Friday, August 19

10E2681: Bias?? Fridays are tie days.

Polka Dot Bow from Ben Silver in the style of those Winston Churchill would have worn... 
Churchill wore a pattern on the non-bias though I think... like those from Turbnbull&Asser

Sort of prefer the off-angle.  One for the parents... "my life makes your life possible.."

Wednesday, August 17

10E2680: Why add a splash of water to whisk(e)y

 Cooks Illustrated magazine had a tiny bit recently on why it can be effective to add some water to your neat whisky - or whiskey.  Link to article.  

TLDR below;

"...the flavor in whiskey is in the form of ethanol-soluble molecules. The higher the proof of the whiskey, the more flavor molecules dissolved in the alcohol portion. Cutting the spirit causes some of those flavor molecules to come out of solution, so they are more readily smellable and tasteable"

BUT - the physical magazine (Sept/Oct 2022) better described the chemistry at play and know you will appreciate this...

"alcohol-soluble flavor molecules tend to avoid the whiskey's surface when it's more than 50 percent alcohol....  Cutting the spirit with water lowers its proof and brings these molecules to the liquid's surface, amplifying the drink's flavor and aroma when sipped."


This knowledge almost as essential as knowing what shaking does to a martini... further reading.