Monday, May 2

10E2678: Table Talk Pies

Table Talk pies have been a popular treat for generations of Americans, and especially those who live within a 500-mile radius of the Worcester, MA plant where the company has been baking pie since 1924. At its peak, Table Talk was buying four million pounds of Maine blueberries for its blueberry pies, the second most popular flavor after apple. -via Business Review

Retro-tastic logo... gets me every time. For less than the price of a DDonut grab one to chomp on.  They are palm sized so perfect for finishing between the grocery store register and the car park... Went on a field trip to Worcester, MA yday and at 3 for $1 you better swing by the Table Talk factory store ( The Pie Store, 153 Green Street) Guilty pleasure?  Maybe.

Until at least the 1950's the pies came on a tin that was redeemable for 10c. What - is that equivalent to about $5 now!... Not sure how that worked out economically. Dig the use of the old tin for home projects like the lightswitch above. In the 80's the owning family sold the business to Beech-Nut, who almost ran it into the ground due to over expansion. The grandson of the former owners has since bought back the farm so to speak. Fantastic.



Wednesday, March 9

10E2677: Endurance found


At the Bottom of an Icy Sea, One of History’s Great Wrecks Is Found
Explorers and researchers, battling freezing temperatures, have located Endurance, 
Ernest Shackleton’s ship that sank in the Antarctic in 1915.


Read via the NYT.  Get out the rollneck sweaters!  

Found using submersibles [assumed that -ed.] from aboard the Agulhas II.  File under 'for the man who has everything..."   Image and more info at Shipbucket.

Thee are almost as cool [stop it -ed] as a Magne Viking... 

Further reading:

10E2658: Magne Viking | No Well Dressed Man Should Be Without One

Tuesday, December 14


THIS is how you do multiverse. 

A film from Daniels [Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert -ed.] and starring Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., with James Hong and Jamie Lee Curtis. EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE – In Theaters March 25, 2022.

Tuesday, November 30

10E2675: Giving Tuesday: Friends of the Acton Libraries


Giving Tuesday.  Money or time??  My sidegig is volunteering as a board member [don't be coy - President! -ed.] for the Friends of the Acton Libraries. They have a unique remit among 'friends' groups in that they are dedicated to the support of the towns school and public libraries. That is 10 in all....

Starting now (8:00:00am EST US) on this “GivingTuesday” Meta/Facebook will match your donation amount through their fundraising tool. This uses Paypal for your convenience. Click here to use that PayPal slush fund if you feel inspired... All donors will get a READ sicker by mail for the back of your Subaru...

Reading, writing, and digital literacy skills are essential to children's success in school and beyond. In 2021 we were able to write checks for over $12,000 to local libraries. Please join me in keeping every library a valuable resource. Feel free to email or DM me directly with questions - and thank you! 


Thursday, November 18

10E2674: 3 Days of the Condor - repost - The Uniform

A great advertisement for reading... 

“He wore one outfit through the whole picture!” says Sydney Pollack (director), when asked about Robert Redford’s wardrobe in Condor. It may look like a simple getup, but Pollack’s brother, Bernie, a wardrober, says they created the ensemble with care to define Redford’s character, a deskbound CIA researcher in unaccustomed peril. “We wanted an intellectual East Coast thing,” Bernie says. “Some sort of jacket, a chambray shirt with a wool tie—not a silk tie but a wool tie, which gave him a bit of a rougher, kind of college-professor look.” -via GQ

Just a great movie... plot: a reader for the CIA misses getting whacked, as out picking up the office lunch. Goes on the run. Uses all the tools he has learned to outwit the hired guns

"I am not a spy. I just read books! We read everything that's published in the world. And we feed the plots - dirty tricks, codes - into a computer, and the computer checks against actual CIA plans and operations. I look for leaks, I look for new ideas... We read adventures and novels and journals."

Versatile outfit too; herringbone tweed jacket, sawtooth chambray shirt, wool tie, hiking boots, jeans then peacoat. Faye Dunaway, a Landcruiser, an IH Scout, 1st Gen Ford Bronco, a Brady bag (guessing) and a Doxa Sharkhunter round out the accessories.. 


See also in praise of wool ties... 

Thursday, August 5

10E2673: RIP Mayflower Poultry Co. (Inman-ish location)


For the Boston transplants... via  EATER

"In East Cambridge, not far from Inman Square, there is no sign more iconic than that of poultry and meat market and wholesaler Mayflower Poultry. For over 75 years, the sign has aggressively advertised the shop’s “live poultry” that is “fresh killed” with bold black letters (in several different fonts) over a bright yellow silhouette of a chicken. (Live poultry hasn’t actually been processed onsite in many years, but the sign has lived on, delighting some and angering others.)

The sign’s time has come. Mayflower Poultry is moving on from its longtime home — the property at 621 Cambridge St. has been sold, and the sign is going up for auction August 26, owner Jim Gould told the Cambridge Chronicle-Tab. Its design, trademarked since 2005, will be included in the sale..."