Monday, August 31

10E2471: That State Fair Look

Just back from the Minnesota State Fair, or the Great Get Together as they call it. File under 'good times'. If you have not had the pleasure it is 20% Ag, 20% rides and shows, and 60% fried food. With a little beer drinking mixed in... As in many fairgrounds there were various approximations of the Tilt-A-Whirl. The Sizzler, Tornado, Whirlwind... all work on the same chaos premise to trick the brain, as rotating arms move across a moving plane. Minnesota native Herbert W. Sellner invented the Tilt-A-Whirl in 1926, in nearby Faribault (of mill and blanket fame). More on that town later...

It is not enough to fry everything though. It must be on a stick. This is for convenience of vendor as much as consumer. 

MN Dairy Assoc. has some pretty hip design work going on. Drink all you can from an overhead spigot (into your cup) for $2. Once you stand down you are done.

Down in beer alley the night was young so not too much music yet, but this wireless-guitared dude and his buddy were good value. Having fun, letting loose and why the hell not. It's 11:30. AM.

Cheese Curds. The 'fried' is implied and understood. New to me [East coaster - ed], curd is die sized lumps of barely cheese; milk with rennet but whey removed. Not aged. Imagine nuggets of mozzarella sticks but not stringy. And no bread crumbs. Totally acceptable.

Good deals or sales on all these over at Huckberry:
RW&B cap
Topo Designs chambray shirt
Ollo clip
Chippewa walking boots
Outsiders-style denims from Crawford Denim
Sis-in-law drove from Seattle to MN through Yellowstone and picked up this bandanna map

The weather in MN was not-hot thankfully. Low 70s. A couple of stalls near the arena would stamp out a belt for you with MINDY, or 10ENGINES, or whatever you wanted. The counter seats by the ring are open to all by the way... get close.

Friday, August 21

10E2470: Ursa Major Get Hoppin' Fresh

We are big fans of Ursa Major for their super natural and damn good skin care range. Their Fantastic Face Wash is essential kit.

If you have not followed their cross-country skiing / waterhole swimming / dogs at work-heavy instagram you may not know that Emily and Oliver are the couple behind the brand.

They have just introduced their long awaited natural deodorant as well; hints of ginger, rosemary, lemon, chamomile and grapefruit. Unisex. Get in on the ground floor by supporting their kickstarter and save $11 off a brace of sticks. The early-bird special is almost all gone... jump over there.

Wednesday, August 19

10E2469: Take Engines - Ivy Madras Shorts

Like something out of an O'Connells yard sale - these GTH madras pants were more GTFO... so now hemmed as ivy-tastic shorts. Perfect for strolling across the Yard or playing Episcopal Golf.

7" inseam. Hook and eye closure. Button tab. $1 thrift find.

Monday, August 17

10E2468: Episcopal Golf Rules

Unexpectedly attended church last Sunday but fortunately it was 'summer chapel' and bright colors are almost required. "The Uniform" of khakis, blue blazer and no socks was in effect for most of the gentleman of a certain age, yes. Fantastic.

The rev' started with a great bit about Episcopal Golf Rules. It fit perfectly with the crowd and the sunny day. Pimms #1 on the lawn afterwards did not hurt either.
Whenever you begin to play a round let your fellow golfers know you will be playing by Episcopal Rules. The Biblical proof text for this wildly popular method is Psalm 34:5. "Those who look to God are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame." This of course presupposes one goes to church before playing golf...

So if your golf game has ever brought shame, try this new approach. The foundational premise is that everyone should feel included and valued not matter what. The most important attribute in scoring is one's intention, not necessarily the result. So when putting for par, if the ball should just happen to fall into the cup it is a Birdie. If the ball touches the cup is it par. If the ball comes within 3 to 6 inches of the cup it is a bogie. If it comes within 6 to 12 inches it is a double bogie. Anything else is a triple bogie.

At the end of the game everyone's score is added up together and divided by the number of players plus three more for the Holy Trinity. So simple and it is sure does improve your handicap...


State of Vermont needlepoint belt. Well played sir.