Thursday, November 21

10E2643: 20,000 Blankets Under The Sea

Ned (Kirk Douglas): There's only one thing to do when a fella's made a mistake as big as this... [saving Captain Nemo from squid death].
Conseil (Peter Lorre): What?
Ned: Get drunk!

Harpooner Ned Land catches a nap on the Nautilus.  Strong blanket game w/ Grecian motif.

 Etsy find.

ALSO - the ABYSS was 30 this year.

Thursday, November 14

10E2642: Deadstock 10E sticker pack $5

SOLD OUT  NOS.  6 item 10E crate dig sticker pack; 2 of each Stormrider/Open Season/Tree = 10" squared of vinyl.  $5 shipped.

Pro travel tip - stick on the bottom of your laptop so you aren't staring at 3 identical silver MacBooks in the TSA recovery line... 

Open Season was 1999 wintertime effort w director&filmer Bollenbacher. The beginning... watch