Friday, March 16

roach's sporting goods -closing

Roach's Sporting Goods in Porter Sq, Cambridge is closing shop. Lease renewal and low sales (of firearms -tough sell in Massachusetts) are major factors.

Bit of a loss. Where else can you get NikWax and fishhooks on Tuesday morning at 9am? Nowhere, that's where. A couple Old Town canoes for sale still down to almost $400 and various ephemera, but the big items including the stuffed heads have already found new homes. I didn't know these guys but would pop in every month or so for essentials (blaze Jones hats...) or gifts (pair of Caviness/Beaver paddles); they were always happy to chat. Lots of great signage and doo-dads left, stop in quick.

Still need a 3 wolves shirt? They have them. Get in quick.