Sunday, January 8

10E2686: AN CLÒ MÒR (tv show)

Succession meets Harris Tweed oming to BBC in January.  In Gaelic - mental.  


An Clò Mòr = The Grand Cloth and its what Gaelic speakers have called Harris Tweed for 100s of years.

Watch the trailer here.

Wednesday, November 23

10E2685: HOMESICK - via East Street Archives



East Street Archives, in partnership with Stratton Mountain Resort, will be producing HOMESICK, March 24 - 26 2023.

Look forward to;

  • Retro Halfpipe created in the legendary location on the Lower Byrneside. The last halfpipe built and ridden in this location was in 1997. 
  • OG Downhill Race. Each race will have a 40 and over division, amateur and pro.
  • First ever Zebulon Rail Jam designed by Zeb Powell, Stratton Parks, and Lane Knaack of HFM Welding. 
  • A Speaker Series to bring the community together to discuss riding, photography, and celebrate iconic images from snowboarding's storied East Coast History. Speakers and photographers to be announced soon. 
  • The Vintage Snowboard Room for collectors and traders to visit and be able to bid and buy rare boards. 
  • The WITNESS Photo and Art Gallery featuring snowboarding photography spanning four decades. 
  • The annual Level Field Fund Poker Tournament will be part of the schedule. Hosted by Olympic Gold Medalist and Stratton Mountain School Snowboard Program Director, Ross Powers.
East Street Archives will continue to make supporting non-profits a key objective of all we do and create. During HOMESICK we will be raising funds for The Stratton Foundation, CHILL Foundation, and Level Field Fund. 

Register for competition via EAST STREET ARCHIVES. Olympic medals and US Open trophies welcome but not required... Spectating is free.


For those just joining, East Street Archives is Gary Land, and his personal love letter to snowboarding.  It is also a 437-page book. East Street Archives delivers a raw look and emotional journey from Gary about East Coast snowboarding during the golden era of riding in the 1990's. There are many never-seen-before riding and lifestyle images, captured on 35mm film throughout the mountains and streets of the USA and Canada. The book celebrates the riders, personalities, and moments that were instrumental in pushing snowboarding through a historical decade.  Order here.


Monday, November 21

10E2684: Free To Be You And Me (50th anniversary)

"In 1972, the children's album Free To Be... You And Me debuted, featuring stories and songs that celebrated tolerance, individuality and gender neutrality."  Listen to a recap by Deena Prichep on NPR

Monday, October 17

10E2683: Looking At Your Pager

 KH aka 4TET live extended version of Looking at your pager.  (link)

 12" version here. Also v v gooooood.

Friday, September 9

10E2682: Fridays are tie days - do you own a black tie?

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away yesterday, October 8th 2022, the steps for succession and for government and media response were already designed and designated. Set to follow from a coded message "London Bridge is down" radio and tv broadcasts would know to pause... Fascinating 2017 article in The Gaurdian details it all (with a wrinkle yesterday as The Queen was at Balmoral).

In 2002, when the Queen Mother died, the obit lights didn’t come on because someone failed to push the button down properly. On the BBC, Peter Sissons, the veteran anchor, was criticised for wearing a maroon tie. Sissons was the victim of a BBC policy change, issued after the September 11 attacks, to moderate its coverage and reduce the number of “category one” royals eligible for the full obituary procedure...

But there will be no extemporising with the Queen. The newsreaders will wear black suits and black ties. Category one was made for her. Programmes will stop. Networks will merge. BBC 1, 2 and 4 will be interrupted ... before coming together for the news. Listeners to Radio 4 and Radio 5 live will hear a specific formulation of words, “This is the BBC from London,”

Short and instructive article on PutThisOn about how to dress for a funeral or remembrance service which comes down to this;

Your goal in dressing for a funeral should be to reflect the significance and gravity of the occasion. Traditionally, this means dark suit, dark tie, white shirt, black shoes.

People don’t generally die on our schedule. For this reason, it’s important to have something on hand appropriate to wear on short notice.

 On that final note... do you have a black tie? If you have read this far then probably time...

Friday, August 19

10E2681: Bias?? Fridays are tie days.

Polka Dot Bow from Ben Silver in the style of those Winston Churchill would have worn... 
Churchill wore a pattern on the non-bias though I think... like those from Turbnbull&Asser

Sort of prefer the off-angle.  One for the parents... "my life makes your life possible.."