Friday, June 17

council tools -velvicut

Celebrating 125 years in business [since 1886 -ed.] Council Tools is introducing the Velvicut® line of premium axes. (Velvicut trademarked years ago when sharpness, the ability to hold an edge and the feel of the tool made the day shorter -or longer, based on performance. -via CouncilTools).

Drop forged from alloy steel, bit sharpening is by hand. Handles, selected for grain orientation and density, are grade “A” American hickory, white sapwood, or red hardwood. Axe heads are lightly oiled and left unpainted.

Council Tools say, "It is not for everyone but rather for those who seek the best." [my itals -ed.] Every component is made in USA.

The first product in the line is the 4# Premium American Felling Axe (Dayton Pattern) with hickory handle (pictured). $165. Next will be an upgraded version of their Hudson Bay Axe. For those following along, Council Tools are the current source for the Best Made felling axe.