there cause i'm getting old...warming the ice cubes etc.

Pfister Mister.
1/2 a maple grading glass of syrup.
Fill the rest of the glass w JD.