Thursday, August 5

10E2673: RIP Mayflower Poultry Co. (Inman-ish location)


For the Boston transplants... via  EATER

"In East Cambridge, not far from Inman Square, there is no sign more iconic than that of poultry and meat market and wholesaler Mayflower Poultry. For over 75 years, the sign has aggressively advertised the shop’s “live poultry” that is “fresh killed” with bold black letters (in several different fonts) over a bright yellow silhouette of a chicken. (Live poultry hasn’t actually been processed onsite in many years, but the sign has lived on, delighting some and angering others.)

The sign’s time has come. Mayflower Poultry is moving on from its longtime home — the property at 621 Cambridge St. has been sold, and the sign is going up for auction August 26, owner Jim Gould told the Cambridge Chronicle-Tab. Its design, trademarked since 2005, will be included in the sale..."

Thursday, July 29

10E2672: Prince Of Muck


"Retired patriarch Lawrence MacEwen is beginning to live out his final days. As Laird of the Isle of Muck [a small island south of the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland - ed.] it has been his mission in life to preserve the fragile society on the Scottish island for future generations. It seems to have worked…but at what cost?"


Prince of Muck debuts at the Edinburgh Film Festival in a few weeks.  Tickets. "Dutch filmmaker Cindy Jansen captures a uniquely cinematic portrait of a place and a person haunted by the past and struggling to maintain their relevance for the future."  View trailer.

Monday, June 28

10E2671: 1977 Spielberg CEOT3K Interview

Neat interview with Steven Spielberg during filming on Close Encounters of the Third Kind about why gu'b'ment didn't care to discuss them (fear of confusion over ICBM being one aspect).  Close Encounters filmed quickly after Jaws - Spielberg STILL wearing his rope bracelet from JAWS location filming on Martha's Vineyard.  Good look.   WATCH
As alluded to in the video, the "third kind" terminology comes from a system of classification codified by astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek.  The early CEOT3K posters listed the encounter 'kinds".

Monday, June 7

10E2670: Roardrunner | Bourdain


"Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain is an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at how an anonymous chef became a world-renowned cultural icon. From Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville (20 Feet From Stardom, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?), this unflinching look at Bourdain reverberates with his presence, in his own voice and in the way he indelibly impacted the world around him."   Trailer here.   To be released in US cinemas on July 16th.

This doc has an almost impossibly high bar to clear but I cant wait...

The food may have just been an excuse to meet the people in the travel shows - but a fantastic one.  If you worked any food service certainly on the East Coast in the 80s/90s his first book Kitchen Confidential should be essential reading.  Highly recommended for everyone else too...  

#whatdoyouknowaboutme #whatdoyouknowaboutmeat


Thursday, May 27

10E2669: Outdoor Archives Discussion Hosted by RANGE

"Outdoor agency, forecaster, and media publication, Range, hosted a conversation with archivists, researchers, and historians about the importance of gear history and preservation. Panelists included outdoor historian and professor, Dr. Rachel Gross, Carhartt historian and archivist, Dave Moore, and commercial photographer and non-profit founder, Brian Kelley."


I am late to the party on this podcast series... fascinating intro to the kick start of 'the outdoor industry' post-WWII, the mythologizing of white masculinity (and consumerism) in the process... and geeked out materials discussion too. Great academic intro.

This is part of a much larger podcast series The Highlander Podcast,  a collaboration between Outdoor Product Design & Development (OPDD) and Utah State University Student Media (Aggie Radio) to share conversations with industry partners from the OPDD program including designers, developers, founders, product line managers, as well as local people involved in promoting local outdoor recreation opportunities in Cache Valley, Utah. 

Thursday, April 1

10E2668: Kinco Gloves and THAT Material...

Direct from the KincoGloves insta' - and shame on me for never asking the backstory before...  what is the striped 'ticking' type material used for their workgloves? 



The Otto Story - Part 1

The Otto™ striped fabric is not just any old fabric – it’s a fabric woven with history and friendship. This story begins in 1986 when Bruce Kindler, Kinco®️’s founder, was visiting a glove factory in Hong Kong at the same time as Mr. Otto Schachner, a fellow glove distributor from Denmark.

During their visit Bruce was in the process of developing Style No. 1927®️ – a unique style during that time because it was one of the only styles that combined the lining of ski glove and the design of a work glove. Simultaneously, Mr. Schachner was using the now well-known red, white, and blue striped fabric on several styles distributed throughout Denmark. Knowing of Mr. Schachner’s success using this fabric, Bruce decided to use it and asked the factory to incorporate the fabric into his new style.

In order to identify this new fabric, Bruce decided to call it the “Otto” fabric to honor Mr. Schachner. Once the 1927®️ was on the market, Bruce discovered the only way he could protect his special fabric was to trademark the design, including its colors, so it couldn’t be copied without legal repercussions. Since Mr. Schachner was already using the fabric on his gloves and had trademarked it in Denmark, Bruce figured he should be able to trademark it in the U.S. as well. Bruce asked Mr. Schachner if he could buy the trademark and apply for rights in the U.S. and Canada. Mr. Schachner gladly obliged and Bruce bought the rights for $1.00 USD!


These gloves, (now I know and will never forget) model 1927 are a 10E fave for work&ski outings of any kind... Absolutely bring them everywhere.