Wednesday, February 29

giveaway -izola

Izola is a bathroom accessory collection featuring fenceposty themes. I'm giving away a boxed set of their handkerchiefs right now, (Made in USA from 100% natural cotton. On the box is printed, "The more you wash them, the softer they get"). Quite a few other nuggets. To win, visit their site and pick which set you would prefer (forest, o'pioneers, stars) then leave a comment here on 10e. Or email me your choice. Will pull a winner at 2pm EST. Paging LukeChi -you won. Email me your deets.

Monday, February 27

council tool -"velvicut" hudson bay axe making video

Narrated by Council Tool president John Council, this video reveals a few key details (ribs inside the axe head to grip the handle); "just like it ought to be".

Have mentioned them before; Council Tool provide axe heads to Best Made and I believe also for newish marque in Montana called Meriweather Field Gear, who specialise in maple/walnut laminates for the helves. They use a similar process to produce eye-watering canoe paddles, w/ carbon faces for kayak paddles; as WhiskeyJack Paddles). Pretty stunning.

Sunday, February 26

WWM cap -close one

All I am looking for is a made in USA duck canvas (maybe duck camo for giggles) 5panel mesh cap. link. This looks good.

Wednesday, February 22

yankee ingenuity -repair

lambchop -gone tomorrow

Played Mr. M all weekend, Pops loved it. Also Ma and the kids went to some pro-am wrestling in someone's house. Not kidding. As below. Kids loved it. #bodyslam! #eyegouge! So this video for Lambchop's Gone Tomorrow is a natural fit.

yankee ingenuity -trick 'em

In the hen house with the younger chickens Pops has placed a wooden egg in each nesting box to sort of lure them in and get them laying. They look and also feel just like the real thing, so important to mark them in some way (an X works) or you bring them in when collecting the eggs.

Tuesday, February 21

washed up cup 2012 -preview w/ seth neary

I have mentioned the Washed Up Cup a few times on 10engines before [a GS race for former and non-pro snowboarders, held during the US Open Snowbard Champs' at Stratton, VT -ed.] but just grabbed co-founder Seth Neary for a quick interview and wanted to hear the thinking behind it, in his words.
Seth: Basically, the Washed Up Cup is a reunion of past competitors of the US Open. We're all Washed Up and we know it. We love it. This will be the 4th annual.

[In 2 weeks the view from here will be racing gates all the way down... -ed.]

10engines: Respect that this is a timed event and revel in the retro-ness of it, but beyond that also seems like a chance to celebrate some of the "personalities" from USOpen's past?
Seth:Yeah, it's really an excuse to get together to celebrate and relive old glory days. The GS was the easiest thing to organize - A lot the competitors are actually half-pipe riders from the 90's. We're hoping a lot of old pros show up. We'd love to resurrect the original pipe in the original spot and have Lyle cut it with the backhoe. We can only dream.

[Trevor Graves photo of Lyle Blazedale in action, circa 93/94.
This was a poster for the 25th USOpen -ed.]

10engines: You are the Friday night show now? How did this get added to the Open schedule?
Seth: Burton contacted me and Steve Hayes and proposed the idea of including the WUC in the 30th annual US Open. We thought it was a great idea - We all miss competing at the Open and started this little reunion event during the Open so we could some how feel a part of it again. We have our event on Suntanner on Friday - that way we could go over to Sun Bowl on Saturday and watch the main event. The last 3 years have been really fun and a great time for people to catch up and race.

10engines: There is kind of a twist this year, a jump on the course... As soon as I heard "jumps included" all I could think of was this shot below of Jeff Brushie breaking out in the middle of a run (1992).

Seth: A lot of the competitors were half-pipe riders back in the day; Jason Evans, Seth Miller, Eric Rehbein, Jason Goldsmith, Jay Rehbein, Lukas Huffman, Jesse Huffman, myself... We were talking about changing it up a little bit this time and not be so structured. Basically we want to throw Methods for the crowd (if we still can). The jump will be after the timed finish line and is optional. That part will be judged and time will be deducted from your overall time based on how rad you get.
10engines: Over the past few years some guys on older equipment did quite well I believe... what is your take on that? They just know how to ride or "short boards suck, long boards truck" as Coughlin would say? Haha.
Seth: In the past 3 years some older boards have been dusted off and waxed up. Kevin McMan road an original Burton Cruiser and did really well. I think he got 3rd.

Basically, If you competed in the Open before 2006 and consider yourself retired or Washed UP you're welcome to compete. If you're Ross Powers and just won a Method contest at the Xgames last year or you're Terje and competed in the 1992 US Open but just won the 2012 Baker Bank Slalom... you can forerun, lol.
The 4th Washed Up Cup will be on Friday, March 9th, 6-9pm at Straton Mountain, VT. More official info via OpenSnowboarding.

Friday, February 17

jason scott says "backups are important" -and much more

For the last few years, historian and archivist Jason Scott has been involved with a loose, rogue band of data preservation activists called The Archive Team. As major sites with brand recognition and the work of millions announce short-notice shutdowns of their entire services, including Geocities, Friendster, and Yahoo Video, Archive Team arrives on the scene to duplicate as much as they possibly can for history before all the data is wiped forever.
Change of pace for a second. For a digital archives class I recently watched this talk which touches on a lot of areas about which you (the reader of this electronic communication) might be interested. Or should be. URL shorteners, generated by a third-party that may disappear at any moment? Not great for historians/archivists/you.

Or what if disappeared tomorrow, like Geocities did (at one time the 3rd most trafficked domain). Lot of good stuff. Jason Scott is not a finesse guy but that is part of the charm. He believes whole heartedly in the value of history, text, output, and is working to rescue that shit. Extreme geekery ahead, good stuff. 44 mins.

Thursday, February 16

sears -field tested

THAT is orange. Buy it now for $60 from JSurplus on eBay. Nothing to do with me btw.

jacob sutton -light emiting diodes

Short and sweet. Incase you can't see the embed above it is a RED shoot, at night, of William Hughes shredding in an LED suit. Still below. Head to Nowness to view.

Wednesday, February 15

lambchop -mr. m

Go preview the whole of Lambchop's new album, MR. M over at NPR right now.

Tuesday, February 14

us open presents the 2012 washed up cup

The Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships are a respected contest yes, but are often unabashadly about good times, Vermont pride and connecting with friends. I know I'll see people here then not again till next March, whether that is in the registration office, on the side of the halfpipe or in the beer garden.

For the last 3 years a sanctioned (but let's face it slightly cheeky rogue event, wrote about it here) has been happening on the Friday before the halfpipe finals; The Washed Up Cup. Some of the older men and women (by which I mean over 21) take to a gated course and race the clock. Timed events have been absent from The Open since the last boardercross race occurred in 2001, and it is has been great to see organizers Seth Neary and Steve Hayes bring one back.

Long/short, this year The US Open have partnered with The Washed Up Cup and will present it under the loights on Friday noight. Get your clear lenses ready... As usual prize money equal for men and women. Full details below via opensnowboarding.

All US Open Legends are invited to come to Stratton, March 9-11. There will be parties, special events, guest appearances and the opportunity to connect with old friends. The US Open is legendary for good times and great competition and the 30th Anniversary will be our best year yet so we want you to come help us celebrate. Whether you want to compete or just hang out, we want to know if you are coming. Email us at
For lodging information, please call 1.800.STRATTON (787.2886)

On Friday night, March 9, under the lights the US Open presents the 2012 Washed Up Cup.
A Slingshot event: A gated and timed event that ties in freestyle elements with a gated GS style course.

• 45-60 second race course
• No hard boots allowed/No alpine race equipment [woolen pants optional -ed.]
• 2 runs combined. Fastest combined runs wins
• You must have competed in the US Open or previous Washed Up Cup
• Can't have competed in a pro event in last 6 years
• Riders will be given a time deduction based on the execution score on the freestyle elements.
• Freestyle elements are optional

Suntanner (just off the main base area)

Friday, March 9th

6-8pm (under the lights)

Prize Money: (men and women)
1st place $750
2nd place $500
3rd place $250

Friday, February 10

paging marlin perkins

If you remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom you'll appreciate this. Color correction ftw. Shiner Pale Ale from the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas.

don't call it a gift guide

Would never dream of telling someone what to get their sweetheart for Valentine's Day, but can't deny this fits with the general color scheme...

Red Label Filson (zipped or no zip) tote (produced in association with the great Namnamica a while back), sold out almost everywhere, but Hilton's Tent City in Boston has them, and less expensive than anywhere else on the planet. In black too.

A big fan of Hilton's generally. See my visit from 2010 here.

Wednesday, February 8

hat liners -mark deuzzzz

Had some interest. Last time. $5

Mentioned these in one of the first-ever 10e posts. Hard hat liners work great for getting your caps into wintermode, or for an extra layer under your helmet to cover your ears. These are from Bullard, who contend to be the inventor of the hard hat; nice potted history at their site. A smooth acrylic knit. Button is a nice feature

the salt book

Pamela Wood started Salt in 1973 as a folklore & oral history course at Kennebunk High School in Maine. Students conducted interviews, took photographs, and edited the first issues of Salt magazine.

The Salt Book (available from specialty sellers, not expensive usually, ABE features a bunch now for under $20) is a compilation of some of the Salt articles. It is split into two sections; THE SEA (fishing, shrimping, rum running, sea moss harvesting, how to buid a lobster trap, and more) and THE LAND (snowshoe making, flintlocks, stone walls, barn raising, fiddleheads, maple syrup, and more). Pretty fantastic. Limited photos. B&W.

This a case where I wish googlebooks had a scan... Salt has since morphed into The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, based in Portland, Maine. A non-profit documentary school/entity/website/building with a contemporary edge.

Monday, February 6

the chimes of glasgow

Just found this trailer for a Scottish Documentary Institute commission about ice cream vans, set in Glasgow, Scotland. British types will immediately think "ice cream wars" and yes, that looks to be touched on here. More than that though.

To the non-Brits, the ice cream wars concerned an infamous time in the 1980s where rival operations clashed over housing estate turf in Glasgow. Though it sounds at first slightly ludicrous, the petty and then violent proceedings culminated in several deaths, and a public outcry. Some vans were not just selling ice cream in this setting btw, perhaps you telegraphed that. The deaths were against a family who had refused to sell extra-curricular goods...

Friday, February 3

fridays are tie days -the knottery

Missed these guys being mentioned on ValetMag/AHeadlongDive and other places, but saw this tie in the wild and it is a winner. The Longshoreman from The Knottery. Yup, reminiscent of a certain Norwegian sweater favored by preppy enthusiasts. Not unintentional. Good stuff.

Wednesday, February 1

a [short] history of the title sequence

Designed as a possible title sequence for a fictitious documentary, this film shows a history of the title sequence in a nutshell... The names of the title designers all refer to specific characteristics of the revolutionary titles that they designed.

This film refers to elements such as the cut and shifted characters of Saul Bass' Psycho title, the colored circles of Maurice Binder's design for Dr. No and the contemporary designs of Kyle Cooper and Danny Yount.
-via Jurjen Versteeg [fantastic -ed.]
I asked someone yday who they would have in a series of design talks and was introduced to several heavy hitters heretofore unknown to me. To the Boston area residents; who would you pay to hear speak about aspects of design? Photogs, print makers, artists, designers... local types preferably?

In a related mattter, The Somerville Theater is showing 35mm prints of the first 6 Bond films, the first w/e in March. Yes, yes you have seen them before but I bet you have never sat still through the whole thing. Being forced to watch every frame (rather than skip) you see every eyebrow raise... as well as the glory of the famouse title sequences. See the full Binder/Dr. No title sequence below.

Binder described the genesis of the [James Bond title] gun barrel sequence in 1991:

That was something I did in a hurry, because I had to get to a meeting with the producers in twenty minutes. I just happened to have little white, price tag stickers and I thought I'd use them as gun shots across the screen. We'd have James Bond walk through and fire, at which point blood comes down onscreen. That was about a twenty-minute storyboard I did, and they said, "This looks great!"
-via wiki

the dividend

The Last Hurrah. The hotel bar inside Boston's Omni-Parker was a political hangout in the 70s. It is steps from the state house so not hard to imagine.

Bit of an underhanded compliment coming here but the place is sort of hotel-carpet-uncool, but that makes it all the better. Never very busy, so makes a good bolthole.

With your drinks you receive an endless supply of warmed almonds, pistachios, cashews etc, i.e. dinner. If you order a martini you are left with the shaker and any remnants inside; as a southern friend calls it, the dividend. #vocab