Thursday, July 22

i told him we saw mary poppins

I saw Red Dawn at our rural 2-screener the week it came out, it was my first rated R (do the math kids). Actually was PG-13, a rating they invented for this movie. Think I told Pops we went to see Mary Poppins which was rescreening around that time, hah! Must have fibbed because it was deemed violent, though seems tame now. SEE, I'm desensitized by the experience. Long/short: playing soldiers in the woods and camping out with girls?? -what 13 y/o boy wouldn't like this movie.

Had not seen the movie again until last night; never forgot the radiator scene... also Charlie Sheen is shockingly good. Practically impossible, but not touching the politics of it with a barge pole; just digging the looks. Denim, mesh hats, old Northface padded jackets and bags, hiking boots, khaki/camo windbreakers and crunchy sweaters. WOlveRINessS.